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50 Perfect Sustainability and Urbanization Research Topics

Today, students pay much attention to the problem of combining sustainability and urbanization. People often dismiss an eco-friendly lifestyle because of the fast tempo of life today. Economic growth impacts the sustainability level, and scholars research how to change it.

Every successful academic research starts with selecting an inspiring topic. By reading urbanization topics prepared by our paper writing service, students can clearly understand what problem they want to research more thoroughly.

Ideas of Research Topics on Urbanization

  1. The connection between the Industrial Revolution and urbanization. How does it impact the development of urbanization?
  2. Is urbanization a social problem today? How does it specifically impact global inequality?
  3. How does urbanization impact climate change in China?
  4. How does urbanization affect developing nations? Is it an opportunity or threat to their growth?
  5. Urbanization and suburbanization in North Carolina. How does the migration process in this state impact the cityfication of neighboring areas?
  6. Compare the situation with urbanization in Toronto, Canada, and Shenzhen, China.
  7. What were the causes of rapid suburbanization in North America after the 1920s?
  8. What do foreigners think about the “ghost town” phenomenon in China’s urbanization and city development?
  9. Urbanization today and people’s ideas on how to reduce its impact on the ecological situation worldwide.
  10. What underlying mechanisms in urbanization do you suspect relate to trends in environmental degradation?
  11. How does today’s urbanization in China impact the land system reform path and household registration system?
  12. Why did Shenzhen, the city of the developing world, become one of the fastest-growing urbanization centers in the world? Review this article and analyze its main summary.
  13. Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points and the analysis of the development of the American empire between 1865-1918. How did urbanization go hand in hand with the US diplomacy of that time?
  14. Effects of urbanization on the environment and people worldwide.
  15.  Istanbul and urbanization processes. Are they positive or negative for people’s standard of living?
  16. Opportunities and challenges of African urbanization.
  17. What is the wildlife response to urbanization in China today?
  18. How does urbanization impact American politics?
  19. The challenges of women’s and immigrants’ lives due to the article “Immigrant Number One.”
  20. What circumstances did cause the global rise of urbanization? Analyze the positive and negative impact urbanization has on human health and what policies need to be implemented to regulate the growth of urbanization.
  21. How does the digital economy affect urbanization worldwide?
  22. Is demolition a “necessary” step for urbanization? What could be an alternative to it?
  23. Analyze the social problem of urbanization using the micro and macro analytic perspectives.
  24. The historical background of industrialization and urbanization worldwide. How can changing the current conditions reduce the negative impact of urbanization on ecosystems?
  25. The biggest cities in the US and causes that have brought them up to urbanization.
  26. To what extent has climate change impacted urbanization in Canada in the past ten years?
  27. Has increased urbanization prevented the democratization of Indian society?
  28. The impact of urbanization on GDP growth.
  29. How will urbanization impact the population in the nearest future?
  30. How does urbanization conspire to produce popular American culture? Rely on your research in Frederick Jackson Turner’s frontier thesis.
  31. The unmitigated growth of Houston over the last decade: causes and effects.
  32. Urbanization in Illinois and its impact on consuming food.
  33. How can chronic poverty and development change because of urbanization?
  34. Urbanization in Guwahati and the increasing population due to economic growth.
  35. What is the difference between the actions that New Delhi and Tokyo took toward urbanization?
  36. How did urbanization cause a demographic crisis?
  37. What factors had caused rapid urbanization in the US between 1870-1900, and how did they affect the trends of the Gilded Age?
  38. How do urbanization and Syrian refugees affect the crisis in Turkey?
  39. Urbanization in China and the level of people’s happiness there (based on research).
  40. How does urbanization affect such manifestations of global inequality as women’s illiteracy, war, child labor, child soldiers, human trafficking, corruption, and unemployment?
  41. Shenyang migration of urbanization and its effect on housing.
  42. Suburbanization in California since World War II.
  43. The dramatic effects of urbanization growth after the 1950s.
  44. A multidimensional perspective of urbanization in Khartoum, Sudan.
  45. Deforestation in Brazil as a consequence of rapid urbanization.
  46. The effect of urbanization on the living standards of small scale farmers.
  47. Urbanization and water pollution: how does it affect health?
  48. The impact of urbanization on the socio-economic development of Ghana.
  49. The problem of the healthcare system and resources in the perspective of fast-growing urbanization.
  50. Urbanization and foreign aid to victims of the negative impact of fast-growing cities.
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After reading our recommendations on urbanization topics, you can get inspiration for successful writing. Add your own opinion in the digest of scholarly research about this essential subject.

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