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How to Create an Essay Title to Impress Anyone

Before handing in your essay, be sure to spend a few minutes to make sure you have chosen the best essay title. A good title is a matter of life and death in essay writing. If you want to get a good grade, you need to attract the attention of your teacher. Choosing a good title for the essay, you will instantly get a response from the reader.

The title helps your readers quickly determine if they need your essay, why they should read it, as well as what benefits they get by reading it. If you choose a bad title, you are making your essay invisible to your readers. The title of an essay is an essential element of your paper. It draws the attention of your teacher or professor, as well as the general audience, to the essay. The essay will go unnoticed if you use a flat, nondescript title.

functions of the essay title

This article, prepared by our paper writing service writers, will introduce you to the main characteristics of successful titles. It includes essay title rules which will learn how to create catchy, high-quality titles. You can also use a title score tool, which is a convenient way to quickly determine the quality. The presented essay title examples will help you to make your own title interesting.

How to create a title for an essay: tips

1. Your title should promise your audience benefits

Choose a title for an essay that clearly tells readers the benefits they will receive through your essay. The best title solves problems or helps the audience achieve their desired goals. Of course, this rule does not work for all types of essays. It works for expository, informative, definition, and process essays.
For example:

  • How to develop leadership skills (expository essay)
  • Measures to keep surroundings clean (informative essay)
  • How to start your own business (process essay)

If you need more ideas for writing, use our essay title generator to get fresh arguments for your essay.

2. Your title should contain specific details that emphasize its relevance and value

Specific details in the title for college essay, such as exact numbers, draw extra attention to your essay. It is a step-by-step achievement for any complex goal. For example, pay attention to the title of an essay such as “6 steps to start writing a book” (process essay). Moreover, the numbers can make your essay more relevant by offering the reader a specific deadline or timetable for achieving the goal. There are a lot of examples of good titles using numbers. The main thing is the ability to use these numbers.

3. Your title should take into account the readers for which the essay is written

Identify the readers of your essay with a title where possible. It makes your paper personalized. You can identify readers by directly naming them or by indicating their key characteristics. The more obvious it is, the better. Of course, in most cases your reader is your professor, and a title in an essay should interest him or her.

4. Try to arouse the curiosity of potential readers with your title

Interest in the text is born when the text exceeds our inner expectation from it. And this happens thanks to certain techniques that break the general paradigm of the essay, the familiar picture of the world.

There are three such methods:

  • Metaphors. They make the titles more understandable and memorable. They create images that remain in the reader’s memory. A metaphor is a transfer of meaning, the use of a word in a figurative meaning. Coming up with a metaphorical title is very simple. But it is important not only to invent it; it is much more important to explain it in the text. The title is a hook. If you deceive the reader’s expectations by not explaining the title in the essay, you will lose the reader’s trust.
  • Alliteration is another way to make a title memorable. It involves the repetition of homogeneous or identical consonants in the title’s words. Alliteration is a technique which is used more often in poetic speech. But many titles, believe me, are closer to versification than it might seem at first glance.
  • Contradictions or unexpected expressions also arouse the curiosity of readers. They remain as winners against the backdrop of trivial titles.

5. Your title should engage the reader

Include a promise made in simple and understandable words in the title of your essay. The best headlines retain the almost naive evidence which is usually used in everyday conversations of ordinary people. Choose the right verbs by creating a title. Also use verbal nouns. They form the necessary attitude to the essay on the part of the reader. Motive verbs are one of the most successful forms for a title. They orient readers to a specific action.

6. Your title should be short

Let us say the obvious truth: short titles draw more attention from the audience. Remember, the fewer words you use in the title, the stronger each of them is remembered by a potential reader.

7. Use subtitles

A subtitle is a reinforcement of your title. Combine short titles with longer subtitles that reveal some details.

8. Use more than one of the methods listed to create a title

Authors usually apply two or more of the techniques we described to come up with bright titles. For example, alliteration and metaphors can be successfully combined with subtitles that detail information.

Use the grading table to determine the quality of titles for essays. Consider the highest quality option to gain the most points.

Title Score Table

 Criterion  Question  Scores
 Promise  Does your title promise your readers benefits?
 Specificity  Does the title of your essay contain specific details that emphasize its relevance and value?
 Readers  Does the title relate to the readers for whom the essay is intended?
 Positioning  Does the title help highlight your essay?
 Interaction  Are you trying to arouse the curiosity of potential readers to make the title memorable?
 Dialogue  Does your title “communicate” with the readers?
 Strengthening  Do you use subtitles to underline the title of the essay?
 Combined approach  Do you use more than one method to create titles?

For example, you can print this table and evaluate each working version of the essay title using this tool. This will reduce the impact of subjective factors on your titles. Practice evaluating the titles of essays that you find.

Title usage rules in essays writing

If you want to know how to create a good title for an essay, you need to follow some rules.

  • The title should summarize the whole essay. It is annoying to read an essay that doesn’t relate to the title. If you want to have a successful essay, don’t mislead your readers.
  • You may get a so-called working title from your teacher or professor. You should not focus on it too much. You should use a working title to start researching and writing, and in the end, you can change the initial title.
  • If you are required to use title case, you need to capitalize the first letters of each word in the title except for articles, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions.
  • Don’t underline the title. Your title may be in boldface, so underlining will put unnecessary emphasis on it.
  • Proofread the final title. You should make sure that spelling, grammar, and structure are appropriate. Also, check whether the title is catchy enough – it should attract attention. If you use quotes, make sure that you put quotation marks.
  • If you use two ideas in your title, separate them with a colon
  • Look at essay titles written by others. If the essays are great, their titles will be so as well. You can see how to make the most interesting titles and borrow some ideas.

Steps of creating an essay title

  1. Firstly, you should write the essay, and only after that create a title for it. Moreover, if you write an essay first and then a title, you will save time. You can have a working title to work with, but later you can change it to a more appropriate one. The type of essay will determine what title you will have. A title for an argumentative essay will be completely different from one for a descriptive paper.
  2. To make a great title, use some quotes or popular phrases. Using them, you can make a fantastic title. However, you should pay attention to the format and style of your writing in order to make the title right.
  3. Make the title as simple as possible. If your title is too complex, it will harm your essay. A simple title will not confuse your readers.
  4. Add a unique voice to your title. Don’t copy others’ words.
  5. After you create a title, make sure it sounds good and doesn’t contain mistakes.

Essay title examples

Now you know the theory, and it’s time to read the examples of good titles for various types of essays. Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Argumentative essay title examples

  1.  How to stop worrying and start living.
  2. How much freedom costs.
  3. How Bill Gates earned his first million.
  4. A closer look at Schumacher’s career.
  5. How bankers make money during inflation.
  6. The secret of making double profit by an entrepreneur in Italy.
  7. 5 surefire ways to find inspiration.
  8. 24 vices of novice programmers.
  9. How to deal with losing hair.
  10. How many hours an average person should work.

Persuasive essay title examples

  1. Small dogs should be allowed in cafes and restaurants.
  2. Personal promotion is required for everyone.
  3. Natural food is important for babies.
  4. It is better to wake up no later than 7 AM.
  5. Attention is the best gift.
  6. Cooking is not for everyone.
  7. Facebook steals personal information.
  8. Investing in health pays off many times over.
  9. The most adequate religion is atheism.
  10. Reasons to avoid video games.

Descriptive essay title examples

  1. Colleagues I want to work with.
  2. My future website.
  3. My favorite clothes brand.
  4. The country I want to live in.
  5. My favorite meal.
  6. Flowers I like the most.
  7. The car I want to drive.
  8. The advertisement I still remember.
  9. The most attractive person I have ever seen.
  10. New areas I want to explore.

Literary essay title examples

  1. The importance of reading “Hamlet” today.
  2. The main traits of Horatio.
  3. The reason Ophelia committed suicide.
  4. The causes the tragic end in Romeo and Juliet.
  5. The brightest representative of Russian literature.
  6. Why is poetry important to you?
  7. How is the American Dream depicted in literature?
  8. The relation between literature and religion.
  9. What is the best work of Hemingway?
  10. The reasons “Harry Potter” became popular.

Narrative essay title examples

  1. A time I experienced stereotypes myself.
  2. A time I saw a pop star.
  3. My first flight.
  4. A day I met my loved one.
  5. A time I made the world a little better.
  6. My first kiss.
  7. The best birthday I have ever had.
  8. A time I was very annoyed.
  9. My first visit to the art gallery.
  10. The time I cooked for the first time.

Compare and contrast essay title examples

  1. Women portrayed in advertisement vs. men.
  2. Mahatma Gandhi vs. Hitler.
  3. Mother Teresa vs. Stalin.
  4. Upbringing by a man vs. upbringing by a woman.
  5. Julius Caesar vs. Osama Bin Laden.
  6. Compliments to men vs. compliments to women.
  7. Self-esteem issues vs. self-confidence.
  8. Adolf Hitler vs. Winston Churchill.
  9. Honesty vs. lies.
  10. Attractiveness vs. ugliness.

If you are confused not knowing what heading to choose, you can get our essay title help. You can always rely on us when you get into difficult situations with writing. The only step you should take is to place an order on our site. We will show you that academic success is possible when you have the right assistance.

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