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How to Write an Opinion Essay: Express Your Opinion Correctly

Every human has their own point of view. Some of them can easily express personal opinions, while others prefer to keep it down. It is important to know how to express your point of view correctly, so it will be understandable for the reader.

Opinion essay definition

An opinion essay is an academic paper that presents a personal point of view on a particular subject or event. A good opinion essay should clearly state the writer’s point of view and be based on evidence. An opinion essay is usually assigned to help students learn how to express their point of view on a particular topic. An opinion essay can be presented in the following ways: as an essay, review, poster, PowerPoint presentation, and more. Just do it yourself not to get caught by an AI detector.

How to write an opinion essay

Typically, opinion essay writing technique follows the basic rules of essay writing. It will consist of three main parts: the introduction, body, and conclusion. The number of paragraphs will depend on your assignment or the number of viewpoints you wish to consider in your paper. In this guide prepared by our paper writing service we will tell you how to write a basic five-paragraph opinion essay.

1. Start with brainstorming about the topic. If you were given a chance to choose a topic on your own, then you will need to pick an interesting topic first. Think what side you will choose: for or against. Then use a simple brainstorming technique: start writing everything you know about the topic. Don’t think about the grammar or text structure, just write until you feel that you are empty of ideas. Touch such points as your future audience and the main points that you want to express in your paper.

2. Analyze the information that you received after the brainstorming session and try to eliminate the main points. Think what ideas can be composed in one paragraph and what order will be more applicable to your case. Here, you can see what a classical five-paragraph opinion essay looks like. As an example, we have chosen the following topic: “Watching YouTube has a positive influence on a child’s development.”

Paragraph 1. Introduction (here you need to state that watching YouTube is great for a child’s development, as the world is constantly developing).
Paragraph 2. Express your first reason and arguments for it (e.g. learning from educational channels).
Paragraph 3. Express your second reason and arguments for it (e.g. source of entertainment).
Paragraph 4. Express your third reason and arguments for it (e.g. source of interaction between parent and child).
Paragraph 5. Conclusion (restate your opinion on the topic and sum up your thoughts).

Also, you can consider a limitation of your point of view. For the example from above, you can state that to avoid possible problems with children using YouTube, a parent can control the content and set time limitations for the child.

3. When all previous points are done, you are ready to start writing the introduction. Introduce the subject to the reader, state your opinion in the thesis statement, and list the reasons for your point of view.

Follow the outline and write the body paragraphs. Dedicate one paragraph for each reason and support each with evidence. Think what arguments will be best to prove your viewpoint and convince the reader. To make your arguments more effective, try to use such tools as comparing and contrasting, analogies, causes and effects, etc.

In conclusion, restate your opinion you have written in the thesis statement at the very beginning. Sum up your viewpoints and express them briefly in other words. If you want to make your ending more impressive, you can add a quotation, an open or provocative question, warn the reader, or tell about possible consequences/results.

4. When your text will be completed, don’t forget to proofread it. Make sure that your entire text sticks to the thesis statement. Did you state your opinion clearly? Have you stated strong arguments and facts for your point of view? Have you supported each reason with evidence? Evaluate the text layout and the quality of content – look whether the text is logical and each point is fully described. Revise grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation. Then, check whether the text follows the right format and style.

Opinion essay: how to write it right

To organize a good opinion essay on a particular topic, it is important to consider the following points before you start to write:

  • Be strong and confident. You are expressing your point of view and what you really think about the subject.
  • Consider your audience when writing. To make your text more persuasive, you need to talk directly to the reader. Think what opinion words and transitions to choose, how to hook the audience, and what evidence will be more powerful.
  • Use a formal style, as you are writing an academic paper. Avoid using emotive vocabulary, idioms, and contractions.
  • Don’t make excuses for your point of view. You are learning to come up with your point of view and become more confident in your thoughts.
  • List all reasons and supporting evidence. It will be easier to choose the most interesting points for your paper.
  • Use expressions to state your opinion. There are many phrases that structure your text and get the reader’s attention: “I am convinced that,” “in my opinion,” “I believe,” “I think that,” “according to experts,” “in conclusion,” etc.
  • Refer your evidence to supporting facts and situations. Keep in mind that your personal experience or statistics without proper reference is not evidence.
  • Use opening sentences and linking phrases to connect each viewpoint in your paper.

How to write opinion essay example

To show you what a finished opinion essay looks like, we will share an opinion essay about women in sports. Look how the author presents their own point of view and adds arguments to prove an opinion. You can use this sample as a template for your own essay or consider the structure while writing.

Opinion Essay: Women In Sport

It has been a difficult path for women to gain equality in sports. For many decades it has been a battle for women to prove they should have the same rights and opportunities as men. The situation started changing in the past century, when numerous movements and organizations started sharing promotion all around the world supporting the rights of women in sports and many different areas. Today, the world has progressed to the point where both women and men have the same rights in sports. Nowadays, women participate in such popular sporting events as the Olympic Games and Women’s Soccer World Cup. It is proof that women are strong and independent parts of society who have gone through many complications to become as famous and talented sportswomen as they are today.

It has been a complicated path for women to have the same possibilities in sports as men. This situation started changing only in the past century. World War II was the first step for women to prove their equality not only in sports but also in many others areas, including the domestic front. In the 1950s and 1960s, in the Civil Rights Movement it was a huge difficulty for women to speak up loudly for their rights (Bell). Also, many sport athletic organizations were created to support women during that period. The result of these events was Title IX, which banned all forms of sex-based discrimination in education programs. This law had started a new era for women in sports, because there were no more limits for women who wanted to reach goals in a sport career. Many famous sportswomen have become known, including Serena Williams, Danica Patrick, Ronda Rousey, Hope Solo, and Lindsey Vonn (Bell). Since the end of the twentieth century, limits for women in sports have dissolved, but the media coverage is still mainly focused on men even though, for example, “in America forty percent of sportspeople are women, but only six-eight percent of the total sports media coverage is devoted to them” (Bell). For every fifty-three articles written about men in sports, there is one about women. It shows that even though women have finally reached their goal of being on the same level in the sport as men, there is still a long way to go for what has to be done.

Women have always felt the huge pressure of discrimination against them in different areas of life, including sports. This problem has not been solved yet. Women still have to deal with a lot of negative opinions about their participation in sports. There are many famous people who think that women are not allowed to be sportswomen. For example, the world’s number one men’s tennis player, Novak Djokovic, felt free to say that men should be better paid than women just because they are more popular. Also, a British track cyclist once was told to quit her career and start taking care of her family and have children (“Sexism in Sport”). Also, there is a law in Iran that does not let women visit stadiums for the events. If the police find a woman there, she will immediately be arrested. There are many events that prove women still have a lot of pressure from the entire world every day.

Cheerleading also turns out to be the area of sports where women feel the pressure of discrimination. It happens very often that women who participate in cheerleading become offended. Many people think that being a cheerleader does not deserve any respect and can not be treated as a social group which works hard to show appropriate performance (“Scoring for Gender Equality Through Sport”). This issue needs more media coverage to prove that it is a position that deserves success and respect.

Because of the bad influence, statistics prove women still are not at the same level of participation in sports as men. For example, there is a big gap between the money that women and men earn. The salary cap for “a WNBA team is around $878,000 while the NBA’s is $58 million per team” (“Sexism in Sport”). It shows that the WNBA players do not get paid as well as men even though they do the same work. Because of such a situation, there is no possibility for women to get as much promotion as male teams and individuals get. Statistics show that “women all around the world get only about four percent of all sports media coverage” (“Sexism in Sport”). It leads to the fact that many people do not have the ability to get to know enough information about the contributions of women in sports.

Gender discrimination is one of the main things that should be changed. In the 21st century, it is time to look forward and understand that both genders deserve to express themselves in all areas of life. If any time soon the trend of discriminating against females in sports disappears, it will give women the possibilities to be at the same professional level as men.

Nowadays, children should be raised with an understanding that there is no difference in ability between men and women in any area of life. Many people have heard such a phrase as “you play like a girl” (“Scoring for Gender Equality Through Sport”). This phrase shows the sexism that many women deal with. It is difficult to understand what it should mean because both men and women have the power to become qualified professionals in sports. Avoiding such phrases in childhood and teaching children that women and men have the same rights and possibilities is one of the ways to start avoiding this issue in the future.

There is a difference of weight, body size, speed, and strength for males and females, but it does not mean there is any area of sport where women and men are unable to compete. For example, such kinds of sports as bowling, darts, and billiards do not need physical strength (“Sexism in Sport”). It is an excellent way for men and women to compete and find out who can become champions.

Also, men have advantages over women, but there are some sports where women express themselves better than men. For example, “women are better than men in tennis, golf, boxing and ice hockey” (“Scoring for Gender Equality Through Sport”). Michelle Wie, Margaret McGregor, Manon Rheaume, and Margaret Court are the women who prove to the world that men are not always the champions when it comes to competition between genders (“Sexism in Sport”). Such kinds of sports prove that it is possible to create a competition where men and women have the same rights and power to participate.

The current situation of women in sports shows that females have gotten more rights and recognition than they used to have. There are many famous sportswomen who have made a huge influence on women in sports today. The main factor that has a negative impact on women today is gender discrimination, which should be abolished. No matter what statistics show compared to a few decades ago, there has been huge progress in letting women express themselves in different areas of sport. It is important to show the world that discrimination does not have a right to influence people. There are many kinds of sports where both genders have the same chances and rights to win, including bowling, tennis, and golf. Society needs more media promotion of the topic of women in sports because the lack of awareness of female achievements can have a negative effect on people who still do not consider women as able to fully participate in sports. If the trend of female recognition in sports keeps rising, the future will show that both genders deserve to play equal parts of the sport.

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Learn to express your own opinion

To be able to express your opinion clearly in written and oral form, you need to practice.

  1. Read. Reading will help you formulate your own thoughts. Choose classical literature using active reading. Analyze the material you have read. Also, reading aloud will help you strengthen your voice and harden your vocal chords.
  2. Expand your vocabulary. If you want to deliver your thoughts effectively, you need to choose the right words. Expand your vocabulary with new words.
  3. Start a diary. It’s a universal tool to improve your thinking skills. Start writing about your everyday routine and proceed to discuss your thoughts about a particular event or topic.
  4. Learn to use the right arguments for your point of view. The best way to prove your point of view is to support it with objective facts and expert opinions.
  5. Talk to people. Start conversations on various topics and don’t be afraid to start a discussion on controversial topics. This will help you form your thoughts clearly. Debate, argue, criticize, explain, defend – try to use it in practice. If you are afraid of live talk, start practicing over the internet.
  6. When expressing your point of view, concentrate on one single thought that you want to convey. Avoid empty rhetoric and try not to lose the focus on the topic.

Knowing how to express your opinion will help you in your studies, work, and daily life. It plays a great role during conversations between friends, co-workers, or business partners. Misunderstandings among people arise from the inability to correctly formulate thoughts. Hopefully, our guide will help you write a marvelous opinion essay. Don’t be shy and show your opinion!

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