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Health Related Essay Topics – Your Best Ideas for Writing

Whatever happens in life, each of us, from time to time, is interested in the topic of health. And if you are a student who studies this discipline, then you have to deal with these topics very often, especially when writing a health science essay. We at EssayShark are sure that each of you will find the following health essay topics for high school students helpful.

Analytical public health essay topics

The quality of health problems of the population of different countries are constantly in the center of attention of scientists and politicians around the world. This is why public health related essay topics are so popular for writing assignments. We suggest you choose one of them from the following list.

  1. Analyze whether it is time to deliver integrated and people-centered services for HIV.
  2. Analyze how public health has changed over the past decade.
  3. Analyze strategies to support men’s health and well-being in Europe.
  4. Analyze a professional nursing organization.
  5. Analyze barriers to public health of Asian Americans.
  6. Analyze why public health is important.
  7. Analyze managing the patient experience: facing the tension between quality measures and patient satisfaction.
  8. Analyze infant mortality in the African American population.
  9. Analyze food safety and sanitation in Asian countries.
  10. Analyze the anti-smoking campaign in Texas from 1945-1990 and its influence on public health.
  11. Analyze public health laws in place in Saudi Arabia for religious pilgrims.
  12. Analyze how much salary/money impacts decision-making when it comes to choosing a career in the public health field. What are other factors leading to this decision?

Health care argumentative essay topics

You don’t have to struggle thinking what aspect of health care to write about in your paper. The following argumentative essay topics on health care, prepared by our cheap paper writing service, can help you with that. Simply choose the most interesting question and write an answer to it in the form of an essay.

  1. What are modern problems of US healthcare?
  2. What are the principles of work organization of medical personnel?
  3. What are forms and systems of remuneration, especially their use in health care?
  4. How to prevent the development of collective bargaining relations in health care institutions?
  5. What are the problems of the socio-economic and legal protection of medical workers in health care?
  6. Will increased access to genetic information lead society to more discrimination?
  7. What is the relation between depression and the pandemic?
  8. Are bottlenose dolphins aggressive because of urbanization?
  9. Why is pneumonia dangerous?
  10. How can studies of model organisms contribute to the understanding of human diseases?
  11. Should congress repeal current federal restrictions on the funding of human stem cell research?
  12. What are cultural differences in pain management and health promotion?
  13. What are the reasons of the lack of access to healthcare, specifically dental care, for rural communities in the US?
  14. What are contemporary issues teenagers face today?
  15. How can health care build a better you?
  16. Should America be a melting pot or salad bowl?

Research paper topics in health care

The following list of health care policy paper topics contains great themes to write on. All topics are equally interesting to reveal in your research paper. Find the most suitable one by reading further.

  1. The organization of technological management in a medical institution.
  2. The quality of management in a medical institution and its assessment.
  3. The current state of health of the population of the USA.
  4. Regulation and control in the system of in-hospital management of a medical and preventive institution.
  5. Stimulating the work of medical personnel.
  6. Development of information technologies in a medical institution and their assessment.
  7. Entrepreneurship in healthcare.
  8. The current state of standardization in healthcare.
  9. Organizational relations in the management system of a medical and preventive institution.
  10. Motivation of the medical personnel of a medical and preventive institution.
  11. Medical personnel management.
  12. Organizational technologies for the activities of the head of a medical and preventive institution.
  13. The organization of medical care for employees of industrial enterprises.
  14. Practical uses of economic management methods in health care.
  15. The role of nursing staff in improving the quality of health care.
  16. Ways to solve the problem of optimizing medical and economic standards.
  17. Conducting and evaluating licensing of medical activities as a tool for improving the quality of medical care.
  18. The impact of religiosity and spirituality on the turnover intention among nurses who have provided care for COVID-19 patients in Jordan.
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Overall health argumentative essay topics

If you want to write an argumentative essay related to health but don’t know what to write about, check out these argumentative health care essay topics. The following ideas are the best themes for finding for and against arguments.

  1. How the pandemic helped to better realize the right to health.
  2. Should parents be able to choose specific genetic traits/sex of their future children?
  3. Why is household food insecurity associated with binge-eating disorder and obesity?
  4. Why should the HPV vaccine be mandatory for high school students?
  5. Should the US impose a strict vegan diet for children from the ages of 2-13? And why or why not?
  6. How is plastic pollution affecting people’s health?
  7. How has the current COVID-19 pandemic influenced your decision to enter the nursing profession?
  8. Should all people receive the COVID vaccine or not?
  9. How has the patient care that you have provided influenced your career and your decision to continue your education?
  10. How do you see yourself contributing to the nursing profession?
  11. Does air pollution have an effect on COVID-19?
  12. Exercise is most beneficial when you exercise at the correct intensity. How can you determine if you are exercising at the right intensity?
  13. What is the impact of nutrition on the development of chronic pathology such as heart disease?

Health care reform research paper topics

The following health care reform research paper topics will suit students who need to write papers related both to health and politics. Keep in mind that these themes require thorough research from you.

  1. Health care reform and equity: promise, pitfalls, and prescriptions.
  2. The American Heart Association’s 2020 statement of principles for adequate, accessible, and affordable health care.
  3. Why do we need to reform US health care?
  4. Covid-19 and the need for health care reform.
  5. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).
  6. Healthcare reform in China: universal health coverage.
  7. Healthcare policy is a defining issue for America.
  8. Trump administration sued over Georgia health plan.
  9. Biden moves to expand health coverage in the pandemic economy.

Mental health essay topics

Choose any idea from this collection of mental health argumentative essay topics. In this list, you will find interesting themes to write on.

  1. What is the connection of homelessness and mental illness?
  2. Insufficient access to mental health services contributing to high suicide rates among veterans.
  3. What are the consequences of mental health problems during adolescence?
  4. Should patients get mental health support after recovery from COVID-19?
  5. Why is taking care of your psyche so important, and how can you do it?
  6. How can video games save people from depression?
  7. COVID and suicide in Japan. Why are there more victims among women?
  8. Women’s mental health: from hysteria to a gender-sensitive approach.
  9. Why is the topic of mental health still stigmatized in many countries?
  10. The role of determinants of health in promoting the realization of the right to mental health.

Health and fitness topics for essay writing

Physical culture, as one of the facets of general culture, largely determines the behavior of a person at work, in school, at home, and in communication. There is also no denying the link between fitness and health. If you would like to write a paper on this connection, we suggest you take a look at the following essay topics on health and fitness.

  1. “Movement therapy”: can exercise replace drugs?
  2. What does children’s fitness consist of?
  3. For health, there is aerobics: jogging, swimming, and cycling. Barbells and dumbbells are for weightlifters, as they do not improve health. Is it true?
  4. Do endogenous or exogenous energy sources provide muscle hypertrophy? What factors influence this?
  5. How to build a sense of community in distance training?
  6. How does exercise affect the normal functioning of the immune system?
  7. How does long-distance running influence health?
  8. What is the effect of both interval and moderate prolonged exercise on the physiological performance of healthy people?
  9. Does exercise affect our sleep?
  10. Posture correction: is strength training needed?
  11. Benefits of exercising to lower blood pressure.

Environmental health problem essay topics

The following environmental health essay topics will help you succeed in writing a paper about important and relevant problems. Choose one of them and conduct thorough research to end up with a quality paper.

  1. Why is access to an adequate amount of safe and nutritious food essential?
  2. Waste management: problems and solutions.
  3. The importance of establishing and promoting handwashing infrastructure today.
  4. Pandemic and the environment: the ecology of plastic.
  5. What environmental factors are harmful to human health?
  6. How can a new generation make great strides in the fight against pollution?
  7. What do Swedes do to maintain a good state of ecology in their country?
  8. By protecting nature, we are protecting health. Do you agree?
  9. Ways to reduce plastic waste at home.
  10. Modern problems of hygiene of water supply and protection of water bodies.

Health insurance essay topics

The academic discipline of medical and health insurance is aimed at forming student’s knowledge of various aspects of the organization and financing of compulsory and voluntary health insurance and life insurance. Students often write papers on this subject. That’s why we offer you to check out the following health insurance essay topics that can help you.

  1. The pros of health insurance, its role, and necessity in modern society.
  2. Which health insurance is best?
  3. Private health insurance for people with disabilities.
  4. What does corporate health insurance give, and why is it a must-have for the long-term?
  5. Is coronavirus insurance in demand? From an ethical point of view, do you not think that this is too opportunistic a product?
  6. There is a problem of mistrust in health insurers. Is it the fault of the insurance companies or the lack of, for example, financial literacy? How to solve it?
  7. Why has health insurance increased in recent years?
  8.  The difference between health insurance in Austria and other countries.
  9. What are negative aspects of health insurance?
  10. The historical and theoretical foundation of health insurance.

Reproductive health essay topics

Reproductive health is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being in the absence of diseases of the reproductive system, and it concerns such topics as systems that support childbearing at all stages of life. This area of health is interesting enough to study, as well as to write an essay. That’s why we offer you to check out the following reproductive health essay topics.

  1. How to achieve universal access to sexual and reproductive health services?
  2. Why do almost all women of reproductive age need family planning services?
  3. Why is HIV the leading cause of death for women of reproductive age worldwide?
  4. Why are there many cases of early pregnancy in our time?
  5. The influence of nicotine and alcohol on the reproductive system.
  6. How does the prevention of unwanted pregnancy affect the condition of reproductive function?
  7. What is the best way to protect reproductive health during adolescence?
  8. Why do young people develop an irresponsible attitude towards their health, including reproductive heath?
  9. Why will the number of women of active reproductive age decline?
  10. What are key concepts of preventing reproductive health problems?
  11. Toxic menstrual products.

Preventive health essay topics

Each person who wants to write a paper about disease prevention will find these preventive health essay topics helpful. We have gathered the most interesting ideas about the subject.

  1. Healthy lifestyle against coronavirus: advice for disease prevention.
  2. How should teachers conduct conversations with children about coronavirus infection (COVID-19)?
  3. The main methods of countering colds and viruses, the prevention of which is much more practical than further healing.
  4. The prevention and correction of vision disorders.
  5. What are the best ways to improve health, increase immunity, and prevent colds?
  6. The main ways to prevent overwork and overstrain.
  7. How to prevent the spread of HIV infection among adolescents?
  8. Are diet and exercise a good tool for weight loss and prevention of coronary artery disease?
  9. Explain how scientists track an epidemic or pandemic, what data they collect, and how public health officials prevent spreading of a disease.
  10. Education and lifestyle modifications for the pediatric population to reduce the prevalence of diabetes in African American children.

Easy essay topics about fast food and health

In the modern world, the fast food industry is one of the most developed and in demand. However, there is still debate in the world about the impact of fast food on our health. Our college essay writing service team suggests looking at argumentative essay topics about fast food and health codes if you want to write in this field.

  1. Why is fast food so tasty and unhealthy?
  2. What is the main harm of fast food?
  3. What is the threat of regular fast food eating?
  4. Can you eat fast and healthy?
  5. Health and fast food: how to eat right during self-quarantine.
  6. The connection between fast food and obesity.
  7. Is it possible to eat healthy by eating fast food?
  8. How does eating fast foods affect our body?
  9. How to give up fast food?
  10. Why do so many people eat fast food, knowing about its dangers?

How to deal with essay topics on health care

Health care essay topics for high school students are diverse and focus on different areas of research related to mental and physical health. Health and medicine essay topics include themes in care and treatment, preventive medical procedures, and diagnosis. Writing an essay on health care is not an easy task for many students, especially if they don’t have much knowledge in the discipline.

Health and wellness essay topics address all issues related to the maintenance of health, and the study of this area helps students develop the necessary skills to launch a career in the social, health care, and education sectors. Health care is important both for individuals and for society as a whole.

It is not surprising why educators require students to write on different health education essay topics. Essay assignments help students understand the principles of health care, explore a sphere of study, and assess its value to various stakeholders. When teachers assign students essays on health care, they ask them to write on topics such as:

  • Paper topics on technology in health care
  • Interesting topics about working and mental health
  • Persuasive essay topics on teenage health
  • Personal health essay topics

When writing your essay on health care, it is important to keep the topic in mind. Also, make sure you have a suitable theme for writing, which can be developed in a thought provoking thesis statement and a whole paper.

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Sometimes students have some problems with paper writing no matter whether they choose one of the health economics essay topics, military and health essay topics, or argumentative essay topics on smartphone and mental health. In this case, EssayShark can provide online essay writing help for you. Just provide your requirements in the order form to receive a paper that will meet your expectations.

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