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Child Labour Topics for All Students

If you need to create a paper about child labour, but can’t find a good topic on child labour in English, this post will help you out. The topics are divided into groups to make the choosing process more comfortable. Check out the following topics, prepared by our essay writers, to find the best idea and to write an interesting paper.

Child labour topics for research papers

child labor topics for research papers
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  1. Domestic child labour.
  2. How to prevent child labour.
  3. The influence of globalisation on child labour.
  4. Child labour in India.
  5. Justification of the use of child labour in developing countries.
  6. Child labour in Africa.
  7. Child labour in Vietnam.
  8. Child labour in textile factories in England.
  9. The economic effect of child labour on developing countries.
  10. Child labour for fast fashion.
  11. Use of child labour in Canada and Britain in the 1800s.
  12. The conflict between schooling and child labour in rural areas of India.
  13. Child labour in Bangladesh.
  14. Child labour in Pakistan.
  15. The fashion industry and child labour in China and India.
  16. Child labour in Sudan.
  17. Child labour from a socioeconomic and political approach.
  18. Labour laws in the USA.
  19. Children working in US tobacco fields.
  20. Nicotine poisoning among children who work in tobacco fields.

Argumentative child labour topics

child labour argumentative essay topics
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  1. Should child labour be considered a human rights violation or a reasonable variance in the understanding of childhood in different cultural contexts?
  2. Identify two countries where there is a difference in well-being concerning child labour.
  3. How did the abolishment of sexism and child labour and the creation of a union change Canada?
  4. What are the various kinds of child labour?
  5. Is there any connection between child labour and domestic work?
  6. Do household chores performed by children in their own homes constitute child domestic work?
  7. What are the root causes of child labour?
  8. Where do the estimates on child labour come from?
  9. What is the solution to end child labour and to protect children of legal working age?
  10. Who should end child labour?
  11. Will you support the worldwide movement against child labour? Why?
  12. What is the connection between child migrants and child labour?
  13. How can effective labour inspections be implemented against child labour?
  14. What common conditions should children work in?
  15. Why is work on tobacco farms extremely dangerous for children?
  16. How can children be protected from jobs that interfere with their health, safety, and education?
  17. What can Congress do to end child labour in the US?
  18. What is the ethical issue of child labour?
  19. What diseases do children get while working in tobacco fields?
  20. How does child labour jeopardize the education, health, safety, and future of children?
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Discussion child labour topics

discussion child labour topics
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  1. Discuss how child labour engulfs children across the world.
  2. Discuss statistical figures about child labour.
  3. Discuss how hidden workers work in homes or in the underground economy.
  4. Discuss why child labour is still prevalent in the informal sectors of the Indian economy.
  5. Discuss how child labour violates human rights.
  6. Discuss why about one-third of children of the developing world are failing to complete even four years of education and how it affects child labour.
  7. Discuss why child labour is more developed in the agricultural sector, as well as the leather, mining, and match-making industries.
  8. Discuss how child labour is harmful to physical and mental development.
  9. Discuss how long and heavy work influences children’s school attendance.
  10. Discuss why child labour continues to be a great concern in many parts of the world.
  11. Discuss why some children must work in hazardous occupations or activities that are harmful.
  12. Discuss why the highest percentage of child workers are in Asia, Africa, and South America.
  13. Discuss why children who work the longest hours are the worst paid of all labourers.
  14. Discuss what type of work is worse for children: construction work, domestic work, or work in small-scale industries.
  15. Discuss why agriculture in not only the oldest but also the most common child occupation worldwide.
  16. Discuss how to prevent the purchasing of tobacco from farms employing children younger than 16.
  17. Discuss how to remedy the gaps in US laws related to child labour.
  18. Discuss how the number of children engaged in child labour worldwide has dropped.
  19. Discuss policy initiatives that can help in ending child labour.

Cause and effect child labour topics

cause and effect child labour topics
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  1. What are the effects of child labour on mental health?
  2. What are the effects of child labour on children’s education?
  3. Is poverty one of the most contributed factors in child labour?
  4. How does child labour cause migraines, insomnia, irritability, enuresis, and asthenia?
  5. What are the effects of child labour on physical health?
  6. Why does child labour lead to depression?
  7. What are the economic reasons for child labour?
  8. Will making education affordable across all levels lead to the prevention of child labour?
  9. What initiatives from the government of India will help to end child labour?
  10. How will improving the economic conditions of families help to end child labour?
  11. How can specialists with medical, psychological, and anthropological experience help children suffering from child labour?
  12. How has the history of child labour in India changed over the years?
  13. What improvements have been made to end child labour?
  14. What kind of child labour can cause brain damage and why?

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