How to Write a Process Essay Like a Boss


Process essays are types of academic writing that presents specified, structured information to its readers to serve a concrete goal. What makes process essay different form other types of writing are how the information is organized: these kinds of essays adhere to a pattern based on steps. The main goal of a process paper is to show readers how to do something or to explain how something works. So, the thesis statement of this essay is often oriented on target readers and a goal.

Set Up a Topic and a Target Segment of Readers

The title of a process analysis essay should be based on any process that you can describe in
the series of steps. For example, you can describe how to study a new skill, how to create something, how changes take place in nature, or some processes in the business world. The main thing here is to make it appropriate for the concrete readers. You should make a list of prospective topics in one part of the paper and a column with potential readers in another.

Write the Essay and Check the Thesis

A thesis statement doesn’t amount to much without context. Once you’ve built your thesis, create the subtopics and write a first draft of the essay. Structure your steps in the chronological way from the first to last step.

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