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How to Write a Process Essay Like a Boss

Process essays are types of academic writing that presents specified, structured information to its readers to serve a concrete goal. What makes process essay different form other types of writing are how the information is organized: these kinds of essays adhere to a pattern based on steps. The main goal of a process paper is to show readers how to do something or to explain how something works. So, the thesis statement of this essay is often oriented on target readers and a goal.

Set Up a Topic and a Target Segment of Readers

The title of a process analysis essay should be based on any process that you can describe in the series of steps. For example, you can describe how to study a new skill, how to create something, how changes take place in nature, or some processes in the business world. The main thing here is to make it appropriate for the concrete readers. You should make a list of prospective topics in one part of the paper and a column with potential readers in another.

A thesis statement doesn’t amount to much without context. Once you’ve built your thesis, create the subtopics and write a first draft of the essay. Structure your steps in the chronological way from the first to last step.

Process Essay Sample: How to Train for a Marathon?

In the world of constant changes, rush and business very often people forget about their personal growth, the development and in general satisfaction from life. The point is that apart from the daily work, meetings, and household each member of the society is in search of means to train themselves, to try something unusual and see the results. Everybody would like to challenge one’s strength, to set a certain goal and to ruin the particular stereotypes created by their imagination and a lack of confidence. In many such cases, the marathon can turn into a perfect idea to overcome the fear, to observe one’s victory and to ensure others that you can more. Still, the participation in the marathon is not an easy task especially for those who are not professional runners, and it takes time and efforts to become ready.

The first point to make is to state that the running marathon means different for everyone. To be more precise, some people do it to lose the weight, others to get out from one’s comfort zone and the rest may not even pursue the individual goal and just do it for the pleasure and support of their friends or family members. “If I can do this, I can do almost everything!”(Higdon 44). Still, frequently people consider the marathon as the ability to prove one’s sporting skills and capacity and do not take into consideration such factors as the personal traits, fears, and psychology. That is why the person who is perfectly trained in the physical dimension can fail because of the unpreparedness in others.

It is important to be conscious of all the rules and principles to know what you can count on and whether you feel the readiness to overcome all the difficulties. In this case, the future marathon runner needs to try his abilities, to challenge one’s stamina and health in general. What it means, it is critical to start running from the minimum mileage and to raise it continually, observing how it impacts your body and well-being. Moreover, it is recommended not to rush in your training; the attentive and careful runner must begin his training a year before the marathon. Human health and body have to be challenged gradually with the notes which will contribute to the proper analysis and avoidance of irreversible mistakes. Those who feel they can not understand the specificity of the preparation by themselves should rely on the professional trainers who will give the unbiased advice and will prevent the injuries(Murphy 13).

People who decided on running the marathon must be involved in the sporting world especially they must realize the importance of being competent in different types of the marathon, the distances, and rules. What is more, to better recognize the process, the beginners can try different short marathons first to find the type suitable for the needs, preferences, and abilities. It is interesting, but there are also exist the marathons on the familiar roads which make it easier and more comfortable to run before taking part in the more challenging.

After you feel that you are ready to train professionally for the marathon, you can start training specifically for the result and not pleasure. It means that your running schedule must be followed and the runner has to note their showings and achievements. It is advisable to train five days per week and to run in the relaxed pace to prepare the heart rate and be able to increase the challenges with the steps. When the runner realizes he or she is good with the short run, one needs to go on with the long run. The intervals and speed in these cases will change within each training week contributing to the stability of heart rate, the ability to breathe freely and on the whole be enduring.

Many of those willing to take part in the running marathon make the huge mistake if run every day. It is rather crucial for the results and prevention of the health damage to have the rest days. To say precisely, these are the time or days the runner does not run at all because during the relaxing time his muscles recover and there is no risk of injuries. Still, it is not forbidden to do the other kinds of sport which help to remain fit but do not disturb the health(Murphy 66). These sports are like walking, cycling, yoga or hiking. It is interesting but very essential advice to get used to drinking the water during the marathon. There are always the water stations, but it is better to keep the water bottle while running and start running with it from the first training.

The professional runners consider the proper breakfast to be important before the marathon. They advise drinking a glass of water the night before the running day and in the morning. What is more, the runner’s breakfast must exclude the heavy products and to the contrary consist of the meals or fruits several hours before the race. “Have a high-carb meal 2 or 3 hours before you run, or have a small  high-carb snack or drink about 30 minutes beforehand”(Allen, p.93). Another critical preparation is without a doubt the runner’s outfit. Many would say that if you are the professional and trained athlete it does not matter what clothes you wear. That is the massive delusion because the proper and comfortable shoes and jumpsuit are the half the battle.

Apart from the physical preparation, one needs to be confident in their psychological readiness. It is about the ability to feel one’s body, to use the mind which is prepared for the stress and challenges. Moreover, the psychology of running is not about the different tag lines in your mind but the preparation of it to overcome the physical hurdles with the strength of brain which can withstand without any frustration or even depression from the failures(Murphy 84).

To sum up, getting ready for the marathon is the tremendous work that includes the efforts and preparation in the inside and outside parameters. Only the proper attitude and thoughtful advice can contribute to the positive outcomes without the health aggravations and disappointments. The person should decide first on their marathon goal and to work it out until the victory end, particularly it does not mean to win the first place but to break the prejudices concerning their body and health abilities. In this case, the marathon proves to be not only for the professional running but the race for running person’s fears, stereotypes and errors.

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