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Gender Inequality Essay and Research Paper Topics

Gender inequality refers to the unequal and discriminatory treatment of people based solely on their gender. Inequality has happened because of socially created gender roles over the centuries. Gender inequality can be seen when a person of a particular sex is treated differently or even negatively compared to a person of the opposite sex on the same terms.

Gender inequality in the world

Gender inequality sometimes leads to situations where people can not dare to express their opinion. Ultimately, it hinders their future development and jeopardizes their dreams and goals.

It so happened in our history that it was gender inequality that led to the formation of societies in which persons subjected to discrimination could feel safe. It is precisely because of gender inequality in society that wage differences can still be traced. Also, under this definition, unfortunately, violent acts and discrimination will fall.

If earlier gender inequality was subjected to a more significant proportion, then today, men can also fall under the influence of this inequality. Ultimately, this influence leads to depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety. Therefore, the problem of gender inequality is very acutely considered in the academic and scientific world.

How to choose the proper topic for a paper about gender inequality?

You can use several methods to choose the most correct and exciting topic on gender inequality.

  • Study the topics that the members of the specialized commissions are researching.
  • See examples of quality papers on the topic of inequality.
  • Check with your professor.
  • Use only those topics that are approved by the loyal society.
  • Write about what you observed yourself and would like to change it.

Your assessment will depend on the topic of your essay, so devote a lot of time to this. On our website, you can see a high-quality gender inequality paper example of a report on gender inequality, which will help you decide on the topic and main text of the work.

List of gender inequality essay topics

  1. Conduct a wage comparison between the sexes in two odds.
  2. Describe the primary purpose of recording and analyzing the problem of gender inequality.
  3. How exactly do gender differences affect brain activity?
  4. How can society teach boys and girls equal rights?
  5. Describe gender-neutral management practices
  6. Do men and women have equal rights in sports?
  7. How would you define the term transgender?
  8. Discuss how to empower the rights of our women in the society
  9. What exactly is the problem of female gender blindness?
  10. Human trafficking: female victims.
  11. What is the reason that women are more likely to experience sexual and physical violence?
  12. Discuss the glass ceiling in management
  13. How exactly does ideology affect the relationship between different sexes?
  14. Women’s education in Africa. Why do women have to fight for education?
  15. What is the reason for the low number of women in STEM?
  16. Describe some of the main challenges women face at work.
  17. How exactly is the female gender leading the fight for equality in sports?
  18. What is the contribution of women to the world economy?
  19. What is the role of gender diversity in scientific discovery?
  20. What will help make urban streets safer for women? Women empowerment trends.
  21. Describe the role of schooling according to gender.
  22. What is your opinion on social relations feminism?
  23. Is parental leave important for both parents?
  24. What do you think society would look like if dominated by women?
  25. The role of gender in Western culture.
  26. Compare theories of gender development.
  27. What exactly is the adoption of stereotypical behavior associated with gender roles?
  28. What needs to be done to achieve gender parity in raising children?
  29. How can you interpret gender identity?
  30. What are the emotional differences between women and men?
  31. What are the problems of modern feminism?
  32. Gender identity and sexual orientation.
  33. What are the benefits of investing in girls’ education?
  34. What kind of patriarchal attitudes and stereotypes can you identify in family relationships?
  35. Should we separate games and toys for children of different genders?
  36. How do you see the role of men and women in politics?
  37. Analyze career opportunities for both genders in the military.
  38. What is it like to be a woman in the US Army?
  39. Gender equality in academic careers?
  40. Should men pay more attention to raising children?
  41. How exactly does population aging affect women’s economic well-being?
  42. Highlight the historical determinants of modern differences in gender roles.
  43. Sex-role stereotypes in advertising.
  44. How does society see female traits?
  45. Principles of gender roles in sociology.
  46. What are the causes of gender differences and similarities in behavior?
  47. Primary tenets of feminism.
  48. Historical male figures who fought for women’s rights.
  49. How is gender inequality seen in the careers of healthcare professionals?
  50. Gender inequality in different religions.

Gender inequality research paper topics

  1. Main aspects of gender discrimination.
  2. Causes of gender discrimination.
  3. The main known signs of inequality between the sexes.
  4. The lowest role of women in relationships, according to statistical observations.
  5. Gender differences in academic education.
  6. Can a different approach to education solve the problems of gender inequality?
  7. How exactly does discrimination affect early childhood development?
  8. Why do you think women have limited professional opportunities in sports?
  9. Gender discrimination in medicine.
  10. What is the reason for the absence of women in leadership positions?
  11. Manifestations of inequality between the sexes in the direction of maintaining a balance between work and family.
  12. The main factors that influence inequality in the workplace.
  13. What can governments do to close the gender gap at work?
  14. How is gender discrimination reflected in HR processes and practices?
  15. Principles of gender inequality in labor organizations.
  16. Factors that directly manifest inequality between men and women in developing countries.
  17. The conflict observed between work, and home is expressed as a symptom of inequality between men and women.
  18. What is the reason why mothers are statistically less wealthy than women who have no children?
  19. What forms of gender discrimination can you identify in today’s society?
  20. Gender inequality in the classroom.
  21. How exactly was the justification of gender inequality in the history of America?
  22. Where does the origin of gender discrimination begin?
  23. Disassemble motherhood and labor market segregation.
  24. How is gender discrimination expressed in marriage?
  25. How exactly can technology affect gender inequality?
  26. Why were women not allowed to own property in past centuries?
  27. What is the reason that it was the female gender that was deprived of more rights?
  28. How exactly does gender inequality affect men?
  29. What practices in marriage can help equalize the importance of roles in the family?
  30. How to start the fight against gender inequality?

Resources for citing papers on gender inequality

Reliable sources go a long way in writing a quality essay and getting a decent grade. It is essential to use reliable resources. It is quoted that makes the paper enjoyable and confirms a professional approach. The level of uniqueness that is allowed to be checked by a professor can only be obtained with the use of a citation. The topic of gender inequality requires a very diplomatic approach and the same sources. Our service specialists can advise you on several well-known sources you can use for quoting and pointing examples. We chose them because they are trusted among professors and are widely known in political science, ethics, sociology, etc.

Policy Quarterly

This magazine is free and is published on public policy issues. It is produced jointly with IGPS and the School of Public Administration. Policy (PQ) is published quarterly and is intended for anyone interested in matters of public concern. At the same time, civil servants, politicians, and specialists from various fields are on their pages. In volume 85 of this journal, you can find excellent passages to cite in your essay.

The film “Pride and Prejudice”

Pride and Prejudice remain created based on the book by Jane Austen, which you can also consider while working on your paper. In this picture, there are themes in which women succumb to discrimination and have to marry men to be able to continue existing. In that era, women did not have the right to own property, and if their father died and did not have a son, their properties were transferred to the closest relative who could continue the family. If your theme resonates with this film’s problems, you can use it in your paper.

Politics & Gender

In this political science journal, one can find research publications on gender issues, politics, and also on the participation of women in politics. Using this resource, you will receive fundamental quotes, a specialized source, and accurately emphasize your professional approach to working on paper.

Scandinavian Political Studies

Leading journal on politics and public administration in the Nordic countries. It covers new research in all areas of public administration and political science. The journal is frequently published on political and administrative decision-making, public policy, etc. The SPS welcomes materials based on data from the Nordic countries while backing everything up statistically. If you need to analyze gender inequality specifically in the countries of Europe, then you will find a lot of helpful information.

Of course, you can use sources you are accustomed to and confident in their professionalism. We have listed several sources included in the massive list for citation. Online magazines, libraries, print media, movies, and more can be your guide to gender inequality. In any case, you need to rely primarily on the resources that your professor has given you. Our authors use dozens of paid and accessible sources daily and know that there is a considerable amount of diverse and unique information online.

How can our service help with the topic of gender inequality?

EssayShark understands that sometimes you need more time to choose your topic for your essay and what you want the essay to contain. If you are faced with the difficulty of writing your paper, you can always seek help from our professional writing service.

By delegating your task to us, you will receive unique and high-quality assistance precisely on time. Thus, you can save time looking for sources for quoting and analyzing the opinions of various political scientists and other scientists. Apply now to use your free time as you want.

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