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Marketing Essay Topics That Matter

Don’t think that coming up with a good topic for your marketing essay is a difficult task. You can develop a good theme if you check out our marketing essay topics presented below. We have divided them into categories so that you can find the area that is of the most interest to you.

Consumer behavior is the process of shaping the demand of buyers who make the choice of goods, taking into account the prices and personal budget, such as cash income. It is known that money incomes have a direct impact on demand, and prices have an impact on the number of goods purchased. This impact is studied by marketers and consumer behavior and is one the most popular subjects assigned to students. If you need to write about it, check out the following marketing essay topics from our marketing essay writer.

Topics on consumer behavior

  1. Sports marketing research paper about tourist destinations.
  2. Explain how companies create customer-centered businesses.
  3. Describe how customer-centered businesses impact the consumer decision-making process.
  4. What is the impact of unethical marketing on the consumer’s well-being?
  5. Describe what activities you would follow to find qualified buyers for US Products.
  6. What channels do you know through which customers can be found?
  7. What are the features, advantages, and benefits of a new product idea in marketing?
  8. Recent changes and how they impact the retailer Zara in the UK.
  9. What are impacts of e-marketing on influencing consumer decisions?
  10. What are differences between female marketing and male marketing?
  11. Language as a stumbling block in international marketing.
  12. Is marketing unethical, as it seeks to create the need to consume more, rather than responding to what consumers want and need?
  13. What are differences in consumer behavior in the US and China?
  14. How can a company boost customer loyalty?
  15. How does globalization influence consumer behavior?
  16. How can consumer behavior be changed with the use of social media?

Marketing planning is setting marketing goals, choosing marketing strategies, and developing activities to achieve them over a certain period. In other words, it is the development of various types of marketing plans. In different organizations, marketing planning is carried out differently in terms of the content of the plan, the sequence of plan development, the degree of formalization, and organization of planning. Read through the following topics on marketing planning and forecasting and write a great paper on one of them.

Marketing essay topics on planning and forecasting

  1. Traditional and new approaches to the process of advertising in the domain of healthcare.
  2. Describe what tools are used to make effective marketing decisions.
  3. What will be the consequences of the current marketing mix strategy implemented by Emaar in the UAE?
  4. How can a SWOT analysis help companies maximize their marketing strategies?
  5. Discuss the goals and expected outcomes of the organizational function of the chosen company.
  6. What role does marketing play in the overall strategic planning process? In your essay, discuss a company that you think has mastered the marketing process and also mention a company that you think needs much improvement in marketing products or services.
  7. Explain the importance of having a global perspective and an international marketing task, and the stages of involvement.
  8. Marketing strategies for breast cancer drugs and their possible results.
  9. Strategies for chiropractic services and personal injury marketing.
  10. Critically assess Aston Martin’s organizational approach to their marketing strategy from a legal perspective.
  11. How can a strong market monopoly be broken through?

Internet marketing is the practice of using all aspects of traditional marketing on the internet, with the purpose of selling a product or service to customers and managing relationships with them. The main element of the internet marketing complex is a product – what you sell using the internet. The market of internet marketing has grown significantly over the past couple of years, but still the desire to learn, comprehend something new, and grow professionally is present in many people. If you are one of them, then check out our internet marketing essay topics.

Topics on internet marketing

  1. Evaluate the role of social media marketing in regards to Apple’s products.
  2. What are the benefits of the advanced strategy case of Blue Ocean Strategy in online marketing?
  3. Using online advertising and electronic word-of-mouth with destination marketing for millennial tourists.
  4. The impact of technology on marketing research in today’s business environment.
  5. How do the fundamentals of marketing influence internet marketing?
  6. How is entrepreneurial marketing developing on the internet?
  7. What are new marketing models to win back inactive customers through digital marketing?
  8. Localization and digital marketing: how much is enough?
  9. How has social media changed marketing strategies that we use?
  10. What are differences between internet marketing and traditional marketing?
  11. Using online advertisement as a marketing tool in the example of Facebook.
  12. Are teens (or adults) concerned that their use of social media is being exploited for profit by large companies? How do these new marketing strategies affect consumers and consumerism?
  13. Why is social media marketing more efficient than radio marketing?
  14. Describe the best practices for implementing social media tools for health marketing.
  15. How is social media marketing useful for hotel industries in Thailand?
  16. Millennial luxury consumer attitudes towards Instagram content marketing in the UK market.
  17. What are the most popular trends in internet marketing today?

Maintaining a high brand value implies managing its development: maintaining or enhancing the degree of consumer confidence in the brand, improving the quality and functionality of the product, and strengthening positive consumer associations, as well as the highest level of service. We want to introduce you topics in brand management that can help you to strengthen your writing skills.

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Marketing essay topics on brand management

  1. The success of the branding strategy of Starbucks.
  2. Explore the value of customer experience on brand loyalty and experiential marketing.
  3. Explore the rationale, scope, and perspective in marketing in higher education in Jamaica (Caribbean island).
  4. Assuming the role of a new marketing manager in a Malaysian small and medium sized company of your choice, discuss the internal and external factors which may create opportunities or threats to the company.
  5. Describe what made the campaign successful for the brand of your choice.
  6. Develop a marketing strategy for a production of the play “And the Soul Shall Dance” in San Diego, CA. Consider the marketing campaign budget.
  7. Identify communication challenges in branding management or leveraging social media communities in marketing.
  8. The usefulness of marketing for media and entertainment companies such as Marvel.
  9. How have cultural factors affected the marketing of Nescafe instant coffee?
  10. Multilevel marketing under fire: Herbalife defends its business mode.
  11. What are the principles of the marketing strategy of “Game of Thrones”?
  12. Find one advertisement regarding Heineken that illustrates the company’s global marketing strategy (e.g., global, hybrid, or local strategy) and discuss its effectiveness.
  13. In 2016, companies in the United States spent over $200 billion on marketing. Which campaigns or types of marketing have you found to be most effective or appealing? Why?
  14. Holistic marketing strategies and new challenges of destination management.
  15. How do political campaigns influence brand advertisements?
  16. How can impulsive buying be detected by brands?
  17. What qualities can poor-marketed brands take from well-marketed ones?
  18. How can brands increase customer loyalty?
  19. What tools do brands use to attract young mothers?
  20. What discounts do famous brands usually implement to attract consumers?
  21. Ho can brands enhance sales with corporate social responsibility?

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) is what the marketing strategy is built upon. If you want to write a paper on this subject, then our topics will be helpful for you.

Topics on market segmentation and targeting

  1. Analyze the importance of targeting in marketing.
  2. Choose a company of your choice and explain the marketing segmentation methods implemented by them.
  3. What dramatic changes are occurring in market targeting?
  4. What are the four Ps of marketing, and how are they applied to marketing APN practice?
  5. Analyze the impact of integrated marketing communications on profitability or financial performance.
  6. To what extent has the Vans marketing strategies and targeting expanded their company and consumer market?
  7. What segmentation methods are used in the tourism marketing?
  8. What is the Canadian perspective on being targeted with mobile advertising based on their browser history?
  9. Does language targeting help in ethics advertisements?
  10. What targeting is used in political marketing in Canada?

Direct marketing is the art and science of direct impact on the consumer for the purpose of selling goods or services and developing direct relationships with the client. The following topics are addressed to students who study direct marketing in order to give ideas for their essays.

Marketing essay topics on direct marketing

  1. Can consumers shield themselves from direct marketing strategies?
  2. Can you say that direct marketing is the better version over traditional?
  3. What is the people’s attitude to direct marketing?
  4. Determine and analyze the direct marketing of a company of your choice.
  5. How does direct marketing impact consumer behavior?
  6. How does direct marketing impact marketing communications?
  7. What main features does direct marketing have?
  8. How does direct marketing incorporate standardization?
  9. How does direct marketing help in promotion of products online?
  10. How do social classes influence direct marketing?

Essay topics on how TikTok influences marketing today

  1. TikTok as a ladder towards an acting career.
  2. Inappropriate content in TikTok and how the team of developers bans it.
  3. Analysis of business growth with the help of TikTok.
  4. Comparison of effective brand development in TikTok and other forms of social media.
  5. TikTok and its popularity in marketing engagement.
  6. TikTok for business and the ways its usage attracts a new audience.
  7. Types of advertisements in TikTok.
  8. Usage patterns of TikTok in 2020 and how it will progress a brand’s growth.
  9. TikTok and other competitive platforms.
  10. How does TikTok allow brands to show products compared to oversaturated content like on YouTube?
  11. The way TikTok fits into a brand’s digital strategy.
  12. How are brands using TikTok to promote their business?
  13. The mission of TikTok and a review of the platform’s policies.
  14. What does TikTok as a whole say about modern society, culture, or the world today? Has the app become such a cultural force?
  15. Analyze one of TikTok’s videos. What makes it unique, unusual, or significant? What does it reflect about the platform as a whole?
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How to choose marketing essay topics

how to choose marketing topics for writing

These topics are one of the tools that can help you to write a quality marketing essay on your own. You can also use guides and samples presented on our blog to perform better in your writing. You will learn how your paper should be composed. Good luck with your marketing essay!

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