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How to Write a Scholarship Essay

Encouraging students to obtain knowledge and recycle it in their further accomplishments to the world’s benefit is most often realized through the scholarship facility. As an effective means of helping both gifted and necessitous students make it through their academic endeavors throughout their studying, scholarship provides a sort of financial freedom to its holders. And a scholarship essay is a veritable asset allowing students to receive this cherished remuneration for their notable effort and a painstaking approach to the studying process.

scholarship essay definition

The significance of a scholarship application essay

Developing an essay application to get funding from the university is indeed a compulsory and downright efficient step in becoming the “chosen” one. In this regard, a scholarship application essay plays a critical role in whether or not you will be the lucky beneficiary who gets paid for their tuition owing to exceptional diligence and a genuinely solid essay as a starting point.

Therefore, we prepared for you an in-depth guide to writing a noteworthy address to the university committee, talking them into entitling you to scholarship in a professional and compelling manner. The proper knowledge of how to write a scholarship essay is the keystone of applying for this studying reward.

Defining a scholarship essay: what does it constitute?

 – What is a scholarship essay?

A scholarship essay is a persuasive and explanatory piece of writing aimed at substantiating and arguing that the applicant is eligible to receive the reward of financial aid from the university. This type of essay should touch on your remarkable accomplishments and the merits you have, accentuating the worth of your candidacy for obtaining the aid.

 – What is so challenging about this all?

The importance of a good scholarship application essay is augmented by the bitter fact that due to the vast number of essays the committee receives, its members will even dismiss reading some of the writings, let alone assigning applicants a scholarship based on it. So, what makes the committee reps reject a scholarship address halfway through scanning it?

The answer for this represents the problem we have dedicated our broad writing manual to: it’s the lack of the essential point-turning features and elements of your scholarship essay that draws the committee members from accepting it and proceeding with it. And these are the core aspects our article will be dealing with further.

How to write a scholarship essay: an extensive outline

Creating a persuasive scholarship essay takes tons of conscientiousness and rigor. In your unique address, you must provide an in-depth and catchy insight into the highlights of your life, introducing the readers to your most notable milestones that reflect on your strong capacity as a candidate for receiving a scholarship.

Many applicants often question themselves: “How long should a scholarship essay be?” Well, the length of your address depends on how many achievements you have to mention there. But most candidates stick to the length of 500 words.

For architecting your scholarship essay, you primarily need to develop a complex and logical framework comprising the key points of your address that form a scholarship essay outline. On that account, we have generated a comprehensive scholarship essay format for you, along with what its parts should feature. In this sector, we also included the tips for writing scholarship essays we’ll be viewing in connection to each of the outline parts.


How to start a scholarship essay? This part is by far the most crucial one in your whole essay as it defines whether or not the committee will keep reading this piece of writing. That being so, your intro has to be utterly captivating. And the “charm” of your essay should be cultivated right from the first sentence, where you are expected to include an attention-grabbing opening line that will bait the reps and keep them attracted all the way along the reading.

Be sure to avoid cliché phrases that will only make you sound incompetent and shallow. Begin your essay with the line “What happened the day I decided to go for a profession in marketing was a point of no return to my past life,” instead of attempting to entice your reader with something like “Marketing is the leading realm of today’s education sphere.” Remember that the committee is hardly attracted by some trite and generic statements that add no uniqueness and quality to your address.

Main body

When thinking of how to format a scholarship essay, be sure to take note of how to structure its bulk. As we stressed above, your scholarship essay has to focus on your greatest achievements and argue your eligibility for the aid you’re applying for. And the main body of your address is where you should tackle this objective of writing a scholarship essay.

  • Work your way smoothly from introducing the readers to what made you apply for the scholarship, to what actually makes you the best applicant in this hot competition. Here, you can mention your major wins as a school student, some highlights of your volunteering work, and the big moments of your other activities related to the academic sphere you’re applying in.
  • Score yourself some points by including in your essay some challenges you managed to overcome, only it has to be relevant to the subject of your address. As we mentioned earlier in this guide, making your essay distinctive is also the matter of utmost importance in the writing process. People tend to notice bright things more easily and quickly, which applies to the academic realm, as well.
    For this reason, you should let your essay stand out from the rest of ordinary writings, adding some peculiar but fitting vibes to it and giving it a striking tone of voice.
  • In a scholarship essay, you are also bound to include your education and career goals. State what prime objectives you are planning to attain through completing your major, alongside mentioning why you chose specifically this major, and how you think receiving a financial aid will help you in fulfilling your academic and professional goals.

The ending

How to end a scholarship essay? In the finale to your epic address, you should wrap up everything said earlier, concisely interweaving the statements and arguments you made throughout your essay. Note that you shouldn’t repeat or rewrite them, now revamping this eulogy to your suitability to a stirring and fair-minded epilogue.

Tips for writing a scholarship essay

tips for writing a scholarship essay

The don’ts to stay away from in scholarship essay writing

As we have provided you with the fundamental elements you need to include in your address, now we can mention the things you definitely shouldn’t put in it.

  • Don’t churn out your essay with shallow and valueless statements.

Steer clear of filling your address with formulaic and flimsy writing, which can only signal of your inability to express yourself clearly as well as the lack of a solid goal applying for a scholarship.

  • Don’t be generic.

In your scholarship essay, you’re supposed to personalize your writing as much as you can. Try to be most specific when it comes to arguing the excellence of your candidacy for the scholarship and revealing what made you seek for the aid. Avoid the common junk applicants employ in their essays such as “The importance of a scholarship essay is hard to overestimate” or “Receiving a scholarship is a great solution for the financially challenged.”

  • Don’t start your essay with a quote.

Beginning a scholarship address with a quotation is a rather trite and unoriginal writing device. Normally, an applicant will use some highbrow’s wise saying in order to make up for the insufficiencies in their essay. And while commencing your essay with a citation is a great way to begin other essay types, reviews, and short compositions, it doesn’t really work with scholarship addresses.

  • Don’t use meaningless trite phrases like “In this essay, I will explain why you should choose me” or “It’s always hard to determine your vocation.”

These phrases add no value to your writing and make it pretty dull. Instead of adopting this hackneyed writing style, you should go for more specific and point-driven statements that will indeed set you apart from the addresses of other candidates.

  • Don’t resort to begging the committee to assign the scholarship to you.

Your essay is aimed at persuading the readers that you are worthy of the financial aid, not at adjuring them to give it to you. In this regard, for giving the proof to your worth, you should utilize some more cogent tools of substantiating it. Eschew vain statements like “My family is going through financial struggles, so having a scholarship would be my lucky ticket to studying” and pen something truly plausible, like “The practice in advertising I had during my summer job as a high schooler gave me the proper perception in how to fully respond to customers’ needs.

A scholarship essay example

Creating an outstanding address without viewing a thoughtfully created model is tough. Before you tackle developing your essay, it’s crucial that you take a look at some scholarship essay examples that will help you gain some rudimentary understanding of how to do this in a masterful way.

For this reason, we give you the opportunity to check out an extract of a well-conceived scholarship address created by one of our writers when applying for his own financial aid at a Pennsylvania university. Just for the record, the essay did manage to bring him the long-cherished reward!

The “Twin Perishers” Calamity And How This Social Cataclysm Made Me Change the Way I Viewed My Professional Path

September 11, the day when the world was lethally shaken with the most devastating and monstrous terrorist phenomenon, was the day my life took an irrevocable turn on the path to professional development. When you see your city being embraced in the piercing havoc and the impending fallout all you can think about is “never again.” This iconic phrase serving as some sort of a slogan to the 9/11 Commemoration Ceremony was also the starting point of making my mind about my professional vocation.

The horrific bombing that took place at the turn of the new era sowed the seeds of my aspirations for seeking the truth in things and then exposing it through a silver screen, averting anything similar to this heart-wrenching tragedy from happening in the future. The possibility came crashing down on me of creating powerful documentaries that would sharply raise awareness of the climacteric issues of the world thereby reshaping the destructive value model followed by the powers that be.

Becoming a documentary film director was how I saw my social mission of hijacking the truth.

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Developing a scholarship essay is the key step to obtaining this financial aid. The impact this piece of writing can make on the committee is the pivotal factor of being viewed as a candidate for a scholarship. And sticking to the vital tips and recommendations provided earlier in this all- embracing guide will make you address valid proof of your exceptionality as an applicant for financial aid.

Scholarship essay formatting

While the precise requirements can vary between scholarship programs, here are common formatting characteristics to consider:

Font: Use a standard, easily readable font such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. The recommended font size is often 12 points.

Margins: Set one-inch margins on all sides of the page. This ensures a clean and professional appearance.

Spacing: Double-space the entire essay, including the title, headings, and body text. This makes the essay easier to read and allows space for comments if printed.

Heading: In the top left or right corner of the first page, include your name, address, phone number, and email address. If the scholarship program has specific requirements, follow them for the header.

Indentation and Alignment: Begin each paragraph with an indentation of about 0.5 inches. Left-align your text.

A scholarship essay writing help from EssayShark

As you may have figured out by now, generating a weighty scholarship essay is a mountainous challenge. It requires great zeal and enormous prowess from the applicants and is thus extremely time-consuming. This is the reason why some thoughtful and caring organizations offer their professional hand to applicants around the world by writing their scholarship essays! And the website you’re browsing right now belongs to one of the leading services that provide reliable academic writing assistance.

Who are we? We are a bunch of creative writing enthusiasts who can’t go a day without penning an outstanding essay. We are coffee addicts, hipsters, vegans, and philosophers whose professionalism and vast expertise in successful writing have made the EssayShark paper writing service an icon of a genuine writing organization. When it comes to academic writing, our service combats any difficult task a student or applicant can possibly face, fulfilling their academic chores for them. If you have in mind going for financial aid from your university, entrust this task to our experts. They will get you a scholarship in a flash!

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