Recipes of Good Book Reviews

The process of writing a book review should follow three main aims:

  1.  To analyze.
  2.  To describe.
  3.  To evaluate.

The writer should present his/her opinion, supporting it with citations and ideas from a particular book. Let’s find out how to cook this “dish” and what ingredients to add.

Recipe #1

Before writing a book review, prepare a list of questions you are going to answer. Do not forget to support them with quotations and descriptions from the book. Make sure your replies are presented in a logical order and suit the aim of your paper.
This recipe is the most suitable for the situation when you have already read the book several times and know its plot.

Recipe #2

Look through available book review samples and point out their main features. For example, they may be the following:

  • Description of the book in general and its main idea.
  • Analysis of the language of the book.
  • Expressing impressions after reading.
  • Pointing out the most significant quotations and ideas.
  • Mentioning the ideas of famous critics.
  • Speaking about main characters, their actions and behavior.
  • Stating whether or not the book is worth reading.

Recipe #3

Writing a book review to your taste. According to this approach, good book reviews should be written based on your preferences in reading. Choose books you really like, but not those recommended by the teacher. Give preference to classical novels, books with various awards (Pulitzer, Nobel Prizes, etc.), practical guides, biographies of famous people or popular books on psychology.

Recipe #4

Having an assignment from a teacher with strict requirements. There is no variety of choices, but on the other hand, you should not think over what to write. Just follow the teacher’s guide and requirements. Do not forget to make notes while reading your assigned book – pay attention to parts of the text supporting ideas from your assignment and those ones contradicting them. Try to find information about the writer and historical information about the book, such as when it was written.

Ingredients for Good Book Reviews

  1.  Particular adverbs and adjectives, expressing your personal opinion – thoughtful, devastating, suspenseful, complicated, incomprehensible, mysterious, etc. Do not use ones which are almost empty in meaning (cute, funny, awful, nice, informative, etc.).
  2.  Your own comments and impressions. To add flavor to your book review, state your point of view about characters, their actions, communication, etc.
  3.  Objective opinions. Support every idea with proper citations while writing a book review.
  4.  Clarity and precision. Stating your recommendations whether to read the book or not and who may like it: be transparent to the readers.

Problems in Preparing Good Book Reviews?

A book review is a highly personal piece of writing, so there are no strict rules, requirements and guides. You can write 100 words, or enlarge your paper to 1500 words – everything depends on your aims, tasks, readers and creativity. In case you feel you can not cope with writing a book review, writers are always eager to help you. We deliver original models of academic papers, written according to clients’ needs. Place an order with us and be sure you will meet your instructor’s requirements and expectations.

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