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How to Start an Essay to Stand Out from the Crowd

If a book does not catch on from the first lines, the likelihood that it will be read to the end is minimal. Of course, this will not happen in the case of an essay because the teacher must read it in full, but he or she will begin to form an opinion about your work at the stage of reading the introduction on an essay. And if it turns out to be unsuccessful, it will be difficult for the rest of the paragraphs to compete for a good grade. Therefore, it is essential to know all the tricks and subtleties of a superb introduction, which will not allow you to disappoint the teacher.

What is an essay

How to test students’ flexibility of thought? Teachers would have asked this question if 400 years ago, eminent writers had not introduced such a concept as an essay. An essay is a way to show yourself and your ability to analyze, describe, reason, and seek information. Any type of handwritten work has its own structure, writing rules, and rating of the importance of paragraphs; for an essay, the introduction is one of the keys.

Essay structure

  • Introduction.
  • Thesis.
  • Argumentation.
  • Conclusion.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the first point – the catchy part of the essay itself. And find out the answers to such questions: “What is an introduction in an essay?” and “How to Start an Essay?”. With these answers, work will get done much faster and more productively.

How to start an essay

To understand how to start off an essay, you need to know what is expected of you at the beginning of your work. A sign that a paper will be good and exciting is a catchy start. The introduction should tell the reader what will be discussed and intrigue him. Ask yourself the question of what this job is about and answer it. There is one unspoken but very effective rule, and your answer should be understandable even to a person who does not understand this at all. Avoid being too informative, and do not overload the reader with terminology only if there is a need to explain a term that was most often encountered in your essay.

Let’s pretend that we already know how to start an essay, and then we need to figure out the volume of this stage of work. Often, the introduction takes up to 10% of the total work, but no regulated rules indicate this. If you want to describe in more detail how you will convey your thoughts and why to go for it, the main thing is that your introduction does not turn into spammed text. Leave only the key points, and describe the rest of the information in the remaining paragraphs.

Different ways to start an essay

It is sometimes difficult to know which one will best suit your topic and your writing style despite all the tips. The best ways to start an essay begin by choosing hooks to match the case. It is important to keep uniqueness in your thoughts, and this is the only way to get the highest score. Having highlighted the main thing, you can list a few tips on how to attract attention:

  • Prove the importance of your topic at the beginning of your essay. That is, explain that you chose this topic because it has a certain meaning for you and those around you. And in case the teacher chose the topic for you, find something unique in it and present it in the best possible light.
  • If you can’t think of how to get to the main idea of your work, add a few brief descriptions of paragraphs and, starting from this, explain why it’s being said about this.
  • Do you want a hook but don’t know how? Let the already famous masters of the word do it for you. For example, if you write on a literary subject, then you can afford little philosophical liberty and suggest a suitable phrase torn from a cult composition but not often used.
  • Turn your text into a quest, and let the reader feel like a member of the Holmes family. Leave the hook in the beginning in the form of a riddle, which can only be understood at the end of the essay.
  • Speak for yourself, and don’t be afraid to write “I”. Personalize your thoughts from the first line. Expressing your opinion on your behalf will serve as a good sign that your thoughts are described in the texts.
  • Get the reader thinking and start the introduction with a question, then you use their imagination and can spark interest in further information.

Choose for yourself from the above good ways to start an essay that suits you best, and feel free to get to work.

Essay introduction example

Of course, the type of introduction will differ depending on the given topic and the essay’s tone. To better understand how to start an essay and draw examples to your work. Perhaps you will find what can be improved or, on the contrary, you will understand where to start if you have just started writing the text.

Take a look at examples:

For argumentative essay

“Should we let young people smoke? Over time, the seriousness of this issue only increases. This essay describes many of the arguments for or against the state’s prohibition of such things…”

For persuasive essay

“There are waste management programs all over the country. These measures help preserve the environment and save our planet from disasters. Such programs support the future of the Earth…”

For compare and contrast essay

“Several years earlier, we used telephones, rejoicing at the opportunity to call a loved one on the phone…”

Nowadays, technologies allow not only to hear but also to see and soon feel a person who is thousands of kilometers away from you. As time goes on, technologies change, but their goal remains the same: to bring people closer …”

For descriptive essay

“In search of a better life, many people move to the city, but there they face environmental problems like smog, etc. In addition to ecology, an urban person often has to cope with psychological illnesses, which is caused by increased vital activity and the pressure of the big city…”

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