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60+ Addiction Topics to Inspire You for a Great Paper

There are many forms of addictions that afflict humanity today. People who suffer from drug abuse, alcohol, or another type of addiction deserve to speak about their issues. Students among world-recognized universities unite to explore this problem, so the topic of drug addiction is becoming more and more relevant today. We also don’t want to gloss over the problem, so we recommend you to read our 60+ ideas on various addiction forms and select the best.

Drug abuse research topics

  1. Overdosing is the main sign of drug abuse.
  2. The rules for taking drugs legally due to health conditions and individual needs.
  3. Drug addiction as a way to overcome difficult life situations.
  4. The problem of drug abuse in the USA in 2020.
  5. How does taking drugs affect personal and professional relationships?
  6. Substance abuse is the number one problem among the young generation today.
  7. How to work on escaping from drugs: methods and results.
  8. Mental and physical treatments of drug abusers.
  9. Differentiating drug groups and their impact on mental health and overall well-being.
  10. Legal cases of drug use.
  11. The symptoms of overdose and emergency first aid.
  12. Positive cases of breaking from using hard drugs.
  13. Can breaking up the logistics of the drug trade prevent drug usage worldwide?
  14. How does drug abuse cause crimes?
  15. Has the legalization of certain drugs caused drug abuse among the youth? Or is avoiding drugs about willpower?
  16. The psychological change of a person who abused drugs.
  17. How drug abuse affects a country’s economics.
  18. Methamphetamine abuse in Franklin County: ways to help the problem.
  19. Starting light drugs is the first step toward hard drugs. Is this statement true?
  20. How can the government protect a person with drug addiction? What implemented programs are effective in fighting drug addiction in the USA?

Alcohol addiction topics

  1. Symptoms of having alcohol intoxication and receiving emergency first aid.
  2. How should companies work on alcohol advertising campaigns to reduce alcohol addiction among the population?
  3. Alcohol and women: the potential danger for women’s health caused by alcohol addiction.
  4. Social drinking as a path to the abyss of alcoholism.
  5. Psychological causes of drinking too much among youth and adults.
  6. The consequences of alcohol addiction. How does it affect family relations, career, and personal well-being?
  7. Development of the treatment of alcoholism today compared to 20th-century methods.
  8. The problem of drunk driving in top economically developed countries (USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, Ireland).
  9. Alcoholism is one of the most difficult diagnostic addictive disorders.
  10. Genetic risk and psychopathology of alcohol addiction.
  11. Beer alcoholism among high-school students.
  12. Depression: Is this a cause or consequence of alcoholism?
  13. Why do governments of some countries allow alcohol advertising to target teenagers? Is it negligence or propaganda?
  14. Principles of alcohol addiction treatment. Compare treatment methods for adolescents and adults.
  15. Screening tools for alcohol addiction and their effectiveness in diagnostics and treatment.
  16. Is alcoholism a disease or a weakness of will?
  17. Compare and contrast the situation of alcohol addiction today with one hundred years ago. Why do people drink more?
  18. Main psychological disorders that cause alcoholism. Compare causes for different age groups.
  19. Why does trying to find an answer to the habit of binge drinking among the youth vex the nation’s policymakers?
  20. Advancements in alcohol addiction treatment.
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Gambling addiction research topics

  1. Gambling in the USA in 2020 compared to the situation in the latest decade.
  2. How can a person recognize gambling addiction? Identify a self-help guide.
  3. Is gambling legalization dangerous today? Why?
  4. Gambling machines in Las Vegas and their impact on gamblers’ mental health.
  5. The psychological perception of gambling before and after a gambler’s addiction.
  6. Methods of curing gambling addiction in New Zealand.
  7. Pros and cons of gambling in your city.
  8. Gambling addiction among juveniles.
  9. Internet gambling: How do cybersecurity agents work to reduce online scammers?
  10. Do games of chance reduce stress or cause it?
  11. Is gambling considered scamming or a type of standard entertainment?
  12. Why is gambling dangerous?
  13. Reasons gambling affects criminal worlds.

Relationships and addiction topics for paper

  1. Mental abuse in intimate relationships: common behavioral models.
  2. Communities that protect victims of domestic violence.
  3. How to prevent domestic violence: studying and self-developing methods.
  4. What causes relationship addiction in various aspects of life (family, work, friends)? Detail how to break through complicated relationships with less harm to physical and mental health.
  5. Danger of relationship addiction in times of preferable values of equality.
  6. What social services and organizations in the USA should regulate relationships in various social groups? Why is it important to get involved in solving relationship issues?
  7. Child abuse problem: rules every juvenile should follow to protect their rights.
  8. How can a person recognize an abusive partner dynamic and self-protect in case of danger?
  9. Sexual addiction in marriage: causes of a partner’s out-of-control behavior and ways of healing.
  10. Does family therapy really help in codependent relationships?

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There are many forms of addictions today, including substance abuse. More and more young learners want to speak about it in their projects. Sometimes, when a student has had personal experience using drugs, it is great if they share a resolution on a topic on drug addiction. However, when you are not knowledgeable in substance abuse, but you want to make your paper valuable, read EssayShark blog articles for inspiring ideas.

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