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The Worst Essay Topics for College

If you are assigned to write an essay on a particular topic, this usually does not give a person much to be worried about. But if you need to choose a topic yourself, it can seem like a real catastrophe.

Why You Should Avoid Certain Essay Topics

Some students may find good topics on the Web, but some consider such methods to be wimpy. And here comes the creative process of choosing an original and impressive topic. In order that you don’t choose them, we’ve prepared a list of the worst essay topics for college that should be avoided while preparing your academic papers.

  • A 5-page essay in 100 tweets
  • How I spent summer trying to do impressive activities so that I could write about them in my essay
  • Bet you won’t guess I bought this essay from a service providing essay help
  • Would you choose an English major knowing you’ll read student essays all of your life?
  • The way a soup kitchen changed my life
  • I am a can of soda
    An essay about any of major news events
  • World peace, gay marriages, sex, sensitive social issues
  • The hero inside you

Stay away from common essay topics for college like:

  • The importance of sports, sports in my life, and so on. There is nothing new and original you can say about it – working hard, putting in all your effort, failing once, becoming best friends with your coach, blah-blah-blah. Just stay away from choosing this topic for your paper.
  • Divorce and depression and other dramas are not a good idea to discuss in your essay. If you feel ready to share your emotions about them, you are welcome to write, but do not make any suggestions and predictions.
  • Your great actions and gestures. Do not praise yourself in your application essay. Make the committee hear your voice and your views.
  • Speaking about your beliefs in your admission essay is not the greatest idea either. It is a rather touchy subject to discuss and it rarely works.
  • Charity vacation essay. Usually students speak about their trips to third-world countries, their help to people and changing of their perspective. It’s not a unique or impressive experience.
  • An essay on one of your relatives. One of the most common student mistakes is to write an entire essay explaining the influence of one of his or her relatives on his or her outlook. You may mention them in your essay, but only in several sentences, not pages.

This is a list of the most common essay topics for college which will reduce your reputation to powder. If you can’t cope with your topic yourself, request “write a paper for me” help from experienced writers and get a top notch assistance.

How to come up with a good essay topic

how to come up with a good essay topic

Where to get help with essay topics

If you are not sure you will manage to choose a really impressive topic for your essay, you can use our free essay title generator ask for essay help from our academic experts. You will be provided with a thought-provoking topic, researched issues and a perfectly written paper in accordance with your requirements. Do not waste your precious time anymore.

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