Dissertation Assistance and Advice from a Recent Graduate Student

Can writing a dissertation be an enjoyable activity? Have you ever seen a person happy from writing and referencing the sources? Try to ask any graduate students what they preferably would do – research some information or party until the morning? Would the spend free time with friends or books and endless references? Of course, the answers are obvious. I want to share my experience of writing this kind of paper and offer you dissertation assistance. There is a list of the most helpful tips I've used in my practice. Try to follow at least half of them.

Dissertation Assistance: 100% Helpful Strategies

  • Just write while writing. Do not proofread, do not correct anything, do not stop to think – simply move forward. Do not try to achieve perfection in the first draft of the paper. You won't be able to do this.
  • Use layers in the beginning. Mention main ideas and then support them with various citations and thoughts from other people.
  • As we've always been told in classes – write first drafts from the heart. Try to tell what you know for sure in your paper. You may imagine that you tell somebody a story in your own words.
  • If you have some time before the dissertation submission (of course, it will sound funny for the half of our readers, who will prefer asking for help from a dissertation service) try to write several pages of your dissertation per day.
  • This point may sound boring, but it really helps. Write an outline. At least, approximate as not to rewrite your paper later. Specify one main idea and several less important ideas to make your paper sound logical.
  • Do you live in a dorm? Your roomies are perfect for giving feedback on your paper. Their dissertation assistance is under-evaluated. Of course, you will not read all chapters to them, but you can ask needed questions. For example: “Hey, Pete, how do you think, would not it be strange to mention about …. in my dissertation?” And so on. It will not take much time from you and your friends.
  • One more advice from my experience – never start writing any of the papers from the introduction. I have changed my ideas several times while writing, so I had to rewrite the beginning the same amount of times. Start writing from the middle – no matter how strange it sounds – it will work for sure.
  • The last tip on the list will be presented in a separate chapter, as the idea is completely different from the previous ones – using a dissertation service.

What is a Dissertation Service?

I will start with a great idea, that activity is not necessarily productivity. Therefore, you should necessarily write the paper yourself. One more way out is asking for help from a dissertation service, such as EssayShark.com. All you have to do is specify your requirements and instructions from your professor, choose the writer and wait for the delivery. What is more pleasant, you can stay in instant contact with the writer to ask for amendments and corrections.

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