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Essay Writing Tools

Essay writing tools

How can you make it easier for yourself to watch new episodes of your favorite TV shows using the application and at the same time suffer from writing an essay? Then you need to read our post about essay writing tools, which will open up many new opportunities for you. Writing papers can be much easier than it might seem at first glance, and for this, you will need to press a few buttons and go through registration. Already want to know which essay tools will become your friends for the entire study period? It’s great because we have something to tell you about and clearly show because we want to help students with writing and give helpful advice on which essay writing tools online to introduce into the learning process.

Essay writing tools will help you check your text for uniqueness and make it 100% plagiarism-free. In a few clicks, create a bibliography and collect the necessary citations. Finding the required sources with the help of writing tools for students is generally as easy as shelling pears. And best of all, you won’t have to spend much time checking grammar, punctuation, monotony, formatting, etc. In addition, some tools streamline your workflow and thus save you time with a structured work plan. We have selected several tools to help write an essay that will help you advance your paper writing skills.

Nuance Dragon Anywhere

dragon anywhere writing tool

This product stands out from other tools for essay writing in that it is a cloud-based dictation solution. With it, you can customize words, generate template text, and easily dictate and edit documents by voice on your mobile device. Your essay can be published and easily customized with Dragon, so you can work seamlessly no matter where you are.

Pros Cons
  • Easy to use.
  • Accurately transcribes dictation.
  • Expensive subscription.


hemingwayapp writing tool

We couldn’t get past the Hemingway editor in our list of writing tools for students. It will help you to write without being distracted because the device quickly detects common mistakes that make writing worse. Errors include confusing and monotonous sentence construction, excessive use of weak adverbs, etc. You will find it easy to use as it uses different colors to highlight errors easily.



  • Easy UI to use.
  • Availability of online and PC versions.
  • Very limited scope.
  • There are no save features in the online version.


ref-n-write essay writing tool

This tool uses AI to improve your academic writing skills. Among essay writing tools, this is an excellent option to become more confident in your essay writing skills. The tool should help you avoid copying yourself in text. Ref-n-write rephrases sentences and paragraphs. Simply put, it is like an academic bank of phrases that will easily reformulate for you.



  • Works excellent with overspam.
  • Enjoys the trust of customers.
  • Only available with registration.

Essay title generator tools

Choosing a topic is the first and not easiest step in writing. It is the one sentence that you write at the beginning of your essay that determines the further course of all your work. It is essential to take a responsible approach to the choice, and essay topics generator can help with this. The site requires a few simple clicks and will help you get a quality topic that your professor will appreciate. EssayShark title generator tool will help you save time, increase your grades and eliminate unnecessary stress.

You may have doubts about the complexity of using the title maker for an essay, but we can assure you that it is straightforward and, most importantly, fast. To generate a topic, you first need to research your assignment and find a few keywords related to your expected topic. Then you need to enter a few words of your choice in the line designated for keywords of the essay title generator. If you need, you can select a specific category in a separate generator section from EssayShark. As a result, you will get suggestions for many random topics you can choose from for any type of essay.

You do not have to pay for help from the essay titles generator we have developed, which makes this opportunity even more attractive. And in this case, it will not work to apply the saying that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Therefore, if you have many running monkeys in your head that prevent you from choosing a theme, you can quickly get a quality theme without effort!

Pros Cons
  • A wide variety of disciplines.
  • Quick selection of topics by keywords.
  • It is difficult to choose an unusual topic.

Plagiarism detection online tools

Naturally, not only writers and stars get an electric shock on the back when they hear the word plagiarism. The quality of paper uniqueness that a student brings to his professor determines whether his grades will be high and whether he generally gets to be graded. Sometimes professors may only check the written work if it has a high enough level of uniqueness. Therefore, before taking the paper for verification, students ask themselves how to check the paper for plagiarism. And thanks to modern technologies and software developers, this issue will have no problems.


plagscan plagiarism detection Online Tools

We decided to describe the best free plagiarism checker for students so that you can immediately start checking the uniqueness of your paper without wasting time searching. It is worth starting with the well-known PlagScan program, which helps prevent plagiarism in your essays. In addition to checking for uniqueness, using this tool, you can store your documents online, and at the same time, they are guaranteed to be confidential. This site is paid for, and at the same time, you do not need to buy a subscription. Just choose a package with a certain number of words and pages. For example, for checking 24 pages for 6000 words, you will need to pay only $ 5.99, and the larger the package, the cheaper it is for a thousand words. With plagiarism affecting the students’ grades, PlagScan offers an excellent platform that enables scholars to improve their scores.



  • Detailed comparison with the content of other websites.
  • Fast scanning of information.
  • Sometimes the installation takes a long time.


plagiarisma plagiarism checking tool

Plagiarisma is a free best website to check for plagiarism, considered a universal tool for determining the level of uniqueness of a paper in more than 190 languages. Of course, the word “free” is the first thing that catches your eye, which is relevant for students and people from different fields. You can check your research paper for plagiarism in just a couple of minutes, and you don’t have to worry about the ownership of your text because it is not stored in the Plagiarisma database.

Of course, many online sites are ready to help you check your paper for plagiarism, but not all have the same functions for users. Many sites allow you to limit the text for free but are very limited in the number of words. If you have little written work, this will suit you, but it is best to check on several sources because free sites often need to show the exact value. You will need to buy a subscription and register to get more checks and words; almost all websites work on this principle.



  • Helps prevent fraud and detect plagiarism.
  • Serves as a teaching aid, which helps to avoid plagiarism.
  • Only sometimes accurate in analysis.

Best grammar checker apps

After you finish your work, the question will come to your mind – how to check essay grammar? And we know precisely how to save your text from red underlines and low ratings. With the help of special tools, you can improve your spelling level and find out how interesting and correct your essay remains written.


grammarly grammar checking app

Grammarly is a spell and grammar check app that allows you to use it both in the browser and as a plugin for MS Word. This tool checks your text for grammar after you upload it and explains why it is worth making changes. Grammarly will help you see typos, too long or monotonous sentences, and mistakes. You can choose the type of document, the tone you want to write, and even how friendly you want to be in your statements. You can also check your essay for uniqueness, which makes this tool even more functional. You can use the free version or buy a subscription and use a more extensive list of features.



  • Easy to check texts.
  • Provides quick explanations for corrections.
  • The free version is very limited.


prowritingaid grammar checking tool

ProWritingAid is an app that checks grammar for free and has advanced features when you purchase a subscription for $6.58. The free version provides basic guidelines for your text, and after buying the package, you get unlimited possibilities. The principle of operation is very similar to Grammarly, and only it is believed that ProWritingAid analyzes the text and makes corrections faster. It will help you identify repetition, inaccurate style, passive verbs, and more that affect the quality of your paper. You always have a choice, and you can use both paid and free versions, which in any case, will help improve your work.



  • Excellent customer support.
  • Versatile check.
  • Sometimes there are bugs.


correctenglish spell and grammar check app

The CorrectEnglish tool performs validation based on the work of artificial intelligence algorithms. It allows authors to use it to see feedback on the content, style, and organization. You can use this tool with a browser without installing it on your PC. CorrectEnglish provides text feedback in seven languages: French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, and two kinds of Chinese. This opportunity will be very relevant for those students who are not native English speakers. With all the advantages of this site, it is only very convenient to use only when you sometimes have the Internet as it works through the cloud.



  • Support for different  businesses.
  • High-quality text checker.
  • Unavailable for phone download.

Best apps for taking notes

The ability to plan your working time and the process of writing an essay is essential to have time to hand in everything on time. Although stationery stores are still trendy because they have so many cool things that all notebook fans love, they have long been removed from the best note-taking apps pedestal. Check out a few apps that can help students plan their writing assignments.


todist making notes tool

Experts consider the Todoist app the most valuable and high-quality app. With it, students can prepare and make a schedule for working on an essay. Working with Todoist makes it very convenient to mark at what stage of development you are and list the various sources you are using to develop your essay. There are so many things you can write to underline with notes. You can easily add a task and divide it into subtasks, create projects, share your jobs, set up reminders, and have discussions. Todoist answers your question about how to take digital notes, and it’s free. You can always purchase a PRO package that pays $4 per month to get more features.



  • Free trial.
  • Easy to take notes.
  • Lack of integration service.

Microsoft OneNote

microsolf taking notes tool

The best way to take notes on a computer is to use the Microsoft OneNote application. It is entirely free and is excellent for taking notes. This tool visually resembles a folder with a binding where you can create notes on each page and add photos and everything you need. If you decide to make a plan for your essay to have fun, you can finish your professor’s mustache and stay focused for a long time. Since in Microsoft OneNote you will see the pages, you will be able to create notes with significant text, and at the same time, it will be well viewed, unlike other applications.



  • Free trial.
  • Easy to take notes.
  • Lack of integration service.


obsidian making notes tool

Obsidian is a relatively new application for creating notes with a unique user experience. This tool is different from all the standard ones. Obsidian can quickly guide life, study, work, and everything else. You will need to take the time to customize everything in this application, but it’s worth it because it is entirely personalized. It uses text files and structures everything in the order you need. You can take notes electronically for free and enjoy most of the features. If you want to get more exclusive features, you will need to pay 25 dollars.



  • Available on all devices.
  • Versatile note taking.
  • Difficult to set up.

Online research tools for students

Finding information is often the most time-consuming job and sometimes even harder than picking out a Halloween outfit. You can use research tools that we have selected for you in our list to find the information you need for papers.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar research tool for essay writing

This tool is one of the most famous and accessible databases. It was considered relatively easy to use, and you can access various scientific articles. With tools for research from Google Scholar, you will have no problem finding materials you can use for your topics. You need to enter just a few words for this to analyze all the requested information.



  • Quick search by title.
  • A large number of resources.
  • Thematic indexing is limited.
  • Checked items are not necessarily peer-reviewed.


scopus research tool for writing

With the help of Scopus, you can easily track the high citation level of the scientific articles you need. Its database lists approximately 36,000 different publishers, including magazines. If you need trading magazines or some series of books, then you can find them on this resource. Many accredited universities worldwide publish dozens of articles on various topics yearly, and you will have something to write based on your case. With the help of Scopus, you can search for the necessary information on data that has a patent. You can also go beyond your discipline as they are multidisciplinary.



  • Wide range of scientific sources.
  • Strict information selection process.
  • Paid subscription.


omeka online research tool

Omeka is an online research tool that is considered free. This platform is flexible enough and has many open-source web publications to easily showcase libraries, scientific collections, exhibitions, museums, and archives. Working with Omeka takes only a few minutes, and you can quickly launch online shows. The site presents several packages where you can create your exhibition, view existing ones, or specialize for educators.

The academic research tools we have listed have gained a lot of popularity among students, but at the same time, you need to take into account the advice of your professors. You may need to use certain bases written in the task, then, first of all, you must build on them.



  • Allows you to organize text and graphics in one place.
  • Great way to visualize data.
  • Difficult to use.

Online bibliography and citation tools

At first, it may seem that the most challenging task is already over, but citing and creating a bibliography, which often takes a lot of time from students, gets in your way. Just imagine how many students did not attend the party because they needed more time to write out all the necessary citations before handing over the paper to the professor.


zotero research tool

One of the best citation tools is Zotero because it can quickly help you structure and organize your research while writing your paper. It makes it possible to sort all the elements of the text into collections and, if necessary, mark them with keywords. The tool quickly creates bibliographies and links for any text editor, including Google Docs, Word, and LibreOffice. You’ll also find over 10,000 citation styles with which you can format your paper to suit any assignment from a professor and his style guide.



  • Free updates.
  • Shared group libraries.
  • There is no app for Android.


citavi referencing tool

With it, you can add any piece of text that you find on the Internet to your quotes. To use Citavi’s features, you must install a plugin on your browser. The tool will also help you organize your selections, which will help you create a plan. It will also add and, at the same time, categorize all the necessary citations that you think should be used in your previously created project. Best citation tools can be used for free; of course, you can buy a package depending on how you want to use it. It is standard for this type of software product.



  • Works great with links.
  • Versatile user experience.
  • Expensive for a subscription.


bibme writing tool

Annotated bibliography generator BibMe helps you choose the proper citation style from four of the world’s most popular bibliography formats. Most likely, you would like to choose which cuisine to order for dinner, Chinese or Italian, but everyday student life is filled with academic problems. With this tool, you can edit your text online. It all depends on your sources: magazines, books, websites, and much more. Before downloading the bibliography, you can change the format to MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian if the result differs from the one you specified at the beginning.

In-text citations generator, you can find not only the list of citations and bibliographies, but many companies also offer their other products. Find the tool that best suits all your requirements so that you can go to the movies with a light soul and not suffer from formatting.



  • Easily generates quotes.
  • Unlimited grammar checks.
  • Limited database.

Best paraphrasing tools online

With the help of the best paraphrasing tools, you can make it easier for yourself to write voluminous works or make it easier for yourself to dismiss annoying fans by sending them the same SMS. You no longer need to look at one point on the wall trying to remember a synonym for the word you need because there are tools that will help you paraphrase entire sentences.


quillbot paraphrising tool

As we know, QuillBot has established itself as one of the most popular paraphrasing tools. It will help you change the text and check it for errors and tonality. QuillBot will fix all the flaws in your work, and you won’t have to switch between different programs. You can also use it as an extension for your browser. You will get 700 characters for free, and you can rephrase up to 10 thousand characters for a premium account. Therefore, you can safely rely on this best rewording website to get on with your business or cuddle on the couch.



  • Offers a Google Doc and Chrome extension.
  • Money Back Guarantee.
  • Often user intervention is required.

Plagiarism Detector

plagiarismdetector tool

This tool will quickly help you make your text unique, check it for errors, and at the same time, rephrase the necessary text. By choosing Plagiarism Detector, you can fit all the functions and features you need into one tool. You can use it free of charge if your text is between 20 and 2000 words. But if you are writing lengthy work, you must purchase a premium plan starting at $20. On the site, you can decide on a project based on the number of words you need to paraphrase.



  • Free to use.
  • Fast site performance.
  • Validation character limit.

Paraphrase Online

paraphrase online tool

Among the apps that rephrase sentences, it is good to note and prioritize Paraphrase Online as it is straightforward to paraphrase your sentences. The interface of this tool is straightforward to use. Consequently, it gives it the ability to help you deal with your texts quickly and efficiently. You will promptly receive paraphrased text by pressing just one button and copying the text into the desired field. This tool is free, but to ensure your text’s quality, it is best to reread it carefully.



  • Quickly rephrases papers.
  • Does not always accurately indicate the source of plagiarism.

Content planning tools

In our opinion, planning tools are handy for those who create marketing strategies and the like and for students. The bottom line is that proper planning and streamlining your work process is essential, making writing papers more effortless.


trello content planning tool

This tools for planning is very often used by companies that work remotely and thus organize the workflow on projects of not very large volume. With the help of cards, you can move tasks, deadlines, and much more. Cards are elementary to manage, and they clearly show all the processes. Moreover, you can add various kinds of files to the cards depending on your project type. Trello is also often used by students because, with its help, you can see where you left off yesterday and, at the same time, add links, text snippets, and much more. Hence, Trello makes it easy for students working on dissertations or theses to keep track of their work.



  • Creative interface.
  • Available on PC and phone.
  • Difficult to create cards.


gantter content planning tool

Online planning tools only sometimes have many languages in their program, unlike Gantter. Millions of people already use this tool, and many have left positive feedback in the reviews demonstrating its effectiveness and ease to use. Its software is available in 23 languages and makes it easy for people to plan content for work and school. In addition, with its help, you can work with your friends on their tasks and thus help each other.



  • Inexpensive software.
  • Well designed interface.
  • There is no automatic resource leveling.


Scrivener content writing tool

Scrivener is a content planning tool that is great for planning and creating content. It allows you to focus on writing and structuring your documents. Scrivener has collected everything you need to efficiently structure, write and edit large documents, always with you. You will only have to switch between multiple apps that you often have to use simultaneously. Easily store all your reference material in Scrivener as images, movies, web pages, or PDFs.



  • Allows you to store all your documents in one place.
  • Save web pages.
  • Manual setting of grammar checking.

Productivity tools for essay writing

If you want to write your essay for a month, turn up the volume on your phone, write against a bright background, and go to social networks as often as possible. How do you understand these are the principles of regressive psychology? Concentration is the key to productivity, which will help you improve your essay writing skills and get better grades.


ommwriter productivity tool

Free essay writing tools are just as valuable as subscription-only ones. Ommwriter will help you think and write without being distracted by the world around you. With it, you will be able to write your texts on a pleasant soothing background and hear the sounds of a typewriter that are so reminiscent of past centuries. Ommwriter gives users a free version of the complete program for a $7 fee.



  • Great creative environment for essay writing.
  • Not suitable for producing papers quickly.

Marinara Timer

marinara timer productivity tool

The free Marinara Timer is the Pomodoro technique, which takes 5-minute breaks every 25 minutes of paper writing. This tool will notify you every time you start a workflow or take a break. With it, you can choose the most suitable holiday that suits you if you need a different time than the ones suggested by the tools. It will also be helpful for you to get up briefly from your computer every hour to crunch your bones and walk around the room.



  • Helps concentration while working.
  • Difficult to set up.

Cold Turkey

cold turkey productivity tool for essay writing

Cold Turkey is one of the writing tools for students that allows the user to eliminate all external distractions. And by “completely,” we really mean entirely. Thanks to Cold Turkey, you can block access to certain pages and websites, or even your entire computer, for a certain amount of time, if necessary, in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, this will allow you to use only the document you are working on and create your essay. Agree sometimes the temptation to distractions is too great to continue working?



  • Blocks a large number of sites.
  • Multifunctional tariff plans.
  • Difficult to communicate with support.


freedom productivity tool for writing

This program is very similar to Cold Turkey but has something that will also interest you. With its help, you can block sites and pages you do not need, not only on the device on which you work but on all your synchronized devices. In such a case, blocking Twitter on a PC will prompt you not to receive any notifications on your phone and tablet. For just $7 a month, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the program’s features, or you’ll get seven free trials.



  • Excellent support service.
  • Available monthly plans.
  • Too many permissions required.

Writing resources for word choice

Essay tools are only sometimes applications and software products, and sometimes you need to be able to access the most straightforward and valuable sources simultaneously. For some reason, professors and scientists have created various libraries and resources where a student can find a lot of information at once.

Oxford Dictionary of Academic English

Oxford Dictionary for word choice in writing

The dictionary aimed specifically at those students studying English and focused explicitly on academic study. It supports the description of each word with several relevant sample sentences drawn from literary texts. This book comes with a disc. Such a disc makes it easy to acquire and use the information in your work.



  • Lots of synonyms.
  • Diverse disciplines.
  • Long search for the necessary words.

Academic Phrasebank

academic phrasebank writing tool

The academic phrase bank is an instrumental member of the essay writing tools online list. It will be your best friend when you need to rephrase a specific phrase and keep the text unique. The phrase bank collects into groups the typical terms that remain commonly used in academic writing. Besides, one can utilize it with usual research paper divisions, like methods and results, so that students can enter specific phrases related to their topic.



  • A large list of interpretations of phrases.
  • Lack of application.


dailywritingtips word choice tool for writing

DailyWritingTips is an excellent resource suitable for students of completely different areas, regardless of what task the professor gave them. Posts remain regularly updated on the site, where you can find many tips on writing your essay. If you want to improve your grammar and create better-quality texts to surprise your professor, this is a suitable resource. The site provides its users with free access to guides and articles.



  • Guides written by expert authors.
  • Not all topics are fully covered.


science direct

We want to present you with one of the most popular tools for information retrieval: ScienceDirect. With it, you can find a massive collection of various publications on any science you need. You can find sources you already know using the detailed search form or discover new sources.



  • Searches most of the library’s databases at the same time.
  • Tool for limiting scientific sources.
  • Some materials cannot be used for tasks.

Collaboration tools

Tools to help write an essay are only sometimes related to searching for information and editing. Sometimes, to complete an assignment in 2022, you must make an online call with a professor or use an online writing tool. According to statistics and downloads, students often use several programs in their studies, such as Zoom, Slack, Google Docs, and Google Meet.


zoom collaboration tool for writing

This tool became famous in 2019 when the word pandemic actively entered our vocabulary. Students switched to online learning and, at the same time, were forced to conduct classes with professors. It is free for private use, and you can easily chat with friends or classmates outside class. One can install Zoom both on a computer and on a mobile device.

Pros Cons
  • Available online and as an app.
  • Easy to use and connect.
  • A short call duration is available free of charge.


slack for writing discussions

With the help of this application, many people around the world communicate at a distance, and at the same time, their data is entirely safe. The company’s website provided that even NASA trusts them with their online communications. You can connect all your work applications to his system and not switch between them. On the site, you can purchase a package for $ 7.25 or use the free version with less extensive features.



  • Ability to create “channels” for the company.
  • Excellent for communication.
  • Chats are deleted after two weeks.
  • Frequent notifications from the company.

Google Docs

Around the world, many companies work through Google Docs and, at the same time, successfully create texts and more. They have a function both online and offline. In this case, it is very convenient since several people can simultaneously view the text and make changes. Moreover, you can send the link to the professor instead of thinking about the paper format. You can download your text in several forms, like PDF and others. It’s completely free, and you need to have Google mail to use it.



  • Simple interface and use.
  • Editing by the whole team at a distance.
  • Lack of all features as in MS Word.

Tools to help write an essay as a mandatory element in 2023

Essay writing tools are something no student or any person in principle can do without in the contemporary world. They are multifunctional and can be very useful in any field of activity, no matter if an accountant or a screenwriter uses them. Each program has a specific application. Use your potential to the maximum while resorting to modern technologies, and you will see how learning will become easier while attaining your academic goals!

Not only tools help students to succeed in studies, but also writing assistance from experienced writers. For example, you can ask EssayShark for write my statistics paper help, and get timely assistance and support with writing.

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