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Civil Rights Movement Essay Topic Ideas for Free

Civil rights movements are not events that have passed by. Today humanity still faces difficult times and misunderstandings between various social groups. Therefore, referring back to earlier civil rights campaigns will make it clearer for everyone who wants to study this subject more in-depth.

We let students who visit our page to find the most suitable civil rights movement essay topics to research this subject with a scholarly approach. You are welcome to read our 40 ideas on these significant historical events divided into subtopics. Or use our research paper title generator to get more ideas for writing.

Anti-Vietnam War and Civil Rights Movement Essay Topics

  1. What effect did the civil rights movement have on the Vietnam War?
  2. What was the main protest song during the Vietnam War, and how did it contribute to the anti-war movement?
  3. How did culture affect and influence people during the Vietnam War?
  4. The role of the pacifist movements in the US during the Vietnam War.
  5. How could we perceive the anti-Vietnam War movements in the US reflected in films and literature?

Topic Ideas on Today’s Civil Rights Movement Essay

  1. Lesbian and gay rights movements in Europe in 2020.
  2. How had the Black Power movement affected Black Lives Matter in 2020 in the US?
  3. Sustainable consumption civil rights movements in 2019-2020.
  4. Women’s rights movements in 2020 and their progress compared to the 20th century.

Christianity Reformation Civil Rights Movement Essay Topics

  1. Martin Luther’s influence on the reasons for the Reformation Movement in the 16th century.
  2. Which of the three major social movements (the Scientific Revolution, the Renaissance, and the Reformation) had the most significant impact on Western thought and culture?
  3. How did the Crusades wars, the Catholic Church’s corruption, bubonic plague, Martin Luther, and John Calvin lead to the Protestant Reformation?
  4. To what extent did the Protestant Reformation result in the nation’s political change?
  5. How did the various movements impact governmental philosophy in a variety of geographic locations during the Middle Ages?
  6. Why was the Protestant Reformation a unified movement against the Catholic Church?
  7. The Protestant Reformation was a unified movement against the Catholic Church.
  8. Religion and ideology that has a major influence on the movement. How were social activities divided, and if so, how did that affect their success?
  9. The Reformation was a religious movement that significantly affected the political and social spheres of Europe and the world.
  10. Tracy’s textbook: “The outcome of a religious movement can never be explained solely based on religion.” Examine how the Lutheranism movement in the Holy Roman Empire illustrates this point.
  11. International Calvinism and its impact on European culture.
  12. The Catholic Reformation was a significant movement in Western Christianity in the 16th century.
  13. Using ideas expressed in the third part of “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer, compare the rise and failure of mass movements with what Hoffer states in the book.
  14. How has the Catholic Church’s reaction to major events, eras, or movements changed over time?
  15. Influenced teachings in “Catholic Social Thought.”
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General Topic Ideas to Write a Civil Rights Movement Essay

  1. The movements of the US people during the Industrial Revolution from 1760 to 1840.
  2. Were such progressive movements as the Enlightenment, French Revolution, industrialization, and reforms considered a part of World War I, which occurred after several centuries of progress in the humanities, sciences, technology, and politics?
  3. Three major causes of the American Revolution. How are they connected to a growing movement toward the Revolution?
  4. How did the ideas and teachings of the American Revolution inform the secession movement and the American Civil War?
  5. Was the American Revolution a conservative movement?
  6. Differences between management methods of two progressive presidents: Roosevelt and Wilson.
  7. The significance of Civil Rights movements in XX century.
  8. The social movement, which through its innovative work, influenced teachings in Catholic Social Thought (Father John Ryan and Roosevelt’s New Deal).
  9. Teddy Roosevelt’s contribution to the progressive movement.
  10. How did communism further affect world history?
  11. The CIA’s role in challenging radical movements and governments in Latin America in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. How did the Cold War manifest in the struggles between the US and communism in Latin America?
  12. The rise of communism in the Soviet Union after the collapse of the imperial government in Russia.
  13. How did the location of the movement affect it?
  14. Compare the cultural nationalism of 20th century Latin America with the Pan-African movement.
  15. Hong Kong Umbrella Movement. Describe the goal and a method that was used to achieve the goal.
  16. Describe the historical circumstances that led the people to begin a nationalist movement in Prussia.
  17. Compare anti-nationalism movements in New York with those existing in Hong Kong, China. Discuss the results of this nationalist movement.

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