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Your Personal Unemployment Topics for Discussion

The problem of unemployment has been a critical issue for the past couple of years. For people who aspire to accomplish things in their professional development, being left outside the labor market is quite a distressing situation that largely impacts their self-image. And the academic sector, as one of the major spheres of human life, could never stand aside this challenge of the modern world. That being said, if you’re one of the students seeking a great unemployment topic for discussion, make sure to take a look at our rich list of topics on unemployment!

Remarkable unemployment research paper topics

uneployment research paper topics
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  1. The teachings of Edmund Phelps as applied to the unemployment rate in the Philippines.
  2. Unemployment in Papua New Guinea.
  3. Mental illness and unemployment discrimination.
  4. The connection between education level and unemployment.
  5. An analysis of immigration and unemployment rates in major cities in the United States.
  6. Research on unemployment rate change after the British exit from the EU.
  7. Positive and negative impacts on SA trade unions and how they contribute or solve unemployment problems.
  8. The implication of technology and automotive advancements on unemployment.
  9. Classical Economics: Karl Marx’s theory of wages and unemployment.
  10. Unemployment in the Dominican Republic.
  11. Does gender discrimination affect unemployment?
  12. The relation between Japan’s GDP and unemployment.
  13. The impact of immigration on unemployment in Canada.
  14. Unemployment due to automation and artificial intelligence.
  15. Monetary policy and unemployment.

Argumentative essay topics on unemployment

argumentative essay topics on unemployment
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  1. Unemployment and how it effects personal lives.
  2. How might society be affected in the future by technological unemployment?
  3. Does a college major cause the unemployment rate to be higher?
  4. The effects of unemployment among young men.
  5. Why are young people more vulnerable to unemployment?
  6. Why are wages still low despite the low unemployment rate in the UK (economics)?
  7. Will a price floor such as a minimum wage result in a surplus of labor and hence unemployment?
  8. Do tax cuts increase unemployment rates in China?
  9. Is there a direct link between the gross domestic product and the unemployment rate?
  10. How does data about inflation and unemployment in the past 50 years agree with the Phillips Curve in the US?
  11. Why employment rates and welfare are broken in the US.
  12. How relevant is the sociological imagination for understanding contemporary Australian society?
  13. To what extent does foreign direct investment have an impact on unemployment rates within the investing country’s economy?
  14. How can unemployment be reduced in Romania?
  15. A comparison of the unemployment levels in Mexico and the USA.
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Informative essay topics on unemployment

informative essay topics on umeployment
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  1. Unemployment in the UAE.
  2. How do inflation and unemployment affect the economy in terms of growth?
  3. How relevant is the sociological imagination for understanding contemporary Australian society?
  4. Study the ideas of social construction and the sociological imagination and apply them to how unemployment is commonly understood as a social problem in Australian society.
  5. The unemployment rate in the United Kingdom since 1992.
  6. How might society be affected in the future by technological unemployment?
  7. Unemployment and its social and economic costs.
  8. Black Labor and how low employment has affected the black community.
  9. How does a provincial minimum wage affect unemployment of teenagers?
  10. Unemployment explained through conflict theory.
  11. How unemployment impacts criminal behavior.
  12. What are the causes of today’s high degree of unemployment among young people across the world today?
  13. The hypothesis of the natural rate of unemployment.
  14. What are the implications of government policies regarding unemployment in Australia and the United States?
  15. What is the correlation between unemployment and crime rate?

In a Nutshell

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