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Technology Topics for Research Papers

In order for a technology research paper to get an audience’s attention, choosing the right topic is key. One’s topic should be clear, detailed, and also concise. It probably goes without saying that often the most interesting technology topics deal with the latest news and developments in technology, although, of course, this depends on the field.

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That’s why many of the topics we’re presenting for possible technology papers pertain to recent developments, rather than say technology’s role in history or anthropology. We believe that papers written by authors who are truly interested in the subjects they are writing about, will, in turn, be more interesting for their readers. “Technology” is a massive topic with limitless possibilities for the curious mind to explore. We hope that you’ll find some good advice here on choosing a great topic for your essay that will excite you and your readers. You can also use our research paper title generator to find more ideas for writing.

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How to choose the right technology topic

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In order to choose a good topic for yourself, here are some things that we can suggest taking into account when making your selection:

  • A topic that is newsworthy and relevant at the time of writing (of course, the “newness” depends on one’s discipline). Consider what might surprise readers or awaken their curiosity and how your topic can inform them about a particular subject. And as with the news, it’s important that you’re not just interesting, but also accurate. Holocaust research paper topics will help interest the reader and provide reliable information.
  • This might seem self-evident, but if you’re studying in a particular field, then consider choosing a topic that corresponds with your area of study. It’s going to be exceedingly difficult to write an in-depth paper about, say, NASA’s latest rocket if your specialization is bio-science. Now, if NASA is conducting biological research on one in zero gravity, that’s a different story! That said, multidisciplinary studies are valuable and important, and, if you’re writing about technology in, say, a journalism class, then pretty much any field is fair game. Even if you choose business research paper topics, you can integrate the information into any subject and provide a summary of the research reports.
  • A direction you might choose to take with your paper is to consider a technological problem, to think about how far the problem has been worked out, how difficult it might be to resolve the problem, and how much attention is being paid to the problem. Perhaps you can use your paper about technology to advocate a solution! Of course, if there’s been very little development on a particular technology, finding good research and new developments pertaining to it will be particularly challenging.

Focusing on urbanization research topics will yield a lot of information. You can also introduce something new using new trends and your own argumentation.
Choosing a topic is very important, so give this process due attention. You can always rely on our experts if difficulties arise while working on a task and receive research papers for sale from us.

Searching archives

Selecting suitable information sources is essential whether you choose adoption research topics  or focus on another industry.

For your research, you might consider scouring going through databases to see what the latest scientific papers are related to the technology. Some things you can search for include:

  • Specialized archives focused on different fields in technology. Some archives are very well-structured, making it easier to find the relevant literature. Often you can find archives that are sorted by date, topic, and author.
  •  There are also corporate archives that belong to certain tech companies. These companies might publish related technology articles.

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Technology topics about AI

  1. What does AI do best today?
  2. What is the situation in terms of AI technological development for global companies? What areas are companies and developers focusing on?
  3. Everyone is hearing about the use of AI in the field of medicine,  in writing, and for the production of drones. What are some more obscure areas that AI is being used?
  4. If we talk about industries such as education and other humanitarian areas, is there a place for AI in them?
  5. How can AI be profitable?
  6. Do businesses need to drastically restructure in order to take full advantage of AI?
  7. What are the weaknesses of AI and AI-based products? What can it not do now and what is it unlikely to be able to do in the future?
  8. Artificial intelligence is a very powerful tool. What are the ethical dilemmas of AI?
  9. What is your forecast for the development of AI in the next 20 years?
  10. How is AI-use going to change society?

Technology topics about internet of things

  1. What is the Internet of Things?
  2. What are examples of the use of the Internet of Things?
  3. What does IoT consist of?
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of IoT?
  5. Where is the Internet of Things used most?
  6. What are prospects for the future development of the Internet of things?
  7. What are the problems of Internet of Things security?
  8. How does one take advantage of the Internet of Things?
  9. Why is the Internet of Things becoming increasingly popular in industries?
  10. How can the Internet of Things be used in smart houses?

Technology topics about blockchain

  1. What is blockchain technology?
  2. How does one create value with blockchain technology?
  3. What are blockchain basics and application possibilities?
  4. How will international banks be transformed through blockchain?
  5. What is the functionality of platforms for working with blockchain in enterprise management?
  6. How can one use blockchain in education?
  7. What are the main areas of blockchain application development?
  8. What are the sources of blockchain?
  9. What are the most revolutionary possibilities related to blockchain?
  10. How can one describe the evolution of blockchain?
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Technology topics about VR and AR

  1. What are the properties of VR technology?
  2. How can VR technology be applied in industry?
  3. What are the methods of using VR?
  4. What are the methods of using AR?
  5. What are the properties of AR?
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using VR and AR in education?
  7. Will VR technology ever reach critical mass?
  8. What are the functions of VR and AR?
  9. How can VR help at the workplace?
  10. How can AR help at the workplace?

Technology topics about cybersecurity

  1. What are tools of cybersecurity?
  2. What are the main categories of cybersecurity?
  3. What are methods for implementing cybersecurity?
  4. What are phishing attacks?
  5. What is the role of removable media in cybersecurity?
  6. What is the main problem of cybersecurity in social media?
  7. What is the economic aspect of the use of cybersecurity?
  8. What are the main processes of cybersecurity?
  9. What is the connection between passwords and authentication and cybersecurity?
  10.  What are the main problems of mobile device security?

Basic technology topics

  1. Technologies for working with graphic editors.
  2. Automation of information processes. Automated information systems.
  3. Technologization of social spaces.
  4. Copyright information technologies.
  5. The role of technology in the development of the economy and society.
  6. Information resources and their potential evolution in society.
  7. Information processes, needs, resources, products and services, provisions.
  8. Technology approaches to solving functional problems.
  9. Life cycle of information products and services.
  10. Information retrieval systems. Types and stages of information searches.

Top-notch technology topics

  1. Means and organization of technology support.
  2. Use of technologies in education.
  3. Processes of informatization of education. Distance and e-learning.
  4. Technical training aids.
  5. Negative components of informatization.
  6. Encoding information. Coding methods.
  7. Technologies and systems for collecting and processing information.
  8. Technologies for storing and preserving information. Archives and information repositories.
  9. Ensuring the safety of information on various media. Backups.
  10. Software and hardware for storing information.
  11. Devices for stabilizing and ensuring uninterruptible power supply for electronic equipment.
  12. Technologies for presenting information. Information means and technologies.
  13. Types of network information technologies.
  14. Technologies for group work of users: forum, e-mail, tele- and video conferencing.
  15. Integration of technologies.
  16. Distributed data processing systems. Client-server technology.
  17. Corporate information systems.
  18. Use of technologies in various fields.

Unique technology topics

  1. Electronic document management systems.
  2. Geographic information and global systems.
  3. Open systems technologies.
  4. Methods for creating multimedia presentations.
  5. Software tools for creating multimedia presentations.
  6. Multimedia technical means.
  7. Audio technical means.
  8. Projection equipment and organization of presentations.
  9. Digital video technologies.
  10. Use of computers in various fields, incl. in intelligent buildings, offices, processes, etc.
  11.  Technologies for the transmission and exchange of information.
  12. Systems and methods for transmitting information in wired channels, comparative effectiveness of various methods.
  13.  Types, means, channels and cables of communication.
  14. Television and television systems in organizations.
  15.  Options for using dispatch communications, radio systems, sound recording, sound amplification and playback.
  16. Technical means of administrative and management communication.
  17. Types of wireless communication. Their relative effectiveness.
  18. Satellite communication systems.
  19. Mobile systems, incl. cellular communications.
  20. Nano-technology treatment.

Popular technology topics

  1. Technical means of information transmission in networks.
  2. Network information technologies.
  3. Local and global computer networks.
  4. Construction methods, architecture and data exchange in information networks. Integration of information networks (Intranet/Internet).
  5. Working with remote technical and information resources using Web technologies. Software and hardware support.
  6. Programming languages used on the Internet.
  7. Features of the functioning, management and use of LAN.
  8. Internet device. Server, hosts, portals, sites, browsers, providers, etc.
  9. Distributed data processing systems, client-server technologies.
  10.  Integrated information technologies. Corporate systems.
  11. Neural networks: architecture, distinctive features, scope of application.
  12. Basic internet services expanded reach into the Global South.
  13. Types of collective communication: forum, chat, teleconference.
  14. Internet information resources. American segment of the Internet.
  15. Creation and publication (posting) of electronic documents on the Internet.
  16. Animation, banners and blogs on the Internet.
  17. Indexing, metadata of information resources on the Internet.
  18.  Problems of storing electronic data on the Internet.
  19. Organization of information search on the Internet.
  20. Search and metasearch engines on the Internet.

Best technology topics

  1. Educational opportunities of the Internet.
  2. Electronic educational systems and resources on the Internet. Educational environment on the Internet.
  3. Legal protection of programs and data.
  4. Information technologies for information protection.
  5. Possible unauthorized technology impacts on buildings and premises.
  6. Personal safety of users of information resources and service personnel.
  7. Computer viruses.
  8. Software protection against various types of unauthorized influences on computer software and hardware.
  9. Cryptography, cryptographic protection.
  10. Electronic signature.
  11. Technical protection against unauthorized influences.
  12. Access control systems.
  13. Technological security of objects in order to limit free access to them.
  14. Technological security of software, hardware and information resources.
  15. Biometric security methods.
  16. Biometric security systems and devices.
  17. Types and methods of protecting information in communication channels.
  18. Document processing tools.

Topics about technology in organizations

  1. Information technologies for copying and replication of data.
  2. Information technologies of operational printing.
  3. Printing equipment and the possibilities of using it in information organizations.
  4. Software and hardware compatibility of information systems. Problems and solutions.
  5. Standards and standardization, their purpose, place and role in the process of informatization.
  6. Automated workstation, electronic office.
  7. Electronic documents, books, publications and libraries.
  8. Integrated software systems for office applications.
  9. Integrated software and hardware systems for problem-oriented developments (problem-oriented CAD systems).
  10. Expert systems. Knowledge bases. Extracting knowledge from data. Neural systems.
  11. Ergonomics and design in organizations.
  12. Organization of work with personal computers.
  13. Creating a microclimate in an organization or living space.
  14. Printing equipment in organizations.
  15. Office equipment in organizations.

Perhaps having gone through our advice for choosing a technology topic and having looked through our list of sample topics, we hope that you will have found something to inspire your paper. As mentioned, to write a great paper, we recommend considering the following factors: the relevance of the topic to the latest news and developments, your personal interest in the topic, its closeness to your field of study, and the availability of the necessary literature to produce an adequate paper.

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