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70 Pop Culture Topics: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Do you want to write something exciting and interesting for the general public? We are glad to offer you 71 hot topics about pop culture for your custom essays! Pick one of these amazing themes and create a great essay or a post for your personal blog.

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “pop culture”? Maybe comics, Madonna, or superhero movies? In fact, popular culture includes many more categories: television, social media, music, fashion, slang, and others. Although pop culture is an indispensable part of modern society, it often faces criticism from the members of non-mainstream groups. They consider this culture to be superficial, primitive, and stultifying. Yet, how can beliefs and tendencies with such a great number of fans be bad?

Maybe pop culture will not teach us how to be geniuses. However, it helps us to make everyday life brighter. Moreover, the objects and practices of popular culture can be an interesting subject for study. Below, you’ll find a list of pop culture topics of different categories, prepared by our essay writers. Pick one and create an outstanding essay easily!

Pop culture topics: Barbie essay questions

  1. How the concept of Barbie is racist/ is making society racist/ is causing kids to become racist?
  2. How has Barbie given unrealistic body images to young girls?
  3. How does Barbie affect African American girls’ self-esteem?
  4. What psychological effects do American Barbie dolls have on young girls/women?
  5. How Barbie affected American culture regarding women’s body ideals in the 1900s?
  6. Barbie or Mulan?
  7. Why was Rapunzel Barbie successful on a global level?
  8. Should Barbie be banned?
  9. What is Barbie’s negative impact on lifestyle?
  10. Is Barbie a bad role model?
  11. Does Barbie empower girls by encouraging them to explore different roles, or does she perpetuate gender stereotypes?
  12. What is the importance of Barbie as a toy for imaginative play and its impact on children’s development and socialization?
  13. What is Barbie’s success in the toy industry, and how it has influenced the design and marketing of other dolls and toys?
  14. What are the main issues the Barbie brand faces? What are the ongoing controversies?
  15. What is your assessment of Mattel’s repositioning efforts, including new advertisements and new products?
  16. How did the 2023 Barbie marketing campaign increase sales?

barbie essay arguments

Pop culture argumentative essay topics

If you are looking for a good discussion, these topics are for you! The most important thing about writing an argumentative essay is being persuasive. provide examples and facts, and use your logical thinking to make your readers believe your point of view. We recommend you to use the classic five-paragraph structure to make your writing readable.

  1. Can The Weather Channel be considered as a part of pop culture?
  2. Do Disney princesses have a positive or negative impact on young girls?
  3. Can American popular culture replace absent common mythology?
  4. To what extent have modern technologies changed pop culture?
  5. Does the portrayal of sexuality in pop culture influence the teenage body image?
  6. Is pop culture good or bad for modern society?
  7. Does pop culture influence our perception of romantic relationships?
  8. Has interpersonal communication worsened because of social media?
  9. What actually makes pop culture popular?
  10. Can pop culture disrupt moral values?

Pop culture and science essay topics

An unusual combination, right? Surprisingly, the general public learns more about science from pop culture than from scientific sources. We don’t like reading boring journals and articles. Scifi movies, scientific TV shows, and personal blogs of scientists – that’s what we like. Choose one of the pop culture topics below to sound smart!

  1. How are the principles of materialism and vitalism interpreted in the portrayal of the monster in “Frankenstein”?
  2. Can genetic experiments from the novel “The Island of Doctor Moreau” by H. G. Wells be conducted today?
  3. Can the audience learn about neuroscience from TV series?
  4. Compare and contrast the process of gene editing in the movie “Gattaca” and the novel “Brave New World.”
  5. The advantages and disadvantages of species revivalism in the movie “Jurassic Park.”
  6. Why can the use of biotechnology be dangerous? Use the movies “I, Robot” and “Ex Machina” as examples.
  7. Are pop culture objects worthy of academic study?
  8. How is the future of humanity represented in pop culture?
  9. How does the representation of science in pop culture influence the social attitude toward scientists in reality?
  10. Why can pop culture be harmful to scholarly researches?
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Pop culture topics: social issues

As we’ve mentioned above, pop culture is an indispensable part of our society. Consequently, it may cause or, on the contrary, resolve certain social issues. If you’re interested in sociology, this category is perfect for you. Make your readers take pop culture seriously!

  1. Positive and negative impacts of pop culture on youth.
  2. Can pop culture influence the moral code of our generation?
  3. How are feminist values represented in modern cartoons?
  4. Does pop culture promote or denounce gender inequality?
  5. Can the representation of terrorism in popular culture help the fight against it?
  6. The conflict of religions in pop culture.
  7. Has pop culture helped the acceptance of homosexuality in society?
  8. Can pop culture influence the intelligence level of the whole society or generation?
  9. Does pop culture cause political apathy?
  10. How does pop culture influence consumer behavior?

Pop culture topics: idols and heroes

Who are the heroes of our time? Firemen, doctors, teachers? Not likely. Although these people have very important missions, their work remains inappreciable. Meanwhile, singers, actors, supermodels, and superheroes take the place in millions of hearts around the planet. If you want to take a closer look at one of these idols, you’re welcome to choose one of the pop culture topics below.

  1. Has Madonna changed the perception of women in society?
  2. Can Bob Dylan be considered as an idol, and why?
  3. How does children’s faith in superheroes influence their mentality?
  4. Marilyn Monroe and her influence on modern popular culture.
  5. Why did Michael Jackson become “The King of Pop”?
  6. How do K-pop idols influence the fashion industry in Asia?
  7. How did Psy and his single “Gangnam Style” become so popular?
  8. Can Miley Cyrus and her career progression serve as an example for teenage girls?
  9. Compare and contrast the portrayal of Beowulf in the 2007 movie adaptation and in the epic poem.
  10. How has the representation of superheroes changed since the 1960s?

Extraordinary pop culture essay topic ideas

Are you used to thinking outside the box? Our extraordinary topics are waiting exactly for you! You’re free to offer innovative ideas in your essays, as these themes are not for common conversation. Cross the borders of conservatism and enjoy composing your outstanding piece of writing!

  1. Narrative essay about your relationship with a particular pop culture phenomenon.
  2. Definition essay: Black Dandyism.
  3. The main principles of pop art.
  4. Essay about Kpop and its popularity.
  5. Ethical problems with the use of technologies in pop culture.
  6. The role of manga and anime in modern pop culture.
  7. Historical personalities in modern pop culture (such as the Borgia family).
  8. The representation of the US court and criminal justice system in pop culture.
  9. How does American pop culture influence the world economy?
  10. How has modern popular culture changed the concept of childhood?
  11. Compare and contrast folk culture and pop culture.
  12. Definition essay: McDonaldization.
  13. Compare and contrast the portrayals of yakuza in Asian and Western pop cultures.
  14. The representation of American history in modern TV series.
  15. How can pop culture be useful for education?
  16. Can traveling be considered a part of modern pop culture?

Pop culture essay writing help from experts

How did you like our hot topics about pop culture? We’re sure that you’ve found a really good one for your paper! If you don’t feel inspired enough to write the whole essay on your own, we have an intriguing proposition. Place an order on our custom essay writing website, and a dozen talented writers will start bidding on it at once. We promise you’ll be shocked with their professionalism. If you have difficulties or questions, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team. They’re always (24/7) ready to help you. Good luck and may the Force be with you!

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