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How to Write a 500 Word Essay: Structure, Format, and Tips

A 500 word essay is actually not a type of essay itself, but a specific format that you can use while writing argumentative, analytical, critical, narrative, and other essay types. Why 500 words? As a rule, this word limit allows the development of a particular topic, to prove your point of view, or analyze a certain subject without unnecessary details. An experienced professor can easily evaluate the level of a student’s knowledge and writing skills while reading the essay of such a format.

A 500 word essay can be the easiest and, at the same time, the most difficult paper to write. Everything depends on the topic and your abilities. You have to express your thoughts properly and use logical reasoning to complete a high-quality 500 word essay. Get to know how to write my paper of such type.

If you have enough time and inspiration, you can provide an excellent paper by yourself without any help from writing services. In that case, we highly recommend you to read our informative guide on how to write a 500 word essay. Let’s start with the 500 word essay length and structure.

500 word essay length

Please, stop googling “how long is a 500 word essay”! It’s 500 WORDS! We hope so much that you meant “how many pages is a 500 word essay.” This question seems to be more meaningful, and we can answer it. A 500 word essay takes approximately 1 single-spaced page, or 2 double-spaced pages. You can also use our words to pages covnverter to have more clear understanding about all these numbers. Now, we can stop talking about 500 word essay length and move on to something less obvious.

500 word essay structure

As any other academic paper, a 500 word essay consists of three parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion.

An introduction is aimed at two main goals. The first is to grab the attention of your readers. This function belongs to a hook – a catchy sentence that you should place at the beginning of your writing in order to interest your audience. The second goal of the introduction is to briefly present your subject. For this purpose, you should write a concise and understandable thesis statement.

The main body is the most significant part of your 500 words essay. Normally, the main body consists of three separate paragraphs. In each paragraph, you develop one point. Firstly, you make a statement and then provide your readers with a piece of evidence: a real-life example, a citation, an immaculate argument, etc. You can use different approaches to prove the same statement in order to make your writing more persuasive.

There are three strategies when it comes to the order of your points:

1. Direct order

You start with your strongest point and move on to the weakest. This strategy is good when you want to catch your readers’ attention at once. Remember that they may feel a bit disappointed at the end.

2. Reverse order

Using this method, you start from the less convincing point and end with the most persuasive one. If you choose this way of writing a 500 word essay, we recommend you to produce a well-considered introduction in order to distract your readers from the weaker first point.

3. Inside out

This strategy is pretty interesting and rather efficient. You hide your strongest point in the second paragraph between weaker points. It’s like a hamburger made of arguments where the most convincing is a juicy piece of meat and the weaker ones are crusty buns.

Generally, a conclusion for a 500 words essay is about 50-100 words. We know around a dozen good strategies to conclude a paper. Still, we will focus on five:

  • Restate each section.

This is a very simple method to finish your 500 word essay. In this manner, your readers will get the full picture of your writing in two or three sentences.

  • Ask a provocative question.

An intriguing question will motivate your readers to think outside the box. Of course, your question should be related somehow to your topic. A random question would be an interesting but inappropriate conclusion for a college paper.

  • Paraphrase the thesis statement.

Leave your readers with a feeling of completeness. Turn your 500 word essay into a harmonious cycle by paraphrasing the thesis statement. Don’t just repeat it word for word!

  • Give a hint.

Although your essay should look like a detective story, there is nothing bad about giving a small hint about a possible development of your topic. In addition, your conclusion may inspire someone for their own writings.

  • Provide a quote.

This is a banal but reputable way to complete your 500 word essay. Subconsciously, we trust famous people and their opinions, so the phrase that belongs to Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King Jr. will automatically make your piece of writing more credible.

While writing a 500 word essay, the beginning of each part should start from the main idea, which briefly reflects the essence of the text and prepares the reader for what comes next.

Now that you know enough about 500 word essay length and structure, let’s figure out what you should start your 500 word essay sample from.

500 word essay

How to start a 500 word essay

First of all, you should choose a topic for your 500 word essay if your instructor hasn’t specified any particular theme. Your topic should be specific, interesting, and catchy. We can suggest you to check out this post: Original Essay Topics for Those Having No Idea What to Write About. There, you will find original themes for essays of different types: persuasive, compare and contrast, argumentative, expository, descriptive, etc. As you know, any of these types may have a 500 word essay format. The Worst Essay Topics for College is another really useful post, though it won’t give you any great ideas. Contrary to the article mentioned earlier, this one will provide you with a list of topics you should stay away from.

Secondly, look for information on your topic. Use only reliable sources: scientific journals, books of well-known specialists, articles of reputable newspapers, web encyclopedias, etc. Forget about Wiki-sites, personal blogs, and glossy magazines! Write down all your sources for your works cited page. If you forget to use a proper citation, you can be accused of plagiarism!

Next stop is an outline. Planning is everything whether you go shopping, leave on a vacation, or write a 500 word essay. A good outline will help you to structure multiple thoughts and ideas and pick the right strategy for writing. Use tables, lists, or diagrams to visualize your essay.

Now, everything is ready to write the first sentence. Brace yourself and do your best!

How to write a 500 word essay: 8 helpful tips

1. Choose a topic and create theses

Once you’ve decided to write an essay on a topic that you like, make a plan. You will express your thoughts on it. How to write a 500 word essay on the topic correctly? In addition to theses, make a list of words that are consonant with the topic and will be used in the text. This greatly expands the essay’s vocabulary. And it will help to learn new words and repeat familiar ones.

2. Create a 500 word essay outline

Before writing a 500 word essay, make a plan attributing what will be in the introduction, in the main part, and in the conclusion. Thus, you will have your thoughts formed in paragraphs; you will know what is being said in each part.

3. Stick to the essay topic

When preparing the material, it is important not to deviate from the topic. How to write a 500 word essay disclosing a topic? Clearly, with facts and arguments, reveal the essence of the problem. Try to write using expert opinion and not express your opinion unless it is asked for in the assignment. It is recommended to add your own vision of the situation in the conclusion based on the information as a whole.

4. Use academic English words.

If you want to sound smart, forget about the words “something,” “anyway,” and “probably.” Your English dictionary should become your best friend for the period of studying in college. Don’t overload your 500 word essay with complex words, however, but don’t neglect them at the same time.

5. Learn different argumentative strategies.

When you want to convince an intelligent person, smart words are not enough. Learn more about logical reasoning and avoid logical fallacies. Your readers should follow your thoughts without effort.

6. Take a nap before proofreading.

This is not a joke. When you have been writing your 500 words essay for 4 hours, you won’t be able to edit it properly. So, you’d probably take a nap and clear your mind. The best option is to finish your assignment and proofread it the next day.

7. Avoid phrases like “there is” or “there are.”

Your essay should be concise, and such phrases add unnecessary words. Without “there is/there are,” your sentences become stronger and straight to the point.

8. Choose strong verbs.

Use “assist” instead of “give assistance,” “participate” instead of “take part,” and other strong verbs. The nouns in these examples sound weaker than their verbal forms, so try to avoid phrasing sentences this way when your write academically.

A 500 word essay is a great way of structuring your thoughts and ideas. As soon as you understand the peculiarities of this format, any writing assignment will be easier for you.

We are confident that you now know enough about how to write a 500 word essay. If this guide was too difficult for you, we may recommend reading our guide on writing essays for dummies.

500 word essay format styles

If you want to learn how to write 500 words essay, you should know that there are three common essay format styles – MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian.

Features of the MLA format:

  • The page with sources is titled “Works Cited.”
  • The entire essay should be typed double-spaced, including block citations and page references in the works cited section.
  • Use block quotes for quotes that are four or more lines long.
  • Abbreviations do not include periods between letters.
  • An essay must be printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.
  • Leave a one-inch margin on all sides of the paper.
  • The essay should be written in Times New Roman, Helvetica or Arial, size 12.
  • Every page should contain the author’s last name and number of a page in the upper right corner.
  • It is not required to have a title page.

Features of the APA format:

  • Your essay must be printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.
  • Add a one-inch margin on all sides of the paper.
  • Every page of your essay should have a header. For essays, the header contains the page number, right-aligned.
  • Each page in an APA essay is numbered. Add numbers in the right at the top of the page.
  • It is recommended to use Times New Roman. Other valid fonts are Lucida, Arial, and Calibri.
  • An essay should have a title page.
  • The page with sources is titled “References.”
  • An essay should be double spaced.

Features of the Chicago/Turabian format:

  • You can use one of the two citation formats: the Author-Date format and the Notes-Bibliography system. They are perfectly acceptable in a Chicago formatted essay, but your teacher may require you to use one or the other.
  • The bibliography page is titled “Bibliography” in the Notes-Bibliography format and “References” in Author-Date style.
  • It is not required to include a title page. If you include a title page, it should not contain a header or page number. Write the title of the essay ⅓ of the page below.
  • Every page should have margins: 1 to 1.5 inches wide on all sides.
  • Every page (with the exception of the title page) must have a page number.
  • An essay should be double spaced.
  • It is recommended to use a Times New Roman font, 12-point size.

500 word essay example you will like

The following 500 word essay sample will give you a deeper understanding of how to write this type of paper. This example confirms everything that we talked about in this guide. Use it as a template, but do not copy the text for writing your own paper.

Why Should a U.S. Company Consider Hiring Offshore Talent from Ukraine?


The success of the recruitment process depends on the choice of target country where there is the best opportunity opened to hire offshore talent. The process of talent acquisition is complex, so it requires attaining the most welcoming strategies and techniques to be useful to attain the advantageous result. The U.S. company should consider hiring offshore talents from Ukraine because they are responsible, culturally compatible, skillful, experienced, and ready to offer low-cost services following the principles of high quality; software developers from Ukraine are able to meet deadlines and keep principles of data security when working in the team effectively.

The Target Country: Why Hire a Software Developer from Ukraine?

Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe, so geographically and culturally, it is an appropriate zone for outsourcing practices. Software developers from here obtain good command of English and are open-minded sufficiently to become compatible with teamwork and communication strategies applied at western organizations. They are in the position to produce work of high quality in a timely manner which is a must for every respectful company. Software developers from this region can work with JavaScript, Python, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, AI, VR/AR, as well as IoT at an average cost of $25-80/hour, when compared with $100-150/hour rate offered within the U.S. market (Burak). For many international companies, allocating outsourcing resources right in this direction is a profitable advantage of cutting costs. Furthermore, Ukrainian software developers are more inclined to work extra hours, provide clients with attractive discounts, praising confidentiality and data security.

Advantages of the Outsourcing Practices

The general outsourcing practices that are recognizable within the global arena are direct outsourcing, hiring experts via recruitment agencies, or keeping the position of a recruiter that is responsible for talent acquisition. From the position of low-cost solutions, the best countries for outsourcing are Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, and the Czech Republic (T). Freelance experts from these countries are culturally compatible and more responsible when compared with their Western colleagues. Besides, software developers from China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are estimated as useful employees, as their work is commonly estimated in the range of $18-40 (T). For many reputable multinational companies, hiring a software developer from these regions means much more than simply searching in their homeland area and gaining no less than a compromise between price and quality of work.

Top-5 Projects: Target Interests

Hiring a Ukrainian software developer is a good option for projects in the field of software engineering, game, and app development, creating virtual space for data maintenance, as well as basic hi-tech and neuroscience opportunities rising. Essentially, it is possible to hire offshore talent when searching through automated job posting boards, where many experts post their resumes. Many companies are interested in the accumulation of the team portfolio, so they are ready to hire talents that keep the corporate spirit and quality of work high. Automated engagement and screening help to discover the employees whose skills are the most appropriate for projects to be completed individually or collectively (“5 Benefits of Outsourcing Talent Acquisition”). As for the code development, it is impossible to work on it alone, so a team of experts is assigned to create the strings, revise them, and test for the successful deployment and implementation of the scenario.


Therefore, U.S. companies should be interested in hiring offshore talents from Ukraine because they are responsible, skillful, open-minded, and ready to work in a culturally compatible team, meeting deadlines and requirements and offering low-cost services when compared with their American colleagues. Essentially, software developers from Ukraine are commonly ready to work extra hours as they are prepared to meet tight deadlines. They can work at night completing urgent orders sacrificing their spare time for the benefit of an employer. Hiring such talent means no less than catching a star.

Works Cited

“5 Benefits of Outsourcing Talent Acquisition.” Orion Insights Blog, 17 Dec. 2020,
Burak, Andrew. “How to Hire Ukrainian Developers: A Complete Guide.” Relevant, Accessed 25 Oct. 2022.
T, Oksana. “Outsource Developer Rates in 2022. How to Choose a Software Outsourcing Country.” Geniusee, 24 May 2022,

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FAQ on how to write a 500-word essay

  • How long does it take to write a 500-word essay?

Usually, writing a 500-word text takes no more than 13 minutes for the average keyboard typist and nearly 25 minutes for handwriting. Nevertheless, the essay should include in-depth research, citations, and proper formatting. That’s why the duration can span up to two hours.

  • How many paragraphs is a 500-word essay?

Your essay should consist of five paragraphs. The structure does not depend on the subject: there is an introduction, a few paragraphs for the main body, and conclusion. The main task of the introduction is to interest the reader, to make them finish reading. The main body presents different points of view with arguments. In the final part, you need to combine the conclusions in the text.

  • Is a 500-word essay hard?

It is not hard if you follow these tips:

  1. Write an outline. In this way, you will plan your work and know how many words you need to include in every paragraph of the essay.
  2. Check grammar. Always proofread and edit your essay after finishing writing.
  3. Take advantage of special services. Get writing help if a specific topic seems too difficult for you.
  4. Check for plagiarism. Your essay must be unique.
  5. Work hard on the introduction. The first paragraph is important because it helps the reader decide whether the paper is worth reading further or not.
  6. Read samples. They will give you a clear understanding how to write your paper correctly.
  • How to write a 500-word essay in APA format?

The most important recommendations for the essay in APA format are:

– Write in the Times New Roman font, font size 12 pt.
– Set the page margins to 1 inch.
– Set double line spacing.
– Apply a running head on each page.
– Indent each new paragraph ½ inch.

  • How to write a 500-word essay about myself?

If you need to write a 500-word essay about yourself, it should include the following sections:

  • Your family and childhood.
  • Your education.
  • Your strengths.
  • Your shortcomings.
  • Your ambitions in life.
  • Conclusion.
  • How to deal with a 500-word essay in one hour?

You need to stick to the following plan:

  1. Research the topic and takes notes efficiently.
  2. Make an outline based on your notes.
  3. Write an introduction that grabs the reader’s attention.
  4. Write three body paragraphs with strong arguments.
  5. Write a conclusion based on your introduction.

500 word essay help from

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Let’s try to find out what the benefits of ordering a 500 word essay sample on are, and why it is better to order a custom-written paper instead of downloading a free essay online:

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We hope that writing 500 word essays has become less challenging for you after reading our guide. However, you are always welcome to use our essay writing service.

Good luck, and may the Force be with you!

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