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Women’s Rights Topics That Won’t Leave You Indifferent

The following women’s rights topics are presented here to help students find the best theme for their paper. You will love these ideas – they touch all aspects of women’s rights. Simply read through the following lists, and choose the topic that you like the most!

Controversial topics on women’s rights

  1. Women’s rights in the 1950s and 1960s.
  2. Should laws be changed in Saudi Arabia to advance women’s rights regarding the freedom to drive, their dress code, and their interaction with men?
  3. The Iranian Revolution (1978-1979) on women’s rights.
  4. Women’s rights during 1865.
  5. The role of women in 18th and 19th century.
  6. Should women’s rights be implemented because of the gender wage gap, violence against women, and the absences of rights for women?
  7. Victorian era: women’s rights then and now.
  8. Men who fought against women’s rights.
  9. The role of women at the beginning of the 20th century.
  10. Women’s rights throughout history.
  11. Muslim women’s rights in the Islamic world.
  12. How has the passing of women’s rights changed Canada?
  13. Why does adherence to the principle of gender equality enshrined in the constitutions of the EU member states remain a problem?
  14. The relation of women’s rights to the upbringing of children and the maintenance of the household.
  15. Why is there still a wage gap between men and women?
  16. Why is the share of women in the leadership of European companies and institutions lower than that of men, and why is it insignificant on a global scale? Only 3% of the 500 largest companies are headed by women.
  17. Why does physical violence against women, including in the family, remain a global problem?
  18. The presence of established stereotypes, as well as traditional cultural and religious customs and ideas that belittle the role of women.
  19. How do women and girls face discrimination and violation of rights in almost every area of life?
  20. The relation of women’s rights to domestic violence and harassment in the workplace.
  21. The relation of women’s rights to sexism, gender stereotypes, and objectification in advertising.
  22. The relation of women’s rights to female circumcision and early marriage.
  23. Why is it difficult for all countries to maintain women’s rights?
  24. Why do many people not understand the importance of improving women’s rights?
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Women’s rights speech topics

  1. Aboriginal women’s rights in Canada.
  2. Men’s and women’s rights during the French Revolution.
  3. Women’s rights speech by Hilary Clinton.
  4. Women’s rights in Iran.
  5. Violation of women’s rights.
  6. Women’s rights in Egypt.
  7. Did the Islamic Revolution affect women’s rights in Iran?
  8. Women’s rights in Kuwait.
  9. Women’s rights versus men’s rights in the declaration of the French Revolution.
  10. Century of women’s rights struggles.
  11. International Women’s Day as a day of women’s solidarity in the fight for equal rights and emancipation.
  12. What can activists do to improve women’s rights?
  13. Why should we fight for women’s rights?
  14. What countries achieved gender equality?
  15. Why do numerous obstacles related to women’s rights remain unchanged in such spheres as law and culture?
  16. Why is violence against women and girls one of the most widespread and difficult to eradicate violations of human rights in the modern world?
  17. The relation of women’s rights to a partner’s violence (beating, killing women, psychological abuse).
  18. The relation of women’s rights to sexual abuse and harassment (rape, cyberbullying, street harassment).
  19. The relation of women’s rights to human trafficking.
  20. The relation of women’s rights to female genital mutilation.

Argumentative essay topics on women’s rights

  1. Women’s rights in the modern Middle East.
  2. In the context of the years 1903-1980, to what extent were the suffragettes responsible for the most significant gains in women’s rights in England?
  3. You have to watch the movie “Suffragette” and then write an essay answering the following question: “How are working class people marginalized, excluded, or silenced within the film?”
  4. Were the suffragettes right to use violence?
  5. Coco Chanel’s role in women’s rights movement.
  6. Confronting the discrimination faced by women and girls in all its forms.
  7. How to raise awareness and step up activities in support of equality and the empowerment of women and girls.
  8. Why does abidance for women’s rights remain a problem that is perceived and addressed differently in different countries?
  9. In Germany, gender equality is enshrined in the Basic Law. But why does the problem nevertheless remain?
  10. Why are women’s rights still being violated in many countries of the world , and why is the problem of gender equality being ignored?
  11. How does the degree of infringement of the rights and freedoms of women vary from country to country?
  12. Why are women and girls still underestimated, why do they work more, earn less, and have less choice, and why are they subjected to violence in public places and at home?
  13. Why is there a serious threat of a rollback of the hard-won victories of feminists?
  14. Why, in almost all societies and fields of activity, are women discriminated against both from a legal and practical point of view?
  15. The relation of women’s rights and the presence of discrimination in the family, in society, and in the workplace.
  16. The causes and consequences of discrimination against women.
  17. Influence of women’s rights on child marriages.
  18. How does International Women’s Day give us the opportunity to think about the successes achieved, to call for huge changes, and to remember acts of courage of ordinary women who made a big contribution to the history of their countries?
  19. What unprecedented successes has the world achieved in term of women’s rights?
  20. Why are one in three women still subjected to gender-based violence?
  21. What changes in women’s rights should be implemented to achieve full equality?

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