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Creative Writing Ideas – What You Have Not Known Yet

Creative writing is an activity outside of the bounds of academic, professional, literature, journalistic and other kinds of writing. The absence of limits and rules usually causes a lot of difficulties. But how to cope with them and get over the fear of a blank piece of paper? Have you faced such a situation? Of course, you have!

We want to help you to find creative writing ideas, and to do this in a creative way too. We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions on and other sources to help you with this kind of writing.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions about Creative Writing

How is it possible to develop writing skills without proper talent?

The best way to cope with such difficulty is writing everyday for at least one minute. Do not
write less or more for two weeks! Practice this method for two weeks and then start writing for two minutes per day. Continue doing this for a year. Yes, a year!

In case you have no ideas about what you want to write about, present your thoughts, speak about everyday life or some stories from the life of your friends. Even if you do not feel like writing at all, you will see the result in several months and will be definitely satisfied with it.

Does reading guides and books kill originality and creativity?

Only people who are not inspired have to deal with this.You can find a small detail about a subject you want to discuss and expound on it. A good book or other pieces of writing will inspire you to write something original. It is normal for an artist to attend painting classes, so you are welcome to follow the advice of professionals too.
Of course, you won’t write perfectly at once, but by the following professional advice, you can achieve success.

What helpful creative writing exercises would you advise me to?

  • Write about some ugly things (hate, war) or something cruel, but from the perspective of beauty. Or describe a scary person from your point of view.
  • Continue the sentence – We were having a picnic and heard a rustling in the trees beyond where we were sitting.
  • Complete the sentence – “There is a girl sitting every evening near a skating-rink…”
  • Write about the most beautiful smile you have ever seen.
  • Write a poem about your first love.
  • Explain why animals exist on Earth.
  • Write about God and Evil. Are they real? Prove that your ideas are true.

These are only a few – you can choose or think over your own and train your writing skills to find more creative writing ideas.

What literary elements should I use in creative writing?

You can describe various characters with their thoughts, words and actions. Use rhetorical devices, various sentence structures, plot varieties (such as – denouement, climax, exposition, rising and falling action).

How to start a creative story?

You can do it with a dialogue in any form (argument, question, arrangement)or with any kind of exposition (on plot, setting, character, etc.) For example, “The morning was foggy and chilly…”
You may open a story with a description or some action.

What are the ways of gathering creative writing ideas?

Brainstorming, brainstorming and once more brainstorming. You can also use prewriting, drafting, peer reviewing, editing, publishing, revising, etc.

There is a wide field of using your imagination for creative writing ideas and writing a really great story, or tale, or play, or myth, or legend, or fantasy, or biography, or…or…or! If you know what we mean.

What are some good topics for creative writing?

To tell the truth, this is one of the most difficult questions, as the person can not simply be
told what to write about. Of course, you can look through lists of different topics, but what for? Just to have an understanding what topics may used. That’s all. All the rest you should do yourself. Just write what you know and what you are interested in.

Can you give me some advice about creative writing topics in papers?

All writers do it in their own ways, but still there are several methods that may help – introducing characters, describing a story, using a quotation or some phrase, picking out the paper title you like.

We hope, we’ve managed to answer at least the half of your questions. These creative writing ideas should help you to achieve success in writing and become a really talented author.

The best way to start writing: stop talking and start writing!

If you cannot cope with creative writing at all, you can always count on professional writers from the team. You are welcome to contact us anytime of the day and night and get original papers written especially for you.

32 Creative Writing Exercises

32 Creative Writing Exercises

  1. Write a story of less than 500 characters.
  2. Turn on the recorder and retell a famous fairy tale (for example, “Cinderella”). Listen to the recording.
  3. Look out the window. Afterward, without taking your eyes off the monitor or sheet, try to write down everything you saw.
  4. Write 20 words starting with the same letter. Think up a synonym to each.
  5. Describe your first date from your partner’s view (or your answer while examination from the teacher’s view, etc.).
  6. Write 10 pages of text without interruption.
  7. During the week, write about dawn every morning.
  8. Write down 10 random words. Make a meaningful text with them.
  9. Without using the pronoun “I”, write about yourself.
  10. Come up with a new word.
  11. Create a description of a landscape without using adjectives.
  12. Look at the photo of a stranger. Think about who this person is, what is important for him or her in life. Write about this person.
  13. Write a letter to Santa Claus.
  14. Carefully read your own writing. Emphasize quotes which you like. If you have not written anything yet, take the text of another author.
  15. Tell a story, using the pronoun “he” in every sentence. Try to make the text sound beautiful.
  16. Match the word “love” with 100 associations: words, sentences, names, songs, etc.
  17. Recall a song that you liked in childhood. Thinking of it, write without being logical.
  18. Describe a smile in 1000 characters.
  19. “The girl heard a whisper …” Continue this line with: a mystical story; a poem; a realistic story.
  20. Write a random dialogue about the weather (better in several ways).
  21. Cross out all the verbs from a newspaper article. Try to make the text coherent.
  22. Sit up straight. Put an apple on your head. Write, not letting it fall.
  23. Think of a new name for a familiar thing (chair, coat, magazine).
  24. Write text on behalf of a person who is unpleasant to you.
  25. Try to convey emotion without using words, only with sounds.
  26. Take 7 randomly selected photos. Write about each of them for as long as you can.
  27. Tell how to get from your home to the nearest store. Try to create an artistic text.
  28. “My friend, I want to tell you about a strange incident…” Continue. Write for 30 minutes.
  29. Look through the news as if your goal is to find the plot of a future story.
  30. Think of an unofficial definition for the word “love”.
  31. Compose 6 sentences of 6 words, using in each sentence the word “young”, but changing its position (let it be the first word in the sentence, second and so on).
  32. Record your conversation with someone. Try to remember what you were talking about, and put details of your conversation on paper. Compare with the audio recording. What do you like best? Why?
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