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Iliad Essay Topics You Will Love

The Iliad is a monumental work, consisting of 24 songs, or 15,700 verses, and it is the true treasure of Troy. Instead of rubies and emeralds, meanings and images sparkle. World literature grew from it. That’s why it is not surprising that students are assigned to write papers about the Iliad. If you also must write about the Iliad, then you should check out our writing topics for the Iliad and use them as a term paper help.

Good Iliad essay topics for argumentative papers

  1. What is the main theme?
  2. Character portrayal: is Agamemnon shown to be power-hungry and disdainful in the Iliad?
  3. Why can Achilles not disobey Agamemnon in the Iliad?
  4. Why was the death of Patroclus a shock for Achilles in the Iliad?
  5. Do the number of episodes that unfold around the main narrative of the Iliad enrich it? Why?
  6. Did Homer stick to compositional unity and clear organization of the material in Iliad?
  7. What remarks did Aristotle make towards Homer’s Iliad?
  8. How is the main core of the Iliad narrative framed?
  9. What is the compositional center of the Iliad poem?
  10. How are the greatest dynamics and compositional density presented in the Iliad?
  11. How is the story in the Iliad presented with a clever and thoughtful concentration of material?
  12. What is the leading idea of Homer’s poem The Iliad?
  13. Why does Homer tend towards external characteristics in The Iliad?
  14. Is the pivotal theme of the Iliad the anger of Achilles?
  15. Why is it difficult for the reader to understand which side the author is on in the Iliad?

Paper topics on the Iliad and Odyssey taken from Reddit

  1. How has the Iliad been reinterpreted by modern culture?
  2. Is the Iliad hard to understand for students, and why?
  3. How is the Iliad structured?
  4. Were the Iliad and Odyssey written by humans as fiction?
  5. Patroclus’ death in Homer’s Iliad vs. “Troy” (the movie).
  6. Do translations of the Iliad vary to such an extent that the scenes could come across completely differently?
  7. Should students read Iliad to understand David Malouf’s “Ransom”? Why?
  8. Why did Homer describe the Sea as “Wine-Dark” in the Iliad?
  9. How was Ethiopia referenced in the Iliad and Odyssey?
  10. Should students start researching Ancient Greek myths and history from reading the Iliad and Odyssey? Why?
  11. Are the Odyssey and Iliad really as good as they are praised? Why do people keep referring to them?
  12. In the Bronze Age, the military elite had bronze weapons (potentially as in the Iliad). If everyone else had stone weapons, would Achilles and Hector dominate the battlefield?
  13. What should students know before reading the Odyssey and the Iliad?
  14. Is the Iliad historically accurate?
  15. Is the Iliad a better religious text than the Bible because it presents a better story?
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Interesting topics about the Iliad

  1. Is one of the reasons for the timelessness of the Iliad poem its humanism?
  2. What did Homer glorify in the Iliad?
  3. What makes Achilles neglect his duty in the Iliad?
  4. Are the images of Homer’s characters in the Iliad, to some extent, static?
  5. In what cases does Homer resort to the intervention of the gods in the Iliad?
  6. What explains the lack of psychological characteristics of the characters of the Iliad?
  7. Why did Homer make gods anthropomorphic in the Iliad?
  8. What do the stylistic means used in the poem Iliad testify?
  9. What impression does the abundance of everyday details in the Iliad create?
  10. Describe the dynamics of the hero image in Homer’s Iliad.
  11. How does the war test every character in the Iliad?
  12. Are honor and pride the major themes of the Iliad?
  13. How do gods determine the fate of different characters in the Iliad?
  14. How is morality shown in the Iliad?
  15. In what way did Homer show love and friendship in the Iliad?

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