How to Write a Research Proposal

Upgrade-proposalMany students who are writing a research proposal do not fully understand how important this type of writing is. A well-written research proposal not only guarantees academic success, but also impresses members of the committee with your research potential. The aim of your research proposal is to prove your project is worth beigh put into action and that you know how to carry out your proposition with integrity. It is required to mention all key elements needed for the research and information sufficient for studies.

Prior to thinking about how to write a research proposal, one should address these questions:

  1.  What are you going to do?
  2.  Why do you want to carry out this?
  3.  How are you going to achieve your aim?

A writer of a research proposal should convince its audience that his or her project is relevant with sound methodology. A great reseach idea can fail if your proposal is written in a poor quality. Therefore, pay attention to our advice on how to write a research proposal to make it sound compelling and coherent.

  • The title of your proposal should be precise, short and descriptive. Be clear as to what you are going to present, and at the same time, try to attract your readers’ attention.
  • While writing a research proposal abstract, make an emphasis on the research question, hypothesis, research methods and findings. This part should not exceed 300 words and be as brief as it is possible.
  • The primary aim of the introduction is to state the context of your research and prove it is not trivial. Persuade your readers you understand the question deeply and can demonstrate its significance. State the problem itself, describe its primary issues, variables of experiment, express your theory.
  • Literature review. This part of the proposal aims to prove there is a solid groundwork for the investigation and writer’s understanding of the researched problem.
  • Methods. This section should describe how you are going to carry out your research and justify the chosen methods you are going to use.
  • Results. Offer some expectations about what kind of information you are going discover and your aim to achieve.
  • Discussion. Once more while writing a research proposal, persuade your readers of the extensive potential of your topic and do not forget to specify problems you may face and possible limitations of the research.

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