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Good Vegan Topics for Your Essay Writing Tasks

Veganism is a strict dietary lifestyle that excludes animal products. Plant-based diets are in high demand nowadays. It’s no surprise that many students need help with writing about veganism. In this article, you can find lots of interesting vegan topics to write about. Check them out!

Vegan and vegetarian difference and similarities essay topics

  1. The differences and similarities between vegetarianism and pescetarianism.
  2. The differences and similarities between vegetarianism and pollotarianism.
  3. The differences and similarities between vegetarianism and flexitarianism.
  4. The differences and similarities between vegetarianism and freeganism.
  5. The differences and similarities between vegetarianism and fruitarianism.
  6. The differences and similarities between vegetarianism and lacto-ovo-vegetarianism.
  7. The differences between using eggs and their substitutes.
  8. The differences between using animal hair and its substitutes.
  9. The differences of vegans’ and meat-eaters’ health.
  10. The differences and similarities between veganism in the 20th century and veganism today.

Vegan argumentative essay topics

  1. Why are vegans called vegans?
  2. Is veganism not only about food but a principle of life aimed at reducing any kind of exploitation of animals?
  3. Is it a common mistake to think that a vegan is just someone who does not consume animal products?
  4. How do vegans get calcium and protein?
  5. Why do those who try vegetarianism often worry about whether their diets are getting enough protein?
  6. Why do vegans run the risk of missing out on essential nutrients that the body needs?
  7. How do vegans feel about pets?
  8. How are pets treated in vegan campaigns?
  9. How do vegans prepare cakes and pies?
  10. What are familiar pie ingredients?
  11. Are vegans against the grain?
  12. Are vegans healthier?
  13. Are veganism and sports perfectly compatible?
  14. Why do celebrities create ethical beauty brands and refuse to wear wool, leather, and fur?
  15. Why are more and more fashion designers turning to ethical collections, cars with vegan interiors, etc.?
  16. Why is medicine already on the vegan side?
  17. Why do American doctors speak out against cow milk?
  18. Why is finding a vegan burger no longer a problem?
  19. Why are the Impossible Food and Vegetarian Butcher projects successful?
  20. Why is being a vegan easy and affordable for everyone?
  21. Why is strictly plant-based nutrition just one aspect of veganism?
  22. Why is veganism not a diet but an ethical lifestyle?
  23. By giving up eating meat but continuing to buy things created from the body of animals, a person unwittingly supports industries based on the torment of animals. Is it true?
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Debate topics on veganism

  1. Vegan vs. meat-eating: what is the true nature of humans?
  2. Veganism and a person’s natural sense of compassion.
  3. According to veganism, is someone born a meat eater?
  4. According to veganism, what happens to meat in the human body?
  5. Is meat good for the human body, according to veganism?
  6. The increased activity of vegans on the Internet.
  7. What is the most appropriate reason to choose veganism: ethical, environmental, economic, medical, or religious?
  8. Is it difficult to find good clothes and shoes that will last a long time and are made from ethical material?
  9. Why has vivisection (testing cosmetic and medicinal products on animals) long established itself as a technique that is not only cruel but also mostly useless?
  10. Is the market for ethical brands growing and evolving today?
  11. Why is visiting circuses, dolphinariums, and zoos, especially ones that allow contact, unacceptable for a vegan?
  12. What is the vegan attitude towards horse racing, elephant riding, or camel riding?

Vegan history topics

  1. Who is Donald Watson for vegans?
  2. Why has veganism become one of the most popular movements in the world?
  3. Why did Donald Watson exclude dairy products from his ration?
  4. What was the purpose of creating the Vegan Society?
  5. The origins of the term “vegan.”
  6. The origins of celebrating International Vegan Day.
  7. The most prominent of Donald Watson’s followers.
  8. Why did veganism spread primarily in Western Europe and North America?
  9. Why has the number of vegans increased over the years?
  10. How did the movie “Earthlings” influence veganism?
  11. How did the straight edge lifestyle influence the resurgence of interest in veganism?
  12. The story of the world’s first vegan exchange-traded fund opened on the New York Stock Exchange.
  13. The story of climber Dean Maher’s first all-vegan ascent of Mount Everest.
  14. The reasons for the popularity of vegan cafes and shops.
  15. The reasons for the popularity of the American company Beyond Meat.

Making these lists of vegan diet topics, we tried to select the most interesting ones for writing papers. But before you start writing your essay, consider ordering a paper on EssayShark. You will receive a sample that will help you to understand how to write papers about veganism or any other topic. Our essay writers can solve your writing problems!

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