Psychology Papers Topics

Are you looking for good psychology papers topics? Look through the list of our ideas and find really good topic for your academic paper. Starting your search of subjects, take into consideration your supervisor’s guidelines. Talking about general psychology, you can choose the topic from the whole course. In some other cases, for example abnormal psychology, you can be assigned to write academic paper, concerning specific subject – psychological disorder, etc.

General Psychology Papers Topics


General psychology is a wide sphere of knowledge and the writer has a great opportunity to choose among the great selection of ideas. Picking up psychology papers topics, it is necessary to pay attention to some general idea and then narrow it down. Some of the most common ideas include:

  1.  Write the psychology paper on some classic psychology experiment or study.
  2.  Choose one of the current psychology issues – for example, psychologist’s role in military interrogations.
  3.  Describe the profile of a well-known psychologist.

Abnormal Psychology Papers Topics


The abnormal psychology itself deals with abnormal behavior and other disorders and academic papers topics on psychology usually deal with them and their treatment. For example:

  • Schizophrenia.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Phobias.
  • Seasonal affective disorder.
  • Depression.
  • Borderline personality disorder.

Developmental Psychology Papers Topics


This field of psychology deals with the lifespan of the person, so there is no need to worry about the variety of topics. Just make sure yourself:

  1. Child abuse.
  2. Aging process.
  3. Bullying.
  4. Gender roles.
  5. Disabilities in learning.
  6. Language acquisition.

Cognitive Psychology Papers Topics

Among the most recommended cognitive psychology papers topics are:

  • Dreams.
  • Perception.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Attention span.
  • Judgment.

Now, you can see there is no need to worry about psychology papers topics, as their variety is great. Writers can choose something really interesting to write about, according to their tastes and preferences.

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