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120+ Interesting Economics Essay Topics to Impress Your Instructor

Essay writing is hard. It is hard even for the most skillful academic writers and genius economists. There is no single recipe for a good economics essay: you have to learn it through constant practice. First of all, to write an essay, you need to find a good topic. What does this mean? The topic should be interesting, manageable, and relevant. Most of the beginner writers face the problem of coming up with the right topic for their papers wasting hours and even days on finding the right one. It is important to generate as many ideas as you can, then write them down in one place and only then decide which topic will suit your assignment the best.

Don’t simply hope that your adviser will give you a good idea, as only you know what topics will be interesting to you. To help you a bit, our economics essay writer has created a list of interesting economics essay topics. We have divided topics into such categories: macroeconomics, microeconomics, healthcare, interesting, easy, general, and world economics. Let’s check them out!

Economics essay topics to impress your instructor in December 2023

  1. Modern financial landscape and cryptocurrencies.
  2. The effects of globalization on emerging marketplaces.
  3. An economic view on telecommuting and other forms of remote work: jobs of the future.
  4. Rise in the standard of living and income disparity: A complex relationship.
  5. Renewable energy’s economic effects: denefits and drawbacks.
  6. Economic decision-making and the function of psychology (behavioral economics).
  7. Economists view sustainable development in the context of climate change.
  8. Effects of artificial intelligence and robots on the economy.
  9. In times of economic recession, what role do Central Banks play?
  10. How efficient is public health policy? Health care cost analysis.
  11. Economic impact of sanctions on chosen nations.
  12. Programs to alleviate poverty and put an end to homelessness.

Easy essay topics on economics

  1. Analyze the economic situation in Hong Kong and China and give forecasts for the future.
  2. Describe 10 principles of economics. Explain what questions economics addresses, as well as the principles of how the economy works. Touch such points as gross domestic product (GPD), the flow of money and goods, and the consumer price index (CPI).
  3. Explain the differences between long-term and short-term economic growth. Define the features of long-term growth. What is the impact of long-term economic growth on business?
  4. Explain the role of government in managing the economy and economic development. You can approach this topic from a historical perspective and describe the role of government in economic history. Make connections of issues from the past and connect them with present issues.
  5. Explore the economic situation in one of the countries in Africa (your choice). Define the most urgent economic issues that should be solved in the near future. Find out the citizen engagement level in the economic system, the level of corruption, and its effects on the domestic environment.
  6. Analyze the recessions in the US economy and define its causes. What fiscal and monetary policies were implemented to deal with the recession? How have they affected the society and economy? How do you understand these actions?
  7. Describe economic phases and turns on the example of US economics. Analyze the existing literature on this topic and define the main economic phases in US economic history. Why is it important to understand this?
  8. Find out pros and cons of the current money system in the US.
  9. Describe the ideal capitalist and socialist economy. Define the indicators that will measure goods and services.
  10. How can Marx’s theories be applied to today’s economy? How does it differ from current economical analysis?
  11. Define the place of small and family businesses in the economics of your state. What is their role in modern business?
  12. Create a research project on economic stock. Decide what company (choose three) and decide what stock is best to buy.
  13. Analyze the economic events in the US or any other country related to poverty. Recommend actions that should be done to prevent future impacts.
  14. Write a persuasive essay about why it is important to know and understand economics for every person.
  15. Conduct research and find out the impact of energy economics on the chosen industry.
  16. Define the economic impact of biofuel. What kinds are already used in the US? What is the future application in the US?
  17. Analyze the economic policy tool (to your choice) and its effectiveness.
  18. Show by example how to choose the best option for investing $10,000.
  19. Explain why the history of US economics should be taught in high schools.
  20. Explain why less women are majoring in economics than men.
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Interesting economics essay topics

  1. Find out how Switzerland became a rich country. When did it happen?
  2. Find out the relationship between income and the happiness of an individual. Explore the existing information about the economics of happiness and define whether income influences the level of well-being of the person.
  3. Define the relationship between economics and the housewife. What is the economic value of the housewife’s work? Analyze the existing information about this issue from sources.
  4. Analyze the beer industry in a country (of your choice). Provide basic information about the peculiarities of beer manufacturing. Consider such points as consumption volumes, as well as levels of import and export. Define the level of concentration and the power market.
  5. Analyze “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” from an economic point of view. Consider such points: scarcity, supply and demand, international trade, medium of exchange, etc. Support your points with examples from the movie.
  6. Analyze the economics of pornography. Define how the internet has changed the pornography business. Analyze the market, distribution, and amount of revenue.
  7. Find out how economics can be connected to sex. Define how demand and supply have changed over time.
  8. Analyze how innovations influence economics and give several examples of such influence.
    Philosophy of economics. What are the most important questions in the philosophy of economics?
  9. Explain the economics of slavery in the US. Find out the profitability of slavery and its contribution to the world economy.
  10. Define whether economics is an experimental science or not.
  11. Evaluate the impact of financial incentives for teachers on student achievements.
  12. Find out the future of economics in regards to inventions like robotics and artificial intelligence.
  13. Evaluate the effects of marijuana legalization on the economics of your state.
  14. Evaluate the impact of Big Data on the banking sector from an economics perspective.
  15. Explain the phenomenon of the housing bubble. Describe the causes and impact of a housing bubble on the economy. How should it be approached?
  16. Explain how online shopping has influenced the economics of the chosen state or country.
  17. Define how Marvel heroes were affected by economics and politics.
  18. Analyze “Sea of Poppies” and “Robinson Crusoe” from an economic point of view.

Macroeconomic paper topics

  1. Make a macroeconomic analysis of the Greek crisis. What are the main causes of this crisis?
  2. Analyze a low-income economy (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, North Korea, Ukraine, etc.). Provide basic facts like location, population, industries, finance, climate, income, and brief political and economic history. What recommendations of actions can you give? State your own opinion and support it with evidence.
  3. Select one industry and find out a macroeconomic policy or indicator that may impact it (e.g. GDP, inflation rates, interest rates, trade policy, taxation, and unemployment). Explain why this macroeconomic indicator or policy is important. How may it impact the chosen industry?
  4. Analyze the Icelandic economic crisis of 2008 from a macroeconomic perspective. First, you will need to write about the historical fact about the country and analyze the possible causes of this crisis. Describe its impact on the world economy and actions that were taken for stabilization.
  5. Compare and contrast the features of classical and Keynesian macroeconomics. Define its application in modern economics (e.g. how they can be used as theories successfully in today’s environment). Compare the main features of each system and anything else you think is important to compare.
  6. Analyze the main policies of the Trump administration and its influence on international equity markets. Think about Trump’s economic policies in relation to globalization. How does it relate to economic development? Support your thoughts with evidence from reliable sources.
  7. Analyze the state of the US economy from the last decade from a macroeconomic perspective. Consider such measures as GDP, unemployment, inflation rates, etc. Discuss the current situation in terms of households, businesses, and the entire society as a whole.
  8. Define the macroeconomic effect of China’s economy. Describe the most recent developments in the economy, government regulations, and the availability of raw materials. Define the macroeconomic effect of this country. What role will this country play in the future?
  9. Find out how NAFTA affects global economics. First, describe what NAFTA is and its initial purpose. Second, explain the functions of NAFTA and its effects on the US economy.
  10. Analyze one market or macroeconomic event that has occurred this year.
  11. Analyze the situation of the Tobin Tax for the Euro and Brexit.
  12. Analyze the Great Recession in the US (2007) from a macroeconomic perspective.
  13. Analyze homelessness in a particular state or country from a macroeconomic perspective.
  14. Compare and contrast macroeconomics in two countries (e.g. Haiti and Spain). Provide brief background information, main partners, GPD, inflation, imports and exports, etc.
  15. Conduct a macroeconomic analysis of Japan. Touch such points as economic growth, demography, current economic issues, inflation, etc.
  16. Describe the meaning of the macroeconomic short-run and long-run equilibrium.
  17. Think how knowledge of macroeconomics can assist you in a future career and life.
  18. What do you think about the future of macroeconomics? Is the main goal of macroeconomics on managing the economy applying a sustainable development policy?
  19. Choose a personal economic decision of an event and apply macroeconomic concepts to it.
  20. Define the impact of macroeconomic variables on the stock market in Saudi Arabia.
  21. Explain how Bitcoin may change macroeconomics in the future.

Microeconomic paper topics

  1. Compare and contrast two organizations that face elastic demand and inelastic demand (according to your point of view). Choose companies in different industries. Think on what pricing strategy should be used and prove your point of view.
  2. Analyze the water supply industry in Australia using a microeconomics approach. Describe the background information about Australia’s urban water sector and its objectivity. Consider such points as water supply services, pricing, and demand.
  3. Define the economic potential of Africa. Provide brief information about Africa and current projects that are already in development. You can touch such spheres as agriculture, technology, sustainability, etc.
  4. Describe what a cartel is and support it with examples from real industries. Find out why cartels are illegal in the US. Can a cartel manipulate the market? What are the economic consequences of categorization on consumers?
  5. Explain whether the IT security industry is an oligopoly. First, you will need to define what an oligopoly is. Then you will need to conduct an analysis of the IT security industry in your country. Define the level of competition, pricing, and demand.
  6. Analyze the elasticity of the coffee market in the US. You will need to consider such points as coffee demand, supply, and price elasticity. Analyze the existing data about coffee consumption in your region and find out how supply and demand influence price and quantity.
  7. Find out how the price of bananas has changed due to Cyclone Debbie.
  8. Explain the relation of forests to food security from a microeconomics approach.
  9. Urban economics: Define the benefits and costs of land use planning in the example of your state.
  10. Compare and contrast demand side economics and supply side. What side is better?
  11. Define the profitability of recycling particular waste: plastic, glass, paper fibers, and metals.
  12. Analyze the motel business in the US from a macroeconomic approach.
  13. Find out the cost of delivering education in colleges and universities.
  14. Explain the relation of long-run cost and perfect competition. Provide examples.
  15. Explain several behavioral economics concepts (of your choice) and give examples.
  16. Define the effect of oil prices on UAE economics.

Healthcare economics essay topics

  1. Find out the effects of obesity on the global economy. Obesity has a high rate in many countries. Explore existing information on the topic and state your point of view.
  2. Reimbursement for services in the healthcare delivery. Compare the fee-for-service approach and the case-based service approach. What reimbursement strategies usually apply in healthcare organizations? What strategies best apply to your organization?
  3. Define the level of spending on healthcare in the US. What factors impact finances of healthcare organizations? What will be the effect of rising costs on payers, providers, and the general population?
  4. Explore the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) from an economic perspective.
  5. Make an overview of the Children’s Health Insurance Program and supporting legislative documents. What are the problematic issues related to CHIP? Define market forces that have an impact on the issue.
  6. Explain your own point of view on healthcare economics based on previous scholarly readings. Analyze existing legislation acts and publications of experts.
  7. Define how economics relates to healthcare. How are principles of economics applied in the healthcare system? How do economic growth and decline influence healthcare? Does investment in healthcare lead to economic growth?
  8. Analyze an existing healthcare system from an economic point of view. Imagine that you have a possibility to create a new healthcare system or improve one. How will you organize financing, production, and reimbursement?
  9. Explain the economics of blood supply in the US. Explain how demand and supply influence the business cycle. What will happen in the long run?

World economics essay topics

  1. Analyze the reasons why the Philippines moved from a progressive country to a third-world country.
  2. Explain how Brexit affects the EU economy. Define the economic impact of Brexit. Consider such points as trade, agriculture, fishing, and migration. Make an outlook on the future possible consequences.
  3. Find out the causes of a financial crisis in a developed country (such as in Sweden, Spain, Finland, etc.) and define the effect of economics. First, you will need to make a brief economic overview of the chosen country. Then, analyze what has caused the crisis and how the country has overcome it.
  4. Define the role of small and medium enterprise (SME) in the economics of the Middle East. What does SME mean? What contribution does it have to the economy? What challenges does it face? Think of what perspectives small and medium enterprises have in the Middle East.
  5. Find out why low unemployment doesn’t lead to higher wages in the example of the UK (or another country). Define the meaning of wage inflation and effects of a minimum wage. What are the solutions to unemployment?
  6. Discuss the influence of behavioral economics on globalization. What is behavioral economics? What global economic problems can be solved with the help of behavioral economics?
  7. Describe the relationship of economics and education in Saudi Arabia (or any other region).
    Analyze the European economies in the 15th century with an example of a particular country.
  8. Define the benefits of cheap foreign labor costs in the context of globalization.
  9. Analyze the influence of economic effects of globalization in a particular country.
  10. Explain the phenomenon of the “gig economy” and its influence on the global economy.
  11. Define the role of population growth on global economic growth.
  12. Think about how environmental economics can solve the problem of climate change.
  13. Define the importance of renewable energy for international economics.
  14. Analyze an economic issue in Mozambique (e.g. poverty) and suggest effective measures for its solution.
  15. Find out the recent developments of emerging economic powers of the world. What future projections can you state?
  16. Analyze the economic system of Portugal. What economic issues are the most urgent? How can these issues be solved?
  17. Define the role of financial planning in business economics. How did companies survive the economic crisis in 2008?

General economics essay topics

  1. Discuss bank marketing in India. Make a brief historical overview of the banking sector and the effects of marketing in banking.
  2. Make an overview of the US international economics in the 1980s. What is the nature of the US balance of payments? Explain why the balance of payments is an accounting measure. How does a deficit of traded goods influence the balance of payments?
  3. Analyze the cassava production in a particular area in Nigeria. First, you will need to describe what cassava is and its importance. Analyze the existing data of cassava production. What factors are influencing productivity of cassava?
  4. Describe the mechanism of monetary and fiscal policy with a particular example. For example, you can discuss government fiscal policy and issues related to budget deficit, taxation, and government spending.
  5. Explain the role of home economics in providing financial education to people. How will this benefit the world economy? When did this movement start?
  6. Explain what approaches to international economics (liberal, static, radical) is the most appealing for a developing country (of your choice).
  7. Describe how economics affects individual and organizational behavior. How does altering the incentives alter the behavior?
  8. Find out how school quality affects the price of housing in a metropolitan area.
  9. Explain the difference between economics and finance.
  10. Define the reasons why the value of the environment is less than the value of economics in many countries.
  11. Find out how economics has been influenced by other disciplines.
  12. Explain the meaning of alternative economic approaches and where they can be applied.
  13. Compare real-world economic issues with Neoclassical economics.
  14. Explain the paradox of value: the economics of diamonds and water.
  15. Discuss whether Soviet socialism was an alternative model of capitalism.
  16. Define the effects of African American economics in the US.
  17. Compare the economies of Nigeria and South Africa. Which economy is the biggest and why?
  18. Explain how Adam Smith has contributed and influenced modern society.
  19. Describe the economic development of Algeria. What factors explain poor economic growth performance?

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We sincerely hope that our list of economics essay topics will help you to find a topic for your paper, or at least give you a couple of workable ideas. We have collected the most interesting and feasible topics available. On our economics essay writing service you can find several samples of completed economics essays and a complete guide about the principles of academic writing.

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