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Ultimate Great Depression Topics For Easy Writing

The Great Depression was a tragic and exhausting period in world history that led to inconvenient consequences. The huge economic effect of this prolonged phenomenon touched not only the United States but also France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, and other countries.

In this post, we will provide a number of Great Depression topics that will help you examine different aspects of this wide subject. In addition, in our related posts, you can find an example of a Great Depression essay that can be used while developing your own text.

Term paper topics on the Great Depression

  1. The American standard of living during the 1920s and the consequences that led to the Great Depression.
  2. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s role during the Great Depression.
  3. Some of the economic factors that caused the Great Depression.
  4. A culinary history of the Great Depression.
  5. Great Depression in Great Britain.
  6. The short-term and long-term significance of Roosevelt’s approach to the crisis of the l930s.
  7. Comparison of the Great Depression and the 2007-2009 Great Recession in the US.
  8. What could the US government have done to prevent the Great Depression?
  9. Unemployment in the Great Depression.
  10. Great Depression in Germany.
  11. Causes and effects of the Great Depression in Canada.
  12. How tax rates affect the Great Depression and the Great Recession.
  13. The Great Depression and how it might be connected to World War II.
  14. The effect of the Great Depression on American literature and the authors of that period.
  15. The Great Depression and World War I.
  16. The International Gold Standard and the Great Depression.
  17. The role of the Federal Reserve in USA policy during the Great Depression.
  18. How did the Great Depression affect Kansas?
  19. Mussolini’s economic policy during the Great Depression in Italy.
  20. How did the Great Depression reshape world politics and economies?
  21. How did Americans deal with the challenges during the Great Depression?
  22. The Great Depression in France.
  23. The golden age of radio and music during the Great Depression.
  24. Securities reform programs as part of the New Deal during the Great Depression.
  25. The Great Depression and its relation to the book “To Kill A Mockingbird”.
  26. Unionization and “cannery culture” in the context of the Great Depression.
  27. John Steinbeck’s symbolism in terms of society during the Great Depression.
  28. Migrant workers’ lives during the Great Depression.
  29. The Great Depression in Puerto Rico.
  30. Women’s experiences during the Great Depression.
  31. Relief during the Great Depression.
  32. Impact of the Great Depression on literature.
  33. The Great Depression and modernist architecture in Australia.
  34. The Great Depression and its effect on families.
  35. Farmers during the Great Depression.
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Argumentative essay topics on the Great Depression

  1. Why did entering World War II end the Great Depression?
  2. Did the New Deal prolong the Great Depression?
  3. Had World War II stemmed directly from World War I and the Great Depression?
  4. How vital was the Great Depression in Hitler’s rise to power?
  5. Why was the stock market crash not the only reason for the Great Depression?
  6. Did the New Deal solve the problem of the Great Depression?
  7. Why did the Great Depression last longer than the Great Recession?
  8. Why was the Great Depression the reason for Hitler’s rise to power in Germany?
  9. How had the causes of the Great Depression been planted well before 1929?
  10. Was the Great Depression the primary reason for the rise of the Nazis?
  11. How did tax rates affect the Great Depression?
  12. How did the Great Depression play a role in pushing America into World War II?
  13. How does the Great Depression relate to the American Dream?
  14. Why was the Great Depression hard to cure?
  15. Why was the Great Depression impossible to avoid?
  16. Why did Hoover’s efforts fail in the Great Depression?
  17. Did the New Deal resolve the economic issues of the Great Depression?
  18. Did the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy cause the Great Depression?
  19. Was Franklin D. Roosevelt an effective president during the Great Depression?
  20. What ended the Great Depression?
  21. What happened to African Americans during the Great Depression?
  22. Why did the Great Depression last longer than the Great Recession?

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