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GMO Topics That Actually Work

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms (that is, plants, animals, or microorganisms) whose genetic material (DNA) has been changed, and such changes would not be possible in nature as a result of reproduction or natural recombination. Relevant technologies are known as modern biotechnology, gene technology, as well as recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering. They allow the transfer of individual genes from one organism to another, as well as between unrelated species. Foods produced from or using GM organisms are often called GMO foods. GMO topics are popular nowadays and students often choose them to write their paper.

If you need to write a paper about GMOs, the great benefits will be to read through our lists of ideas. This means that you can choose one of the topics and write a paper on it. If you want to write a quality paper, then the following ideas will help you.

GMO research topics for discussion papers

  1. Products containing GMOs should be clearly labeled.
  2. Genetically modified foods have been around for several decades now. How safe are these foods? Should we eat these foods? Should we eat the animals that eat these foods? Is this our answer to feeding the growing world population, or is it a precursor of health concerns we have not identified as of today? Write a research and position paper discussing the significance of genetically modified organisms with your assigned team members.
  3. The risk of genetically modified food.
  4. GMO, human testing, and abnormalities in genes.
  5. Are GMO foods safe for our health?
  6. What do GMO products do to your heath?
  7. Demystifying GMOs and GM foods.
  8. Are GMOs detrimental to the health of Americans, and should they be labeled?
  9. GMO of salmon and the ethics involved.
  10. How do genetically modified foods provide countless benefits and make food more accessible and cost efficient for consumers around the world?
  11. Discuss the controversy of GMOs on an international scale and how this may impact the honey industry.

Expository GMO essay topics

  1. What is the purpose of the genetic engineering of crop plants and domestic animals? Briefly explain how GMOs are created. What foods in your supermarket contain GMOs? Are foods that contain GMOs safe for human consumption? What types of regulations exist for these foods? Clearly explain your reasoning for each answer.
  2. Explain how GMOs are an answer to world hunger or a threat to the world food supply.
  3. Explain why biotechnology threatens “cultures of corn.” How does a cultural lens help us better understand the impact of GMOs in places like Mexico and Colombia?
  4. Explain correlations between GMOs and health related diseases.
  5. Explain how the future of GMO animals will change.
  6. Explain how GMOs affect the ecosystem.
  7. Explain why you eat or don’t eat GMOs.
  8. An anthropological perspective of genetic engineering and GMOs.
  9. Explain how monopolies, pesticides, GMOs, and antibiotics are a threat to our society.

Argumentative GMO topics

  1. Are GMOs essential for the population of humans to survive?
  2. What is the purpose of the genetic engineering of crop plants? Include at least two specific examples of commonly grown GMO crops. How are GMOs created? Use the provided course materials and make a connection to the central dogma of molecular biology in your explanation. Which foods in your supermarket contain GMOs? Are foods that contain GMOs safe for human consumption? What types of regulations exist for these foods?
  3. What are the ideas, values, and/or attitudes of people from at least two different countries outside the US toward GMO/GE foods?
  4. Why do genetically engineered crops and foods have a harmful affect to our health, such as it being a risk to our genes?
  5. Why have GMOs been banned in most of Europe, but not in the US, and how are the laws regulating GMOs changing?
  6. Why do the pros of GMOs outweigh the cons?
  7. What can you do to make the world a better place by explaining what GMOs do to the human body, and why we should be growing our own food and purchasing foods at farmers markets?
  8. Genetically modified food is heralded as a solution for food security as the world’s population is expected to reach 10 billion by 2025. Present an argument for or against this statement clearly explaining biotechnological concepts and techniques, and legal and ethical constraints.
  9. What are your thoughts, views, and impressions of genetically modified organisms? List two or three points and briefly explain why you hold this view or have this thought.
  10. Is GMO food poison?
  11. Pick a food item, any food item out of your cupboard, off the grocery store shelf, off a restaurant menu, off a website, or somewhere else, and try to figure out whether it contains any GMOs. Use the label, use the internet, ask your waiter, or ask the produce manager.
  12. Why are GMOs so controversial?
  13. GMO agriculture – does it result in “Frankenfoods” or is it the way to save the world?
  14. The Monsanto Corporation and genetically modified organisms (GMO). Why is Monsanto referred to as the most evil and the most hated corporation in the world? What is this company’s history? What is its relationship to Agent Orange?

GMO topics for reports

  1. Organic and GMO foods with and without wild bee pollination.
  2. The impact of biology and technology in GMOs.
  3. The impacts of GMOs on our future generations.
  4. The ethical issues on Monsanto’s GMOs.
  5. Pros and cons of both organic gardening and GMOs.
  6. Ecological impacts of GMOs in Ontario, Canada.
  7. Benefits and risks for health and safety of GMO goats.
  8. GMOs vs organic foods.
  9. Measures to regulate the introduction of GMOs that threaten wildlife in Brazil.
  10. GMOs as the solution to the world’s food crisis.

GMO topics for persuasive essays

  1. Do GMOs impact our health?
  2. Are GMOs safe?
  3. Do GMOs and genetically modified foods affect your body? Why do we need to move on to more organic and natural foods?
  4. Will GMOs end world hunger?
  5. Are GMOs our only option for a healthy and economically good future?
  6. Can GMOs be considered healthy and still be economically feasible?
  7. Should GMOs be illegal?
  8. Should GMO research be supported?
  9. Should we have tighter regulations on GMOs?
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