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Abortion Topics You Should Take a Look At

There is a lot of controversy about the topic of abortion. That’s why students are often assigned to write papers on it. You are lucky to have found these abortion topics, because they will help you with your writing. Of course, you need to choose a topic that is closer and more understandable to you. Check out the most extraordinary topics on abortion prepared by our college essay writer.

Abortion topics for argumentative essays

  1. Should women have the right to an abortion if serious handicaps are detected in their unborn children?
  2. Should women have the right to abortion?
  3. What is the ethical concept of selective abortion (including sex-selective abortion, disease/disorder-selective abortion, or selective reduction)?
  4. Why do some people believe that abortion is a woman’s right?
  5. The psychological effects of abortion on women.
  6. Canada and China are the only countries that have no legal restrictions on abortion. This means that a woman can procure an abortion at any stage during her pregnancy. Do you think that there should be any restrictions on abortion? If not, why not? If so, what should those restrictions be and why?
  7. Is abortion ethical?
  8. Is it immoral to prevent a woman from having an abortion?
  9. Third trimester abortions are never morally permissible.
  10. Is it immoral to force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term against her will?
  11. The ethical dilemma of abortion.
  12. Should abortions be legal?
  13. Abortion among teenage girls.
  14. Who can I talk with about getting an abortion?
  15. Elective abortion is morally right sometimes.
  16. Why should women be able to have an abortion?
  17. Why should late term abortion be illegal?
  18. Medical effects of abortion on the human body.
  19. Abortion within “Hills Like White Elephants.”
  20. What are your thoughts on abortion? What is the percentage of women in the United States who get them?
  21. How abortion is acceptable or unacceptable using utilitarianism theory.
  22. How does a lack of resources affect the occurrence of unsafe abortions in the developing world?
  23. If women have abortions, are they considered mothers?

Persuasive topics on abortion

  1. Birth control, abortion, and reproductive rights.
  2. Abortion legislation.
  3. Republican and democratic views on abortion.
  4. Does a woman have absolute rights over her body or are there limitations on those rights?
  5. Is abortion an option?
  6. The other face of abortion.
  7. What role does religion play in the public and social discussion and perception of abortion?
  8. Abortion is not about women’s health, it is a choice of convenience.
  9. The role/influence of religion in determining public policy or law (e.g., same-sex marriage, abortion, etc.).
  10. Abortion and mental health.
  11. Early and late abortion.
  12. Financial abortion and men’s right to “abort.”
  13. Is abortion the right option for me?
  14. Should women with low income backgrounds qualify for abortion in the United States?
  15. Who has more “rights” or claims when pertaining to abortion and why?
  16. Should parental consent be required for abortions (when a minor is the patient)?
  17. How does pregnancy and abortion impact adolescents?
  18. Understanding effects of abortion.
  19. Is abortion ever morally wrong? Is it always morally permissible? Are there better and worse moral reasons for having an abortion versus not having an abortion? Should abortion be legal in all cases? What is the relation between the morality of abortion and the legality of abortion? Do fetuses have a right to life? Are fetuses persons? Does the right to life outweigh the right to decide what happens in and around one’s own body?
  20. Can abortion ever be justified?
  21. Should insurance companies cover abortions?
  22. Why should abortion be illegal for teenagers without consent from a parent?
  23. Abortions reduce the number of adoptable babies.
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Expository abortion topics

  1. Carefully explain the case of Baby W. Does the principle of beneficence support the mother’s decision to abort? Warren would agree with the woman’s right to decide because she thinks an anomalous fetus is not a person. How would conservatives like Noonan and Marquis deal with the case of Baby W.? Do you think abortion is justified in cases such as Baby W.?
  2. Explain the recent public policy decisions made in Texas with respect to abortion. Find at least one op-ed on the issue and explain and assess the author’s arguments. Be sure to consider HB 2 in your post. What do you think are reasonable regulations with respect to abortion that the state of Texas should enact or has enacted? Why? What are some unreasonable regulations that Texas has enacted? Why are they unreasonable?
  3. Explain the debate between pro life vs. pro choice.
  4. Explain why abortion should be legal in the United States of America.
  5. Explain why abortion should not be legalized even in the cases of rape or incest.
  6. Explain why late term abortion should be banned.
  7. Explain why abortion after 20 weeks should be legal.
  8. Explain the morality of abortion.
  9. Explain why abortion is okay.
  10. Explain why Supreme Court abortion decisions should have a say in regard to a women’s bodies.
  11. Explain why individual states should have more or less power compared to the federal government when implementing laws dealing with legalization of marijuana, gay marriage, and abortion.
  12. Explain why people decide to have an abortion.
  13. Explain why abortion is always wrong.
  14. Explain how the rise of women’s rights affects the abortion rate in the US.
  15. Explain in what ways the debate over abortion has continued to play out in American political and cultural life since the Roe v. Wade decision.
  16. Explain why the abortion issue has always been a topic of debate in China and Japan.
  17. Explain what needs to happen in order to reduce the number of abortions in the United States, while keeping abortion safe and accessible for all women.
  18. The abortion policy in the United States differs depending on the state. Explain how and why these policies differ and what impact do the state and federal courts have on these policies.
  19. Explain what are realistic limitations on abortion.
  20. Explain why abortion is death.
  21. Explain what health concerns abortion poses to women.

Research paper topics about abortion

  1. Research either a public administrative topic (as specific as possible) such as motivation, leadership, discrimination, or a sexual harassment concerning abortion, or a specific law topic, such as whether abortion is legal.
  2. Abortion as a social issue.
  3. The moral status of the fetus in abortion.
  4. Abortion laws and birth rates in Latin America (specifically Honduras).
  5. The changes in law and attitudes over the past four decades. What are the consequences due to these changes of abortion?
  6. Bioethics: The defense of abortion.
  7. The laws of abortion in your state or country.
  8. Modern liberal and modern conservative views on abortion.
  9. The effects of repeated abortions on subsequent pregnancy outcomes.
  10. Supreme Court decision: Abortions and not protecting a woman’s body.
  11. Mary Anne Warren’s abortion views.
  12. Abortion and Christianity.
  13. Abortion in the Bahamas.
  14. Fertility effects of abortion and birth control pill access for minors.
  15. Abortion in Africa.
  16. Abortion rights in patriarchal society.
  17. Abortion in Ireland.
  18. Effects of abortion on mental health.
  19. Abortion in Canada.
  20. The relationship between abortion and American literature.
  21. The psychological and physical effects of an abortion.
  22. Abortion in different cultures.
  23. Florida abortion policy.

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