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Sociology Research Topics: 70 Exclusive Ideas to Improve Your Scores

Human beings are social creatures. Without communication, we can list our human nature and become animal-like. Society gives us the opportunity to exchange our knowledge, to learn from others, and to be a part of something bigger than we are. Yet, life in society is full of struggles and problems. Communication with other people, even the closest ones, can be inharmonious and harmful. Studying sociology is crucial for understanding various problems and resolving them. Below, you’ll find an exhaustive list of sociology paper topics to write about.

You’re welcome to use all these ideas for your research paper or pick one of them to be your sociology essay topic. We have divided all the themes into categories. In such a manner, you will find the most interesting topic quickly and easily. Choose wisely and good luck!

Sociology Research Topics: Virtual Reality

For some people, virtual life has become even more significant than real life. Virtual reality is a sociological phenomenon, and we can’t pass by and neglect this theme. We want you to focus your attention on three giant sections: interpersonal communication, online identity, and social media. We offer you great sociology paper topics for each section.

Interpersonal Communication

Modern technologies have changed the way we contact other people a lot. You can provide research on how exactly virtual reality influences our communication:

  1. Difficulties of communication online.
  2. The main dissimilarities between online and offline conversations.
  3. Behavioral patterns in virtual communication.
  4. Why do people prefer online communication?
  5. Advantages of virtual communication.
  6. How does online communication influence our social skills?
  7. Can virtual communication harm our mental health?
  8. Why is online communication necessary today?
  9. The innovative technologies of virtual communication.
  10. How does online communication become an addiction?

Online Identity

An edge between ourselves and our online identities has recently become negligible. Any person can learn more about you from your profiles than in conversation. Provide research to learn more about online identities.

  1. Why is anonymity on the internet important?
  2. How does an avatar represent an individual?
  3. Can MMORPGs develop social skills?
  4. What is the online disinhibition effect?
  5. Why do people create false identities online?
  6. The concept of the self from the perspective of online identity.
  7. What opportunities can our online identities give us?
  8. What is catfishing?
  9. Is an online identity a mask or a real face?
  10. Why can online disembodiment be dangerous?

Social Media

How many friends do you have? And how many followers? These numbers are not likely to be equal, right? Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are a considerable part of our lives. Let’s figure out whether this is good or bad with the following sociology research topics:

  1. Can social media be considered a reliable source of information?
  2. How can social media improve the hiring process?
  3. Opinion leaders and their influence on social media users.
  4. Compare and contrast Instagram and Twitter.
  5. Why do people confuse social media and authentic communication?
  6. Can online relationships be considered real?
  7. The importance of social support in social media.
  8. How does social media influence body image?
  9. What is cyberbullying?
  10. Would our lives be better without social media?

If you need a great example to help you write your own work, we recommend you to check out our sociology paper about the influence of the internet on conflict resolutions.

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Sociology Research Paper Topics: Children and Teenagers

Childhood is considered to be the most carefree period of life. However, it doesn’t mean that children don’t have any problems at all. everything gets even worse when they become teenagers. What social issues do the youth face? If you’re interested in this theme, the following topics are the perfect choice for you:

  1. Why do teenagers often have difficulties with self-identification?
  2. How does homeschooling influence the socialization of children?
  3. Why do little children have no stereotypes?
  4. The influence of sports on teenage mental health.
  5. Should adults treat teenagers as equals?
  6. What are the main reasons for teenage suicides?
  7. How can parents prevent early pregnancy of their daughters?
  8. Why is sexual education important for children?
  9. Positive and negative effects of idols on youth.
  10. The peculiarities of the buying behavior among today’s teenagers.

We have another awesome example for you. Learn more about the influence of computer technologies on child development right here!

Sociology Research Topics: Deviant Behavior

Who decides what is wrong and what is right? Of course, everybody has their own norms, but they’re strongly influenced by our society. All the actions that may ruin the social norms are called “deviant behavior.” Yet, maybe it’s not always bad to swim against the tide? Learn more about this theme using our topics:

  1. Teaching techniques for children with deviant behavior.
  2. How can we define whether behavior is deviant or not?
  3. The basic principles of the labeling theory.
  4. What influences the formation of social norms?
  5. How can the violation of social norms be a positive act?
  6. What taboos of the 18th century are not valid today?
  7. Compare and contrast taboos in Asian and American cultures.
  8. What age group is more likely to engage in deviant behavior?
  9. Why can deviant behavior be considered as the engine of progress?
  10. Why does punishment not always stop individuals from deviant behavior?

So, what is actually a deviance? One of our talented writers answers this question in this research paper sample.

Sociology Research Paper Topics: Social Movements and Groups

There are more than 7 billion people on the planet Earth. Of course, we can’t be like one big family. Every person belongs to one or several social groups due to his or her gender, race, job, sexual orientation, interests, etc. Sometimes, people can gather because of the most unexpected reasons, like the obsession with the number 47, or baldness. Learn more on this topic with our list:

  1. Femvertising and its basic principles.
  2. Positive and negative effects of pride parades on social attitudes toward LGBT members.
  3. How does belonging to a clique influence the teenage mentality?
  4. Compare and contrast hippies and hipsters.
  5. The reasons for creating the Ku Klux Klan.
  6. Why do teenagers and young people more frequently belong to subcultures than adults?
  7. Compare and contrast liberal feminism and radical feminism.
  8. Is there a difference between polygamy and the Free Love movement?
  9. Who created the Slow Movement? Why?
  10. The most important figure of the civil rights movement.

Sociology Research Topics: Stereotypes

Have you ever had difficulties because of stereotypes? Were they gender stereotypes or age stereotypes? Surprisingly, stereotyping is not always bad. In truth, they simplify communication and the memorization process. Look at stereotyping from a different angle with our topics!

  1. How do age stereotypes influence employment?
  2. Can stereotypes simplify interpersonal communication?
  3. What are the main reasons for creating a stereotype?
  4. How do stereotypes work?
  5. What is the difference between stereotype and prejudice?
  6. How does advertisement enhance gender stereotyping?
  7. How do national stereotypes spread?
  8. Do stereotypes influence our self-perception?
  9. Define the term “stock character.”
  10. What are the common stereotypes about Americans?

We are sure that 70 sociology research topics are more than enough to satisfy the preferences of the pickiest student. You can also combine or make changes to these themes as they are at your disposal. Don’t hesitate to get to work and learn more about our society!
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