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121 Environmental Research Paper Topics&Ideas

It is always essential to remember the environment. Our planet is desperately struggling against harmful greenhouse gases and pollution. In order to avoid a global disaster, we must do everything we can to protect our environment. Nowadays, more than ever, it’s necessary to understand environmental issues, discuss them, and voice them out loud – drawing public attention to signs of disaster and contributing to the common cause of caring for the environment.

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There are several ways to join the environmental fight, one of which is writing an environmental research paper. Research papers are significant academic studies and take more effort than most regular articles or college essays. Research papers are based on scientific findings and carry the chance to draw public attention and resonate with a community of readers. We’ve prepared a list of creative and significant environmental research topics for your potential scientific paper.

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How to determine an excellent environmental essay topic

Your research paper should be based on a solid, creative, and relevant topic to have a chance of making a difference. No one will be interested in something that’s been discussed many times in the past and adds nothing new to the conversation. To write an impressive scientific paper, you need a subject that will truly shine!

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Your topic for the environmental paper could, and in some cases, should be:

  • Creative. A wider audience will be more likely to hear you if you raise a pressing issue that hasn’t received too much attention in the past.For example, slavery topics to write about and raise important issues.
  • Controversial. First of all, those topics that do not have a clearly correct solution become resonant and attract the most attention. They say that truth often comes from heated debate, and this expression is more accurate than ever when talking about environmental research paper topics.If you have written about adoption research topics, you know exactly how interesting the topic is during student discussions.
  • Well-researched. Your ideal topic should also be sufficiently researched so that you can support each of your theses with reliable arguments. We recommend choosing issues that have already been covered by at least a few reputable scientific studies.

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how to choose environmental research topics

Environmental justice topics

According to our experts, the most discussed topics on the Internet are technology research topics. We have compiled a list of several issues that will inspire you to develop your argument interestingly.

  1. Is the Government the Single Most Important Factor in America’s Recycling Rate?
  2. Justice for the Environment and the Climate Is a Human Rights Concern
  3. The Electric Vehicle Industry Could Benefit from Greater Gender Parity
  4. Do We Take Advantage of Everything That Science Has to Offer in Our Fight against Climate Change?
  5. The Function of Nuclear Power in Foreign Policy and Its Impact on the Environment
  6. The Role of Social Capital and Industrial Pollution Exposure in Explaining Racial Health Disparities
  7. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Freight Transportation: What Can Be Done to Mitigate the Problem?
  8. Energy and Housing Programs at the Federal Level
  9. Environmental Policy and the Hotel Business
  10. Public Health and Environmental Justice from a Gender Perspective

Interesting environmental topics

Our service’s writers have already helped hundreds of students from all over the world with their assignments. They know exactly how to solve urbanization research topics or any other. Here, you will find interesting research topics.

  1. Fossil Fuels Contribution to Global Warming
  2. Ocean Plastic Waste: Optimal Solutions for the Global Problem
  3. Environmental Impact of Polymers vs. Glass
  4. Fiscal Strategies for Environmental Improvement
  5. Environmental Impacts of the Disposing of Medical Waste
  6. Conservation of Cultural Resources and Natural Environments: A Historical and Theoretical Analysis
  7. The Environmental Protection Agency of West Carolina’s Work to Clean the Air
  8. How to Provide an Optimal Learning Environment While Reducing Energy Costs
  9. Consequences of an Overpopulation Crisis in the Modern World
  10. Are Humans and the Environment Safe from Eating Genetically Modified Food?

Environmental research questions

  1. Are Industrial Plants and the Water to Which They Link a Significant Source of Human Illness?
  2. Why Would the World Benefit from Switching to Hydrogen from Fossil Fuels?
  3. To What Extent Can We Halt Coral Reef Destruction?
  4. How Much Do You Think Garbage and Pesticides Contribute to the Poisoning of Our Soil?
  5. What Is the Scope of the Issue That Is Ocean Acidification?
  6. What Role Does Industry Have in Causing Acid Rain?
  7. How Do Environmental Justice Issues and Water Pollution Affect African Americans?
  8. What Would Happen to the Natural World If Honey Bees Suddenly Disappeared?
  9. What Is the Value of Crustaceans to Ecosystems?
  10. Why Is Earth Compared to a Living Thing?
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Science environmental research paper topics

  1. The Environmental Impacts of Limited Water Resources
  2. Impact of Permafrost Melting on Global Warming
  3. Dispelling Common Misconceptions about Global Warming
  4. Consequences of Our Atmosphere’s Rising CO2 Levels
  5. The Environmental Significance of Small Water Sources
  6. The Current Environmental Solution to Water Pollution and Its Root Causes
  7. The Relationship Between Environmental Impacts and Population Growth and Distribution
  8. Connections Between Psychology and Environmental Protection
  9. Current Environmental Sustainability Issues, Prospects, and Obstacles
  10. Possible Environmental Effects of Wireless Power Transmission

environmental research paper topics

Controversial environmental topics for
research paper

  1. The Greenhouse Effect: Can Humanity Harness It?
  2. Land Ethics and the Foundation for Deep Ecology: A New Environmental Ethics
  3. The History, Current State, and Future of Ozone Depletion
  4. What Can We Anticipate if All of the World’s Glaciers Melt Due to Rising Temperatures?
  5. Saving the American Forests for Future Generations
  6. The Damage That Toxic Waste Does to Our Ecosystem
  7. Acid in the Environment: What We’ve Learned and Where We Can Go from Here
  8. What Can We Anticipate Seeing in Terms of Global Warming Over the Next Decade and Why?
  9. How Critical Is It to Recycle? Is It a Business Plan or a Safety Plan?
  10. The Problem of Environmental Protection in the United States

Biology environmental research questions

  1. Coyotes, a Potential Ecological Threat to Southern California
  2. Environmental Factors in Asthma Attacks
  3. Human Vulnerability to Hereditary Illnesses
  4. Comparative Research on Plant Roots
  5. Comparison of the Many Methods of Photosynthesis in Plants
  6. Environmental Damage Caused by Invasive Species.
  7. Is There a Universally Accepted Explanation for the Variation in Soil Make-Up?
  8. A Functional Dissection of Naturally Occurring Viruses
  9. Species of Trees Found in Your Location
  10. GIS’s Use in the Environmental and Agricultural Sectors of Biotechnology

Chemistry environment research paper topics

  1. The Proliferation of Potentially Lethal Microbes and Agricultural Chemicals
  2. The Potentially Catastrophic Effects of Bushfires on the Environment
  3. The Scientific Case for Global Warming
  4. Analyses and Critiques from the Scientific Community on Climate Change
  5. How Do Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), Pesticides, and Herbicides Affect Us?
  6. Chemical Spraying on Vegetables: Benefits and Risks
  7. Loss of Forest Ecosystems and the Defense Mechanisms They Provide
  8. The Oil Spill and the Threats It Poses to Wildlife
  9. What Effects Does Farming Have on the Natural World? Is It Risky to Do So?
  10. Reasons for and Effects of Groundwater Contamination

Economic research paper topics on environment

  1. What Role Does the Gulfstream Play in the Global Economy?
  2. Organizational Standards for Behaviour in Business
  3. Does Smog Cause People to Leave Cities?
  4. Industrialization and Ambient Noise
  5. The Effects of Technology Progress on the Natural World
  6. Management of Conflict and Emergencies in a Healthcare
  7. The Pros and Cons of Technology in Relation to the Environment
  8. Will Our Use of Solar Energy Have a Positive Effect on the Planet?
  9. The Emergence of Environmental Psychology as a Subdiscipline
  10. The Current State of Ecology and Its Potential Development Over the Next Decade

History research paper topics environment

  1. National Pollutant Disposal System
  2. Oil Spills in Exon Valdez and Santa Barbara
  3. Eastman Kodak and the Love Canal Scandal
  4. The Three Mile Island Incident of 1978
  5. Major Earthquakes Throughout History: Compare and Contrast Analysis
  6. Examination of the Largest Floods in Human History
  7. A Historical Analysis of the most Catastrophic Landslides
  8. The Green Revolution, Norman Borlaug, and the Rockefeller Foundation
  9. Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives
  10. The Development of Biotechnology in Agriculture

Law environmental topics for research paper

  1. What Would Happen If Governments Outlawed GMOs?
  2. Could a Carbon Tax Be Implemented to Reduce Emissions?
  3. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Making Vegetarianism Mandatory
  4. Animal Rights vs. Human Rights
  5. Should National Governments Outlaw the Sale of Fur?
  6. Should Countries Outlaw Zoos?
  7. Is It Time to Ban the Sale of Plastic Bags?
  8. Tourists’ Destructive Effects on Our Planet
  9. Organic Farming, the Industry of the Future
  10. Should Countries Prohibit Animal Exports?

interesting environmental topics

Environmental research topics for debate

  1. Can the Loss of the Ozone Layer Be Stopped?
  2. Eco- and Culture-Based Tourism: A Pristine Natural Setting and Unique Experience
  3. Can We Save Earth by Switching to Renewable Energy?
  4. To What Extent Should Humanity Intervene to Prevent Extinction? Can Nature Be Blamed for This?
  5. British, Canadian, and Indian Environmental Policy
  6. Will There Be a Noticeable Impact if We Switch to Red Lights?
  7. What Exactly Do We Mean When We Talk about “Green Energy?”
  8. Can Radiation and Life on Earth Coexist? Man-Made Versus Naturally Occurring Radioactivity
  9. How Crucial Is Oil to Maintaining a Healthy Ecosystem? Crude Oil Spills and the Oil Business
  10. Environmental Responsibility in the Workplace

Health research topics environment

  1. How Important Was Dinosaur Life to Our Modern Ecosystems?
  2. What Can We Do To Slow Down Ozone Depletion?
  3. The Perilous Effects of Breathing Polluted Air on Human Health
  4. Endangered Species – The Crucial Role They Play in the Natural World
  5. The Dangers of Acid Rain for Marine Life
  6. The Effects of Eating Food Contaminated With GMOs, Herbicides, and Pesticides
  7. What Can We Do To Stop Acid Rain From Killing out Wildlife?
  8. The Health of People Around the World: Can Recycling Make a Difference?
  9. The Worldwide Effect of Tectonic Activity on Biota
  10. Analyzing Radon’s Link to Lung Cancer and Proposing Countermeasures
  11. The Ozone Layer’s Depletion and the Health Risks It Poses?
  12. Our Health and the Value of National Parks

The bottom line

It is always better to write about something exciting, as well as about something essential and useful. You will perform better when there is a clear purpose for your scientific research. It would be best to choose an exciting and perhaps even controversial topic for your environmental paper because your ecological research can be critical for the planet’s future and can actually make a difference.

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Studies of the environment cover a wide range of environment research topics, from global air, soil, and water pollution to conservation efforts, climate change, and urban ecology. We’ve compiled some exciting environmental writing ideas for you in this article. One of these could be useful for your upcoming research paper, presentation, or essay. Many excellent samples of essays on environmental topics are provided as well.

So choose the topic you are passionate about and consider delving into it. It will be a significant success even if you convert a single reader. And just imagine if your research became a great success and catalyzed a pivotal discussion in the scientific community. Imagine – you could save lives with your writing and even write better than ever before!

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