Types of Research Papers

Students must become familiar with the various types of research papers as part of their educational progress. Writing research papers allows you to apply your own knowledge about the topic and information attained through research. These are the most common types of papers students write:

  • Argumentative papers. Such papers present two different sides of some issue. You should have a strong point of view that supports one side. Argumentative papers utilize factual information and examples for support.
  • Comparison and contrast papers. You take two concepts or works and compare them. Such assignments are often completed in literary courses, where authors, genres, or literary works are compared. The thesis provides clarity on the comparison and contrasting concepts detailed throughout the paper.
  • Analytical papers. The writer takes a work or a concept and breaks it down into
    small units in order to gain a clearer understanding of the complete work or idea.
  • Cause and effect papers. Writing research papers may involve an analysis of details that led to a particular outcome or caused a specific phenomenon.
  • Report papers. Most students are familiar with this type of paper. Reports outline details related to a case study. They may vary in length and include tables, summary, and an appendix.

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