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Great Travel Topics to Write About for Students

The student of the geography discipline is always in search of travel essay topic ideas for an essay. To help them with writing topics on travel, we created an extensive list of 50 ideas. Every point is excellent for brainstorming processes that help you to generate your own concept of further essays.

These items are helpful not just for those who study geography, hospitality, and restaurant business, but for students of broad sciences as well.

How to choose travel essay topics

how to choose traveling essay topics

Compare and contrast essay topics travel

  1. Ways to ask your boss correctly for unpaid leave to travel.
  2. Online travel agents and online booking services. The trending competition.
  3. Secure traveling and digital passport.
  4. Places I prefer to travel myself and places I would go with someone else.
  5. How a person changes after travel: impact on life and personality.
  6. How traveling influence a person’s appreciation of other lifestyles, cultures, and the development of personal characteristics.
  7. Before and after: travel is an excellent way to help people to dive into the self-discovery process.
  8. Traveling by train: the implications of railway travel for leisure purposes.
  9. Influence of travel writing on novels of the 18th century in England.
  10. New travel experiences compared with traveling one hundred years ago.

travel topics to write about

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Research paper topics on travel

  1. The role of travel in “The Great Gatsby.”
  2. Possible changes in the function of traveling in the future.
  3. Should youth consider travel activities as a part of modern culture?
  4. Customer satisfaction on hospitality and travel markets and its impact on customer loyalty in the future.
  5. What should you eat when you are traveling? Difference between Eastern and Western food markets.
  6. How travelers’ reviews affect hotel booking services.
  7. How are travel apps affecting the way vacationers book their holiday trips?
  8. Travel and traditional medicine.
  9. Ways to recognize a free charging station that could hack a traveler’s phone.
  10. The impact of the development of air travel on the tourism industry of Australia.

travel writing essay topics

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Travel persuasive essay topics

  1. Change of residence as the world becomes more travel-friendly. How does a traveler get used to the culture of a new country? Immigrants bring vast innovation and knowledge to companies, but their culture shock may block their creativity.
  2. Why traveling alone is a great idea.
  3. My first travel experience without parents.
  4. How does social media impact tourism and travel.
  5. Where would I go if I could go anywhere?
  6. Why travel with friends or family is the best way to spend time.
  7. Worldwide improvements in the standard of living via air travel and how it damages human health and the environment.
  8. How Airbnb changes traveling.
  9. People’s travel behavior and its impact on the environment.
  10. Learning English is one of the most crucial ways to help people understand each other during traveling.
  11. How to incentivize employees in travel businesses and make savings on it.
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Space travel topics for research paper

  1. Travel in space in the 21st century: problems and solutions.
  2. The effect of long-term space travel to Mars on humanity.
  3. Should scientists replace human space travel with robots?
  4. The ability to survive when traveling through black holes.
  5. Will space travel come true one day? When could it happen?
  6. Space agencies that promote space travel. Is it a scientific experiment or profitable commerce?
  7. NASA’s information on human space travel.
  8. Behind the scenes of human space flight.
  9. How would our world change if space travel is as affordable as air flights?
  10. Ambitious travel ideas for improving space exploration.

travel writing topics

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Time travel research paper topics

  1. What would I do first if I could travel into the past?
  2. What year would I travel to, where would I go, and why would I travel there if I am required to spend the next year of my life in either the past or the future?
  3. What is Vihvelin’s time travel puzzle?
  4. What if George Washington was able to time travel to today?
  5. What message would you want to send to your readers if you are a letter traveling through time?
  6. Going with Darwin on the HMS Beagle in the 1830s: what would I write on the page of my journal if I am an upcoming naturalist and I am shadowing Darwin on this trip?
  7. Which country would you like to visit in the 17th century? Why?
  8. Choose one of the famous writers of the 19th-20th century with whom you would like to travel somewhere. What would you ask them, and where would you go?
  9. If you could bring some creature to the present, who would it be? Why?
  10. What would you do if you could save one of the extinct species? Which would it be and why?

Best themes for traveling essay topics – infographic

traveling essay topic ideas

How we help with travel essay writing

Once a student decides to write about traveling, it is hard to stop them, because travel writing essay topics are engaging. Everyone likes to travel, and if your discipline concerns traveling, you are lucky.

Use one of our essay topics about travel and write your killer academic work! Or, you can ask for the professional assistance of one of our paper writers to get a custom essay sample. Meanwhile, we wish you good luck with your studying!

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