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No Ordinary Cyber Crime Topics

Cyber crime to date has reached an unprecedented scale, which has been greatly facilitated by universal digitalization and ubiquitous connection to the internet using laptops, smartphones, and other devices, and is rightfully considered one of the most lucrative forms of criminal business as a whole. There are an infinite number of types of cyber crime, which can be divided into two categories: single crimes, for example, installing a virus on a computer that steals personal data; and systematic crimes, such as cyberbullying, extortion, the spread of child pornography, or the organization of terrorist attacks.

A cyber crime is a rather popular topic for writing assignments – that’s why we have collected cyber crime topics that can help you with your writing. Use our topics, knowledge, and writing skills to write high-quality papers. Choose a topic depending on the type of paper you were assigned. If you check out the following ideas, you will complete your paper faster.

Cyber crime debate topics

  1. Discuss the potential effect that cyber currencies could have on South African business.
  2. The evolution of organized cyber crime, attacks that changed policies for the future of cyber crime, and propaganda and promotion.
  3. What to do if you’re being cyberbullied/bullied beyond the schoolyard: responding to cyberbullying.
  4. AstroTurfing, “cyberturfing” and other online persuasion campaigns.
  5. Discuss how the rise of cyber attacks challenge the existing rules for governing the use of force.
  6. Identify the causes and effects of cyberbullying among young adults.
  7. What is the effect of school-based intervention programs to prevent cyberbullying in adolescents?
  8. Explain the evolution of cyber crime, including when cyber crime gained national attention and any circumstances or cases that might have prompted the national attention.
  9. Explain how technology has influenced the evolution of cyber crime.
  10. Describe legislation related to cyber crime.
  11. Explain penalties in your state or country of residence for engaging in cyber crime.
  12. What are the various viewpoints and ideas regarding cyberbullying?
  13. How is cyberbullying understood? What methodology is implemented? How is data collected?
  14. What limitations exist with cyberbullying and what are its implications?
  15. Implementing a cyber security system for an international company.
  16. When considering the various aspects of the internet, has the evolution of technology in the digital age been mostly positive or negative?
  17. Why does the major threat to a nation’s security now come from cyber criminals?
  18. What are the advantages and disadvantages of easily obtainable information?
  19. How would a “defense in depth” strategy help minimize cyber crime?
  20. Critically evaluate this statement: “Given the technical, theoretical, and global challenges, there really is no point defining cybersecurity. That is surely an impossible task.”
  21. Evaluate the global impact of the coordinated cyber attack directed against Estonia.
  22. Should cyberbullying be protected under the first amendment?
  23. What are the effects of cyber crime on the internet economy?
  24. Describe a cyber crime trend that society is confronted with today.
  25. What types of scams are associated with cyber crime?
  26. What are the cyber risks to a military supply chain that can impact operations and what can be done to prevent or mitigate cyber attacks?
  27. What is cyber security, and what are some of its key concepts?
  28. What are the most significant threats to your data, and what are some of the root causes of those threats?
  29. Are cyber criminals a real danger to your enterprise? Why or why not?
  30. What are some of the best computer security practices that you would recommend, and how will they help protect your IT assets?
  31. How are non-state organisations (NGOs) combating the rise of Cyberterrorism?

Cyber crime essay topics

  1. Should students who engage in cyberbullying, even from off campus, face sanctions at school?
  2. How are selfies and visual storytelling related to cyber crime?
  3. How are biomedicine and resistance related to cyber crime?
  4. How has cyber security affected the retail industry?
  5. Information security ( human aspect), children safeguarding, and cyber security behavior.
  6. The cyber attack on Sony Pictures in 2014.
  7. Does cyberbullying have a greater effect on people than face-to-face bullying?
  8. How does globalization influence cyber attacks within the United States?
  9. Explain any limitations that exist in current legislation related to cyberstalking.
  10. How can automotive software of smart cars be protected from cyber attacks?
  11. Societal changes since 1950 due to cybertechnology.
  12. What strategies or actions should be taken to ensure the US private sector is better protected against cyber attacks?
  13. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a voluntary framework as a policy mechanism to improve a nation’s critical infrastructure protection and its resilience in the face of a potential domestic and/or international cyber attack?
  14. Is cyberbullying exaggerated?
  15. How can social networking become more secure?
  16. Identify and assess emerging cyber security approaches and technologies and discuss government efforts to nurture the development of these emerging technologies.
  17. Identify and explain the three most significant cyber threats to US national security.
  18. Ethical сoncerns with сyber monitoring of US Citizens.
  19. Explain how the global nature of cyber crime poses challenges for law enforcement. Be specific and provide examples to support your response.
  20. If your organization does become a victim of a cyber crime or a security incident, how will you respond? What types of evidence would be important to your investigation, and how would they be used? What would law enforcement’s role be in your incident response plan?
  21. Are there any laws at the local, state, federal, or even international level that protect your organization by imposing penalties on cyber criminals?
  22. Provide at least one example of a cyber crime court case, and explain both its outcome and its significance.
  23. How is cyberbullying the more harmful form of bullying?
  24. Which factor is more important in the cyber security industry?
  25. Should high school students who commit cyberbullying be suspended from school?
  26. How can the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies protect American assets and citizens from cyber attacks?
  27.  What is the future role of genomics in health IT? What are the benefits and challenges, and how might the latter be overcome?
  28. Does the United States take the threat of cyber terrorism seriously enough?
  29. Does cyber technology create new ethical issues?
  30. How does cyber security directly affect you in your daily life?

Cyber crime topics for research papers

  1. What are the starting salaries for people working in cyber security?
  2. Building and implementing a successful cyber security policy.
  3. The effects of mobile devices on cyber security.
  4. The taboos of sex, cyber sex, and sex toys within the catholic church.
  5. Research personal privacy issues related to various personal and business-related cyber security scenarios.
  6. Do insurers have adequate protection for cyber risk?
  7. Why has cyberbullying become a concern for all age groups?
  8. Should the United States create a national cyber militia and/or encourage states to create state cyber militia?
  9. Cyber terrorism, cyber crime and cyber security in the Middle East.
  10. Social effects of cyberbullying in our children.
  11. What should be the punishment for cyberbullying?
  12. Should Congress enact cyber security legislation?
  13. Cyber crime and its impact in the US.
  14. What are the obstacles or challenges making policies/guidance/strategies/frameworks difficult to develop or implement nationally? How can such obstacles be overcome, and by whom?
  15. Is cybersex when in a monogamous relationship cheating?
  16. What would be needed to regulate cyberspace? Could it be done? Why or why not?
  17. How does social media like Facebook affect the people in a bad way in terms of cyberbullying (swindling, misleading, and more)?
  18. Differences of E-commerce legal systems and cyber crimes in Canada and USA.
  19. Have developments in digital technology (email communication, surveillance, social media, cyber espionage) fundamentally changed diplomatic practice, or are they simply a different means to pursue the same diplomatic ends?
  20. How can social media best develop audience-centered policies regarding free speech, while simultaneously providing policies that discourage cyberbullying and other abusive activities?
  21. Should schools monitor student accounts to prevent cyberbullying?
  22. What jobs are available in cyber security?
  23. The impact of mobile devices on cyber security.
  24. Why should businesses invest in cyber security?
  25. Do cyber crime laws in the UAE help to protect citizens from cyber crime?
  26. What are the skill sets asked for in cyber security?
  27. Clausewitz’s theory of war and domestic terrorism and cyber attacks.
  28. What is crime in the cyber realm?
  29. Evaluate the impact of the internet and cyber culture in terms of the emancipatory project of the enlightenment.
  30. What is the most important cyber security vulnerability facing IT managers today?
  31. Use of cyber therapy.
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Cyber crime dissertation topics

  1. Cyber vetting.
  2. Cyberfeminism and social media.
  3. The role of schools in preventing cyberbullying.
  4. China’s cyber security with diplomacy.
  5. Secure cyberspace by National Academy of Engineering (NAE).
  6. Cyber security and risk management.
  7. Cyberbullying and its effect on teen suicide.
  8. The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) of 2015.
  9. The effects of bullying and cyberbullying on kids in schools.
  10. Cyber security risk assessment of the Nigerian public sector.
  11. The effects of increased cyber crimes on intelligence.
  12. The United Kingdom cyber policy and strategy.
  13. Ethics and law in cyberspace.
  14. Money laundering as a cyber crime in UAE law.
  15. Investigating international cyber crime.
  16. Property rights, cyber crime, and piracy’s impact on domestic and foreign business.
  17. Cyber terrorism in the aviation sector.
  18. Issues of cyber security on college campuses.
  19. Disadvantages of cyber security.
  20. Physical, emotional, and cyber bullying at the workplace.
  21. The United States cyber security.
  22. Businesses participation in public-private partnerships for cyber security.
  23. Cyber security workforce crisis in state governments.
  24. Cyberbullying on teen Caucasian males in NY.
  25. Cryptology during World War II.
  26. The key cyber security policy tenets of President Obama’s administration.
  27. The effects of cyberbullying on psychosocial development in adolescence.
  28. Business investments in cyber security.
  29. Global cyber crime investigation regime.
  30. Effective policing of cyberspace.
  31. Internet and cyber jihad recruiting.

Other interesting topics on cyber crime

  1. What causes cyberbullying?
  2. Identify and discuss the three most significant challenges the US Department of Defense faces as it implements its April 2015 Department of Defense cyber strategy.
  3. How does the current organization of US military cyber forces enhance or impede the ability of the US to respond to a major cyber attack?
  4. If you had “carte blanche” to implement any solution you wanted, how would you solve the problem of investigating and prosecuting international cyber crime?
  5. Is a cyber war the best metaphor for understanding cyber issues? If not, why not, and what is the best metaphor? If so, explain why it is better than other popular metaphors.
  6. What is the biggest vulnerability that countries face in the cyber age? Describe a specific cyber threat in detail, why it is the single greatest cyber threat, what it would mean if it were exploited, and how we can manage the threat.
  7. What cyber attack (broadly defined) has most fundamentally changed the world? Describe a particular event (e.g. the Morris Worm, Moonlight Maze) and its effects, explain its significance, and contrast it to other similar attacks to support your argument that it was the most significant.
  8. Explain current cyber security threats and the future of cyber security.
  9. Explain the cyber security implications of cloud computing.
  10. What would be the cyber security implications of quantum computing?
  11. Do you think cyber security will be more important or less important in the future?
  12. Discuss the critical challenge in cyber security facing National Security Professionals.
  13. Private and government sectors battling cyber crime.
  14. What are the catalyzing causes with respect to the rising levels of cyber crime around the world?
  15. How do the private and government sectors work together to improve cyber security?
  16. How can we learn and even prevent cyber crime for the future?
  17. Describe cryptanalysis. What are some legitimate uses for cryptanalysis? What are some of the drawbacks?
  18. Should individuals be prosecuted for cyberbullying?
  19. Is it ethical for private companies to develop and sell spyware for use by other companies or individuals?
  20. Define homeland security, terrorism, and the links to homegrown terrorism such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the San Bernardino attacks, and how these attacks can undermine the very fabric of our nation and democracy.
  21. Can cyberbullying be considered an extension of traditional bullying, or is it qualitatively different?
  22. Evaluate the issues associated with botnets and with formulating a global cyber security policy.
  23. Discuss six specific characteristics of global botnets (such as purpose, size, attack method, attribution, etc.), and describe how these characteristics have emerged, changed, or evolved over the past 5-10 years.
  24. Why is it important to work to eliminate cyberbullying?
  25. How has cyberbullying personally affected you?
  26. Assess and evaluate the cyber security threats in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and other regions, including the relevant differences in global security outlooks across these regions, paying special attention to the cultural issues which affect security practices.
  27. Describe significant cultural issues and challenges that contribute to cyber security threats that can generally be linked to sources in the Middle East and Africa.
  28. What are the effects of cyber crime on the internet economy?
  29. Cause and effects on cyber bullying in school.
  30. The challenges of securing America’s cyberspace – the next battleground.
  31. What benefit will studying cyber security be to your home country?
  32. How do the emerging cyber security technologies that you identified coupled with prioritized research and development improve cyber security?
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Writing a high-quality paper requires a good topic. If you have used one of the presented cyber crime topics, then you have all chances to write a paper that will get a high grade. On the other hand, you can come up with your own topic by using our ideas. The solution to your writing problem also may be in using our guides and samples.

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