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How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay: Rules and Secrets

You have already drawn up a plan and content, set a goal and outlined tasks, wrote the essay introduction with a thesis statement and body paragraphs, and formatted a title page and list of references. It may appear that you can relax and stop thinking about it, but in a paper, there must still be a conclusion where everything is summarized. How to write a conclusion of an essay? Our essay writing service is going to answer this question. In this article, we will consider how to draw up essay conclusions and whether this is needed in the essay.

What is a conclusion paragraph?

A conclusion is an indispensable part in the structure of the paper. How to write a good conclusion for an essay? Many students want to know the answer to this question. After all, the teacher’s requirements and methodological manuals do not provide for the rules for the format and content of the conclusion. By the way, the conclusion is the most important part of the essay, since it summarizes and structures the entire material.

goals of a great conclusion

A strong conclusion is the final thought in the essay, in which students need to evaluate whether they managed to complete the tasks and achieve the goals of writing the paper. In other words, the final part of the essay focuses on the essence of the work done, as well as sums up the thoughts about the topic and supporting arguments included.

essay conclusion structure

It is recommended to write a conclusion using theses, separately describing the results and the essay’s main points.

What is a conclusion in an essay for admission?

An admission essay differs from other types. It is designed to demonstrate your motivation, determination, readiness to succeed. It should convince the admissions committee that you have the potential and are the right candidate. The paper’s main points and conclusion for this type of essay differ from others.

In this part, write about why you are the ideal candidate, about your plans and hopes for training. There is no need to flatter the university or specific teachers – your sincere desire to further study here is enough.

Emphasize those aspects of the program that you think can help you become an excellent specialist. Do not forget that your admission essay should convince the university that you will be useful and help its development, because every educational institution hopes that its graduates will become highly qualified specialists and bring fame to the university.

The main idea is to remember the intonation of the end: you should not start a new story about your life at the end of the essay, but you can thank the commission for the time spent reading your essay.

Do you need conclusions for an essay?

Is it really necessary to make a conclusion in the essay? After all, this is a very small paper, if you compare it by volume with coursework or a research paper. In any paper, it is necessary to draw conclusions. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing a simple essay or preparing a complex scientific paper. The conclusion should show how you can analyze and practically apply the specified data. Without conclusions, the essay will turn into plain text, which will cause nothing but bewilderment.

Recommendations on how to write a conclusion in an essay

How to end an essay? The conclusion is stated in a scientific style without personal pronouns and unnecessary words, so you should include only facts and your own summarizing. The functions of the conclusion are the following:

  • to reveal the purpose of writing the essay;
  • provide statistics and analysis;
  • formulate a clear and unambiguous summary of the paper.

In most cases, the conclusion to an argumentative essay will have such functions. By the way, learn how to write an argumentative essay so that there are no problems with other structural elements either.

The conclusion should contain only a summary of the paper. You should not include tables, graphs, and links to third-party sources. If students really like the topic of their paper, then they can complete the summary by expressing their own opinion about the problem raised or the topic as a whole.

how to end an essay

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Effective conclusion paragraph structure

To ensure that the preparation of the final paragraph of the essay does not cause problems, use the following advice. When preparing the text of the conclusion, rely on a good conclusion paragraph outline:

  • recall the relevance of the topic;
  • specify the subject and object of research;
  • describe whether the tasks were completed and the goal was achieved.

It is quite clear that no meaningful text can just break off in mid-sentence, even if it is just a letter to a friend. And even more so, it can’t do it when it comes to a student mini-study (which, in fact, is an essay) – it is imperative to present at least a brief summary of each body paragraph.

Let’s say that you are writing an essay about Western European sociology of the first half of the last century. A good conclusion paragraph example may be the following: “Western European sociology appeared as a response to the need for new research approaches in the social sciences, caused by rapid qualitative changes in the social structure of society, the mechanisms and factors of its development, and the need for more accurate forecasting future social processes. It could also be added that this direction in sociology laid the foundation for the emergence, development, and improvement of all modern sociological concepts.”

How to conclude an essay using phrase templates

To avoid tautology in the concluding paragraph and to formulate conclusions clearly, we recommend using speech patterns and phrases. We have collected such words for the conclusion in the essay, which can be safely included in the text:

– based on the analysis of the studied literature…
– summing up the above…
– thus, it can be argued…
– the work done allows…
– in conclusion, it should be noted…
– summarizing the above…
– based on analysis…
– research has shown…
– the material presented in the essay allows us to conclude…
– based on the work done, it can be assumed…
– it is determined that…
– research authors come to…
– we researched (received)…
– we managed to…

templates for essay conclusions

How to format concluding sentences for essays

One of the most important issues to keep in mind is the correct format of concluding sentences. They draw up the conclusion in the same way as the entire text of the essay:

– the main font is Times New Roman;
– standard size is 12-14;
– line spacing is 2.0;
– margin sizes are 1 inch all around.

In terms of volume, the final part of the essay should not be longer than the introductory paragraph.

perfect conclusion for an essay

Conclusion examples

Now let’s look at conclusion paragraph examples, which can be helpful to you.

“Why do people travel?”

The first conclusion essay example on the topic: “Summing up what has been said, we come to the conclusion: on the one hand, travel is a way to escape from the monotonous routine, and on the other hand, it is a source of spiritual enrichment and the search for a new ‘me.’”

The second example on the topic: “So why do people travel? I think that each person finds their own goal: one person goes somewhere just to visit new places, another is looking for themselves, their purpose in life, and yet another is completely led by big money. Thus, the reasons for traveling are different for everyone, entirely dependent on the character of the person, their beliefs, and the life situation in which they are.”

The third example of a conclusion on the topic: “Summing up, I want to say that each trip is made on the basis of very different motives. But for sure, every trip is necessary for a person for something.”

The fourth example: “Summing up what has been said, I would like to express the hope that each person finds themselves during the journey, grows spiritually, and begins to appreciate every moment of life.”

“What can distort a person’s life path?”

The first example: “In conclusion, I would like to note that there are many external factors that affect a person’s life path. It is very easy to get off on a false path, but it is very difficult to move in the right direction later.”

The second example: “So, absolutely everything can affect a person’s life path. The path can become both positive and negative for a person. The main thing is to be able to analyze and evaluate all of your actions in order to create a happy future.”

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FAQ about conclusion writing

  • How do you write a good conclusion for an essay?

The main point is that the conclusion should correspond to the introduction of the essay but not duplicate it and contain a personal assessment and summary. The main feature of the conclusion is that the summary is formulated in its own words, substantiating and reinforcing the facts from each section of the essay. Remember: a bad conclusion summarizes the sources on the topic, while a good one will express your opinion and make a good final impression.

  • How do you start a conclusion paragraph?

A conclusion in an essay should end with a logical summary. Start it by identifying the problem, briefly recalling the judgments from the main part of the text, and also summarizing all the information with a positive note. Before starting to write it, keep in mind that, like the introduction, the conclusion does not require a separate subheading and page.

We have considered all the nuances and good conclusion examples that will allow you to write the correct ending for your essay. But if you understand that it is difficult for you to draw conclusions or there is not enough time to write an essay on your own, entrust it to EssayShark. Our writers can write for you both a complete work and its separate parts quickly and professionally.

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