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Great Benjamin Franklin Essay Topics For Your Success

The impact of significant figures on history is immeasurable, as their great minds and energy were the key factors that defined some of its turning points. Benjamin Franklin is an excellent example of such a figure, as he was a notable patriot, politician, writer, journalist, and a brave innovator. His role in scientific development is undeniable. In this post, you will find a selection of the best Benjamin Franklin topics. Each of them will help write a brilliant essay.

Benjamin Franklin Autobiography Essay Topics

  1. The publication history of “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.”
  2. Parallels of Franklin’s personal story and the history of America.
  3. The author’s thoughts on balancing pride and humility in “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.”
  4. The significant moments of Benjamin Franklin’s youth described in his autobiography.
  5. Franklin’s religious faith as described in his autobiography.
  6. The middle class of the American colony’s peculiarities pictured in “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.”
  7. The principles of Enlightenment reflected in the writings of Benjamin Franklin.
  8. The lessons Franklin learned through his life as pictured in his autobiography.
  9. Franklin’s youth adventures described in his autobiography.
  10. The theme of error and correction in “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.”
  11. The meaning of “Errata” in the autobiography.
  12. How the American Dream is defined in the autobiography.

Argumentative Benjamin Franklin Essay Topics

  1. Was Franklin’s role in drafting the Declaration of Independence a primary one?
  2. Benjamin Franklin’s role in the negotiations with France at the beginning of the American Revolution.
  3. What concepts did Franklin believe in the Enlightenment?
  4. Which of Franklin’s inventions affected society the most?
  5. What famous scientists affected Franklin’s views the most and why?
  6. Which of Franklin’s decisions during the American Revolution had the most significant impact?
  7. Why is Franklin’s “The Way to Wealth” one of the most reprinted of his works?
  8. What do I like the most about “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”?
  9. If there had been a Nobel Prize during his life, would Franklin have received it?
  10. What would have been Franklin’s politics if he had been a President of the United States?
  11. Benjamin Franklin’s position on slavery.
  12. My opinion on Benjamin Franklin’s political views.
  13. What can we learn from Franklin’s mistakes?
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Benjamin Franklin Topics For Research Papers

  1. Franklin’s early years.
  2. Benjamin Franklin’s most known inventions.
  3. Franklin’s first years in business.
  4. The criticisms of the British monarchy in “The Pennsylvania Chronicle”
  5. Benjamin Franklin’s role as a founding father.
  6. Franklin as a military figure.
  7. Franklin’s role as a civic leader.
  8. Benjamin Franklin’s family and personal life.
  9. Franklin’s role during the American Revolution.
  10. Benjamin Franklin and his contribution to science.
  11. Franklin’s last years.
  12. Franklin’s legacy.
  13. Benjamin Franklin as a symbol of American civilization.
  14. Benjamin Franklin’s portrayal in modern movies.
  15. Franklin’s role in the development of education.

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