Learn How to Write a College Movie Review Like a Film Critic

Probably, most favorable college writing assignments are movie reviews. We all like watching and discussing movies in informal or formal environments. If you like watching and discussing movies, it could be easier for you to deal with movie reviews. But if you have poor writing skills, you will definitely need some instructions. Therefore, even if you are an expert of art house, mainstream movies, or Japanese pictures, ignorance of academic writing knowledge can significantly spoil your grade. Fortunately, you can better it with the help of our special recommendations.


Watch the Movie and Take Notes

The first thing you need to do is watch the movie. You should know what to analyze or otherwise it is impossible to write a review. If you have no chance to watch the movie, that can trouble your writing process. It is important to note significant details that can be useful to your movie report.

Evaluate the Movie

Evaluate what you have seen and stress the elements of the movie that you liked or disliked the most.

Consider the Audience

If you are writing a movie review, it is important to consider your readers. Check whether or not your own opinions fit the feelings of your potential readers.

Create an Outline

Write an outline without missing significant details, and don’t forget to analyze the work of
the producer, stage manager, cameraman, and other technicians.

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