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What Makes a Good PowerPoint Presentation?

Your boss asks you to present a new project and prepare a PowerPoint presentation on this special occasion. And you start panicking because if you fail, each of your colleagues will remember this fiasco till the day you die. Please, calm down! You just need some PowerPoint presentation tips and tricks, and you’ll nail it! Plus, we have a couple of nice presentation samples and topics at the end of our article. And we’ll be glad to share these treasures with you. Go get them!

10 freshly squeezed tips for PowerPoint presentation

Our juicy tips are calling. They’re whispering: “Use us … Make us yours …” They can’t wait to become your favorite tools. Take them. Take them all!

  • The “Who I am” slide

If you deliver your presentation in front of a new audience, it might be useful to introduce yourself. Remember Daenerys from “Game of Thrones”? All this “First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons” thing makes her seem like a really important persona. Follow her example and don’t spoil the first impression!

  • The “What I Want From You” slide

Why do all these people here have to listen to your speech and watch your never-ending slides? They need some reasons! Explain why your presentation is worth their precious time and attention. If you want to present a new topic, mention what aspects you’ll touch on. If you want to share a progress report, explain why this information is essential for your listeners.

  • The “Take Their Breath Away” slide

Amaze your audience! Shock them! Make them laugh! Trigger emotions. As well as your essays, PowerPoint presentations need a hook. A hook is a sentence, phrase, or picture that provokes interest in the minds of your readers and listeners. The most powerful ones are: impressive statistics, an unexpected or embarrassing question, a funny picture, an appeal to empathy, etc.

  • Catchy phrases

This PowerPoint presentation tip is a bit similar to the previous one. But here, we talk not about one “hook” slide, but about your overall presentation. “Just Do It,” “I’m Loving It,” “Connecting People” – what is common about these phrases? They’re in your head! Your presentation also has to be memorable. Use short, concise, catchy phrases to get into the brains of your listeners. That sounds creepy, but our world is mad.

  • It’s all about consistency

PowerPoint slides should complement your presentation, but not confuse the audience. If your speech is about global warming, and your slides are filled with cute puppies, that’s catchy but senseless. Firstly, compose your speech, then create your presentation. Remember that your PowerPoint slides are just an addition, not the main course.

  • One slide – one bite

There is no need to put a gazillion words in each slide. The perfect content for one slide is one word, one phrase, or a short list. Your presentation won’t be efficient if your audience’s attention is divided into different channels. They can’t read and listen to you at the same time. Actually, they can, but they won’t remember anything. Speak more – write less.

  • Examples are everything

No examples – no proofs. If you don’t provide your listeners with an appropriate example, they won’t believe your story, and your thesis will look weak. Baseless and vague phrases are not able to catch anyone’s attention. Use real-life examples: facts, numbers, names, case studies, etc. Don’t forget about the visual material! One diagram is better proof than one hundred words.

  • Make sure they can see

You prepare your presentation for the whole audience. We bet that most of your colleagues are not eagle-eyed. Use at least 24 point font size for your slides. If you are attentive, you know already that you have to put really short phrases in your PowerPoint presentations. Thus, you can use even 48 or 72 point font sizes to be 100% sure about the readability of your slides.

  • Say NO to auto-playing

You might think that changing slides without clicking is cool. It’s not! If you have ever watched the presentations made by famous public speakers, you’ve seen that they use remotes. You can never know how quickly you will need to change the picture. If the slide appears too soon or too late, your presentation will be ruined. Don’t let the machine control you!

  • Take your time

Preparing a good presentation takes a while. You have to gather necessary information, write your speech, choose slide design, and, finally, make a PowerPoint presentation. If you are going to complete this cycle in an hour, your boss will be disappointed. Make sure that you have at least a few days to apply all of our PowerPoint presentation tips.

We’ve prepared for you something more than these secrets and tricks. Below, you’ll find a list of our exciting and informative PowerPoint presentation samples. Thanks to a short description, you’ll know exactly which sample you should check.

You’re welcome to use our presentation to learn about the issues and topics they develop. Plus, you can get inspiration for your own works. Anyway, do whatever you want. Just one request: don’t forget about the copyright and avoid plagiarism.

What makes a good PowerPoint presentation? Examples & explanations

Here, we have three different presentation samples on gender stereotypes, and an Agatha Christie novel. Choose the most interesting for you with the help of the descriptions and follow the link!


Gender Stereotypes in Mass Media


If you’ve never heard about gender roles, these 27 colorful slides are a good beginning for further studying. Our presentation explains what gender stereotypes exist and how mass media portrays them.


The Issue of Justice in “And Then There Were None”


Spoiler alert! Read this brilliant novel before checking our presentation. Our literary analysis includes the facts and details that you should not know if you aren’t acquainted with this book. However, this presentation will be a great addition for those who are already in love with Agatha Christie’s masterpiece.

This is a well-structured speech divided into sections that will perfectly match with a PowerPoint presentation. We don’t have prepared slides here, but our sample will help you to understand how a good speech for a presentation should look.

As we’ve promised, there are also 110 various topics for your PowerPoint presentation on our blog. You’ll find topics on psychology, sociology, business, health care, and other disciplines.

If you don’t want to bore your audience with senseless slides, follow our PowerPoint presentation tips. If you need a good template, check out our samples. If you don’t know what to write about, our presentation topics will help you to figure it out.

PowerPoint presentation help from EssayShark

We’ve provided you with all the necessary information to make an impressive presentation. Unfortunately, we can’t give you time and energy to accomplish this mission. However, our experts can lend you a helping hand 24/7 and take you through the PowerPoint jungles! We won’t leave you alone.

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