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An Ultimate Selection of Death Penalty Research Topics

The death penalty has been by far the most contentious and widely discussed matter in the legislative sector. Ever since most of the modern world shifted from authoritarianism to democracy, the question of capital punishment has remained an increasingly heated and hot-button issue. It’s been harshly criticized by thousands of avid abolitionists and referred to as an inhumane practice, while argued to be an effective form of punishment by its numerous supporters. As a result, the matter of capital punishment has found its application in the academic niche as well, where students desperately look for death penalty research topics to write custom essays.

Generating a cool topic for a death penalty research paper can be as tough as the problem itself. It’s hard to come up with the topic you will be covering in your research paper when it comes to a scantly studied subject. For this reason, our paper writing service writers have prepared for you a comprehensive selection of topics on this highly controversial and debated subject.

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Best death penalty research topics

  1. The death penalty discriminates against black crime victims.
  2. The death penalty in Iran.
  3. The death penalty throughout history and cultures.
  4. The death penalty in Saudi Arabia.
  5. The death penalty in the religious context.
  6. The moral aspect of the death penalty.
  7. Pros and cons of the death penalty.
  8. Evolution of the death penalty.
  9. The effectiveness of the death penalty in preventing crimes.
  10. Families of executed people: psychological context.

Death penalty topics for essays

  1. Would you like to be a witness to an execution? Why or why not? Under what circumstances if any?
  2. Should the death penalty be a fair punishment?
  3. Do people who commit heinous crimes deserve the death penalty?
  4. Should the death penalty be used for juveniles?
  5. The death penalty is not the best punishment for hardcore criminals.
  6. The death penalty versus life imprisonment.
  7. The death penalty: proper or not? Is it moral? Is it constitutional?
  8. Is the death penalty effective?
  9. The death penalty: should it be allowed on the mentally ill?
  10. Does the death penalty have a racial bias in sentencing?

Topics on the death penalty for argumentative essays

  1. Euthanasia and the death penalty: barbarism or practicality?
  2. Is the death penalty too harsh?
  3. Can the death penalty be effective?
  4. Should the death penalty be re-established in Turkey?
  5. Why the death penalty is inhumane.
  6. Should clinical psychologists conduct competency assessments in death penalty cases?
  7. How should capital punishment be performed?
  8. Can the death penalty be seen as an act of revenge, not as a punishment?
  9. The chance of executing innocent people: who should take the blame.
  10. Does capital punishment make society more peaceful?
  11. Can we consider the death penalty as a means of revenge and not a means of punishment?

Death penalty topics for speeches

  1. The act of forgiveness: is it applicable to serial killers?
  2. There’s always a chance to execute an innocent person. How can this problem be solved?
  3. Does the death penalty have a positive effect on crime rates?
  4. Pros and cons of the death penalty
  5. It is better to keep ten criminals alive than to execute one innocent person?
  6. The death penalty as a method of intimidation in third world countries
  7. Is the death penalty equal punishment for committing crimes that cause death?
  8. The psychology of a person condemned to death: what hides beneath the mask of flesh
  9. The status of the death penalty in the world’s most developed countries
  10. The responsibilities of lawyers in the case of condemnation to capital punishment
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Given the depth and complicacy of the subject of the death penalty, it’s painfully time-consuming for students to devise the proper topic for their paper. Capital punishment as a research subject has been a moot point even for seasoned law scholars, let alone college or university students who are only beginning to take up the art of law. That’s why we hope that our all-around topic selection will lay the groundwork for your academic journey into the maze of the death penalty problem.

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