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The Most Interesting Adoption Research Topics

Writing papers is an integral part of the life of each student. However, students often don’t know what to write about, and this can cause many problems. If you decide to write a paper about adoption, but don’t know what exactly to write about, check out the following adoption research topics.

Adoption argument essay topics

  1. How can the recommendations of the Children and Families Act (2014) around fostering and adoption support the wellbeing of children and families?
  2. Why should gay adoption be supported more?
  3. What is the government’s attitude to LBGT adoptions?
  4. What influences the adoption process?
  5. Should foreign adoption be illegal?
  6. Should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples?
  7. Should single parent adoption be legal?
  8. Does the good outweigh the bad in adoption?
  9. Is adoption a miracle or gamble?
  10. Should international adoptions be encouraged?
  11. What is adoption as a legal institute?
  12. How is adoption legislation developed?
  13. What is the legal relationship of adoption?
  14. What are the features of the adoption of children in the presence of a foreign element?
  15. What are the guarantees of protection of rights and interests of the child at adoption?
  16. How to ensure the secrecy of adoption during the trial and adjudication?
  17. When is an adoption canceled?
  18. What are the grounds and procedures for the cancellation of adoption?
  19. What are the consequences of the abolition of adoption?
  20. What are the historical stages of the development of adoption legislation in the USA?
  21. Should parents tell the child that he or she is adopted?
  22. How to behave if a child accidentally finds out he or she is adopted?
  23. How to start a conversation with a child about his or her adoption?

Persuasive speech topics on adoption

  1. Adoption vs abortion.
  2. Interracial adoption.
  3. Adoption and foster care.
  4. Adoption of children in the past and today.
  5. The impact of adoption in a single parent household.
  6. Biological parents and adoption.
  7. US adoptions vs. other countries.
  8. Homeless or adoption: our new generation of children.
  9. The depressions of adoptions.
  10. The benefits of same sex adoption.
  11. Same sex adoption: is it right?
  12. Open adoption vs. closed adoption.
  13. Keeping in secret that the child was born outside the adoptive family.
  14. A number of problems which arise during adoption.
  15. Information that all parents who are going to adopt a child should know.
  16. Motives of parents who are hiding the information about adoption from other people.
  17. Attitude of relatives and friends who are aware of the adopted child.
  18. The psychological state of a child who found out he or she was adopted.
  19. Similarities of talking about adoption and talking about other difficult topics, such as sex, religion, etc.
  20. Recommendation of experts related to adoption.
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Controversial adoption topics

  1. How adoption affects children.
  2. Benefits of adoption.
  3. Social media sharing and the effects it has on animal shelters and adoption.
  4. Compare and contrast two journal articles on the pros and cons of homosexual adoption.
  5. Petition to establish paternity and adoption.
  6. Adoption in Polynesian societies (before 1900): Tahiti, Tonga, and Samoa.
  7. What is adoption?
  8. Adoption law in California.
  9. Investigation on the state of e-commerce adoption by the SMEs in Kaduna State, Nigeria, and factors that might hinder its adoption.
  10. Homosexuals losing out in the adoption queue.
  11. The system of transnational adoption. Need for effective regulation.
  12. International versus domestic adoptions.
  13. Age at which parents should tell a child he or she is adopted.
  14. What answers you should give to a child’s questions about his or her adoption.
  15. Motives of a biological mother who gave her child for adoption.
  16. What is important to remember before adopting a child.
  17. Parents’ mistakes during adoption.
  18. How parents can adopt children several times.
  19. How to make the adopted child feel safe at a new home.
  20. How to understand that you are ready to adopt a child.

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