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Endangered Species Controversial Topics for Students

Today, more and more animal species are on the brink of extinction. Human violence against animals, “teamed up” with the unpredictable changes of the natural environment, continues to endanger animals, including rare animal types. This is what gave rise to the many endangered species controversial topics that students must study and understand! Brace yourself for a refined selection of relevant topics from EssayShark.

Thesis Statements On Endangered Animals

Endangered species controversial topics for essays

  1. The reasons why endangered species need protection.
  2. The threat that African endangered species are subjected to.
  3. The global conservation of endangered species.
  4. How endangered species are supported by governments.
  5. The critical importance of raising proper awareness of endangered species protection.
  6. The legal projects aimed at greening African deserts for protecting endangered species.
  7. How legislation regulated the genetic status of the Killarney shad.
  8. The anthropogenic effects on mistreated elephants residing in tropical forests.
  9. The illegal holding of animals in different parts of the world and how it is reduced by the legislation of these countries.
  10. Why the Indonesian government should exert more control for regulating the export of shark fins.
  11. The history of animal rights: how people began to change their attitude towards the animal extinction problem.
  12. The main causes of the problem of endangered species.
  13. The shortcomings of the regulation of animal violence in the most progressive countries of the world.
  14. The challenges of protecting endangered species in African countries.
  15. The preconditions of developing the Endangered Species Act.
  16. How the Endangered Species Act helps to prevent violence against animals and preserve their safety.
  17. The modern techniques of safeguarding animal habitats subject to human violence.
  18. How animals are kept safe in European countries and why Europe implements many dubious acts towards animal protection.
  19. Why governments should review the legislation behind the penalties for human rights violations.
  20. How US federal law protects honey bees.
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Endangered species topics for research papers

  1. The evolution of animal rights protection throughout the past half of the century.
  2. The downsides to the laws limiting the extinction of turtles.
  3. The biodiversity of endangered species and why it’s under bigger threat than it was a couple of decades ago.
  4. The prospects of the improvement and modernization of the Endangered Species Act.
  5. The management plan of enhancing the rights protection of endangered species.
  6. Environmental policies implemented in North America and why they need a total overhaul.
  7. Why fishing should be reduced to some extent with the aim of safeguarding endangered aquatic organisms.
  8. The current challenges of passing the laws required to manage the uncontrollable animal violence.
  9. The problems of the ecosystems where endangered species live.
  10. The role of activist organizations in reducing animal extinction.
  11. The pitfalls that activist organizations face when handling the problem of endangered animals.

Writing a paper on endangered animals is easy!

Animal extinction remains one of the biggest controversies of the modern world. The human factor is one of the main causes of this global problem and draws tons of fierce attention from governments, non-profit charity organizations, and other activist parties that care for endangered animals. This huge controversy sparked the emergence of compelling endangered special controversial topics – surveying this problem through academic writing can largely help in overcoming this severe social and environmental malady! Here are several tips on how to choose a thought-provoking topic:

choosing endangered species topic tips

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