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40+ Cloning Essay Topics: From Sheep to Identity

Today, cloning is not only limited to the realm of science fiction anymore. It’s a real industry and scientific area of research that may significantly change our lives. Perhaps, it’s one of the most controversial investigations in biology. Active debates in the media have led to a widespread belief that cloning may lead to extreme danger. Science fiction books and movies have contributed a lot to this state of affairs as well.

Generally speaking, cloning allows for the reproduction of genetically similar organisms (also known as clean lines). For example, plant cloning is a common process in nature and farming. Usually, the plant is propagated by shoots, cuttings, tendrils, etc. As you can see, nature has cloned organisms for billions of years. So, why can’t we clone other species?

Since the invention of the term “clone” in 1963, genetic engineering has significantly developed. Scientists have learned how to extract genes, develop a polymerase chain reaction method, decode the human genome, and clone a number of mammals. The next step is obvious – human cloning, but it’s connected with various religious, ethical, and technological issues. Should we be afraid of human cloning? Is it possible to clone Hitler or Jesus Christ?

In the list below we want to share with you a list of cloning debate topics connected to animal and human cloning. Enjoy!

Human cloning essay topics

Human cloning has become an extremely popular theme of science fiction, and people have already despaired over the idea of when this technology will step over from the pages and screens to real life. Here we want to share with you some issues and questions related to human cloning.

  1. Persuade your audience whether human cloning should be allowed.
  2. Describe the disease-associated gene. How can cloning overcome such a disease? How will it affect diagnosis and treatment?
  3. Think about whether the potential benefits of human cloning outweigh the ethical side of the creation of artificial life.
  4. Is it physically safe to clone humans?
  5. Describe the current findings and future perspectives of human reproductive cloning.
  6. What are the ethical issues connected to human cloning?
  7. Discuss the main findings of the Human Genome Project. What are the implications? How would it affect you personally?
  8. Analyze the issues connected to human cloning in the context of organ transplantation.
  9. Describe the potential of therapeutic cloning in regenerative medicine. Is it a viable technology?
  10. Analyze the book “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley from the perspective of stem cell cloning.
  11. Analyze the book “Our Posthuman Future” by F. Fukuyama in regards to the advantages and disadvantages of cloning.
  12. Would you allow the creation of your clone? Why or why not?
  13. How would human cloning affect us on a global scale?
  14. Analyze “Never Let Me Go,” a book by Ishiguro, in terms of scientific human cloning.
  15. Explore reproductive cloning in terms of medical ethics.
  16. How can human cloning affect our relationships?
  17. Analyze the reproductive cloning from the perspective of Kant’s theory and Leon Kass’s arguments.
  18. Approve or disapprove the following statement: “The cloning technology is not perfect; it can lead to the death of the fetus.”
  19. Analyze cloning from the perspective that it may be used by businessmen to sell organs for transplantation.
  20. What governmental regulations should be used to control cloning?
  21. Would it be ethically and morally right to clone dead people?
  22. Do you think a clone has a soul?
  23. How is human cloning represented in the media?
  24. Analyze the situation where the clone is killed by the original from a legislative and ethical side.
  25. What are the main problems with reproductive cloning? Why haven’t we cloned a human yet?
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Interesting cloning debate topics

There are many issues related to cloning that have begun to grow since the 2000s. Today, the number of provocative questions has only increased, and opinions have polarized, dividing people into two opposing camps.

  1. Describe the positive and negative sides of cloning.
  2. Is cloning the right path for science? What dangers does it have? Is it worth the money for the research?
  3. Analyze the characteristics of artificial cloning.
  4. What is the future of cloning? What are the most prospective researches?
  5. What are the current methods of using cloning? Describe the latest technologies.
  6. Describe the positive and negative sides of animal cloning.
  7. Discuss cloning in the context of bioethics.
  8. Does cloning relate to responsible citizenship? How?
  9. Analyze the cloning of bacteria and yeast, and its applications.
  10. Discuss cloning from a religious perspective. Can we say that cloning is like playing as God?
  11. Analyze the animal cloning business in South Korea. What insights can it give other countries?
  12. What are the major ethical dilemmas of genetic cloning?
  13. Do you think it is bad to clone endangered species? In what situations can cloning be justified?
  14. Analyze George Bush’s speech on cloning.
  15. Should scientists be obliged to share both benefits and burdens of cloning research?
  16. Do you think the US government should invest in cloning?
  17. Explore the philosophical issues of cloning.
  18. Analyze the current status of cloning in the US. Is there any governmental law or regulation on cloning in the US? Are there any scientific programs related to cloning?
  19. Explore the peculiarities of the Dolly sheep cloning.
  20. Is it ethically right to clone pets?
  21. Explore the issues connected to cloning animals for food. What cloned animals are already used for food? Should we use cloned animals for food?
  22. Will cloning limit genetic diversity?

Obviously, cloning has significant potential advantages and several possible negative consequences. As with many scientific advancements of the past, such as airplanes and computers, the only threat is our narrow mindset.

We hope that our list of cloning essay topics will give you some food for thought. If you can’t manage to write an essay by yourself, our writers will eagerly help you! Fill in the order form and enjoy your life!

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